Can DGB Reach 1$?

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2022)

During 7 years of its existence, DigiByte has grown to over 100+ countries and has become one of the safest and fastest decentralized UTXO blockchains available. While we can only speculate, there are plenty of reasons to be bullish for the DGB price prediction. In this article, we explore answers to questions like; is DigiByte a good investment? Can DGB reach $1? Now, make sure you stick till the end to get to know how to buy DGB with crypto!

DigiByte (DGB)

What is DigiByte? 

DigiByte is a highly scalable peer-to-peer digital currency that enables industry-leading payment speeds with negligible transaction fees. DGB runs on an innovative blockchain used for smart contracts, digital assets, decentralized applications, and secure authentication. 

DigiByte consists of three defining layers; “DigiAssets”, a public ledger, and a system of interconnected nodes. Nowadays you can buy DigiByte on several exchanges like Binance, Swapzone, OKX, Bybit, Mandala Exchange, and more.

DigiByte was created in late 2013 by Jared Tate (also known as DigiMan), and the project officially launched in 2014. 





Blockchain Type 

Public, Decentralized, UTXO, Proof of Work, Multi-Algorithm

Launch Year



Jared Tate

Market Cap


Current Price

~ $0.018


$0.178  (May 1, 2021)

Max Supply


Current Supply


What is DigiByte? 

DGB Price Prediction 2021: How Was It?

2021 was a volatile year in terms of price performance for DGB. Firstly, the coin started the year at $0.028.  Secondly, it rose to a euphoric all-time-high price of $0.156 in May. Unfortunately, July was unfortunate to crash DGB to $0.037. Finally, after a long period of sideways trading, DGB ended the year on a low note at $0.033 per coin.

Digibyte Future Price

Despite the volatile price fluctuations recorded in 2021, pundits and experts are still optimistic about the future of the DGB coin. Consequently, there has been a handful of mid to long-term forecasts on the DGB price predictions. Below are some of the most exciting predictions from DGB’s foremost evangelists.  

DGB Price Prediction 2021: How Was It?

DGB Price Prediction 2022

DGB started 2022 at $0.033 and currently trades at around $0.018 thus losing about 45%YTD on its value in the continuation of a downward trend that started mid-November of 2021. However, this does not detract some of the coin’s top supporters who see a reversal on the horizon. For example, Webcoinmarket, a crypto news website, predicts a miraculous turnaround and puts DGB at $0.2 by December 2022. Furthermore, Coinpedia, another crypto market site, predicts that DGB will hit $0.1 sometime before the end of 2022.

DGB Price Prediction 2022

DGB Price Prediction 2025

Although the next five years look promising for the crypto market in general, experts have a lot of concern for the future stability of the DGB coin. The DGB blockchain is built on the base code similar to that of Bitcoin and Litecoin, making it an obsolete 1st generation blockchain system. Therefore, this, and some other concerns like DGB only being listed on a handful of mainstream exchanges and heavy competition from Ethereum based web3 payment blockchains, pose an existential threat to DGB future price and stability. 

However, Crypto sites such as Digitalcoinprice have predicted a slow growth pace for DGB and call a $0.19 price for DGB before the end of 2025. On the other hand, Pricepridiction predicts a more conservative price of $0.084 by December 2025.

DGB Price Prediction 2025

DGB Price Prediction 2030

Based on current market prices and the assumption that the cryptocurrency market continues to grow and stabilize, Webcoinmarket predicts DGB will reach an average price of $0.8 by 2030. Moreover, it is likely rise to $1 by 2031.

DGB Price Prediction 2040

A lot of the DGB future value depends on the performance of the larger crypto market. Because of the volatility associated with DGB, it is challenging for an analyst to make a long-term prediction for DGB.  

DGB Price Prediction 2030

Is Digibyte a Good Investment?

The volatility of the crypto market is hard to ignore, thus making investors cautious by carrying out due diligence before investing in any project. However, several advantages of DGB, such as its fast and secure payment system, alongside its low fees, make it useful in the crypto digital payment space. Therefore, DGB is a good investment in the long term.

Can DGB Reach $1? 

The DigiByte project is constantly gaining popularity and increasing its userbase. Also, with new and improved features such as Digi-ID and Digi-Assets, it is expected for DGB to hit $1 in the coming years.

DGB Exchange: How to Buy DGB with Crypto?

Need to buy DGB on a DGB exchange? Look no further, pzone is one of the best exchange to buy DigiByte in the market. Swapzone is a fantastic DGB exchange that provides real-time swap offers and discounts. Here’s how to buy DGB or convert ETH to DGB coin:

  1. Visit the Swapzone website.
  2. Select the proper pair (ETH to DGB).
  3. Enter the amount of ETH you want to exchange for DGB, and the aggregator will find the best offers available for you.
  4. Click the ‘Exchange’ button to go to an exchange platform
  5. Input the address where you want to send the DGB coins.
  6. Send your money to the address you typed in.
  7. Go to ‘Proceed to Exchange’ and, if you want, leave a review of the website where you completed your exchange.
  8. Allow for the processing of the deposit and the completion of the DGB exchange.

Your coins should be in your wallet once the process completes.

DGB Exchange: How to Buy DGB with Crypto?

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