Quick Cost-Effective Liquidity: HIVE.

Hive is an open-source blockchain developed over many years to bring Web 3.0 to the world. Hive was founded as a self-contained and decentralized fork of the Steem blockchain, and it includes two types of cryptocurrency assets: HIVE and Hive Backed Dollars (HBD). Furthermore, HIVE is the ecosystem’s monetary unit and exists in both a liquid (called HIVE) and a staked form (called Hive Power). In this article, we will talk about what the Hive blockchain is, is Hive crypto, and where to buy HIVE coin or make the best rate HIVE coin exchange.

Quick Cost-Effective Liquidity: HIVE.

What is Hive Crypto?

Hive is a blockchain-based platform that provides users with quick and cost-effective liquidity. The business model revolves around factoring, which is when a factor buys unsettled receivables and then handles the money acquisition.

The better price is especially important for the factored because the receivables are sold at a lower value; the seller gains from the quick liquidation of receivables.

Hive crypto (HIVE)

Key Features of Hive Crypto

With Hive, people can experience ownership in a decentralized blockchain and cryptocurrency with a community of stakeholders without controlling bad actors. Here are some key features of the Hive network:

  • Hive uses Proof-of-Brain (PoB) mechanism to issue new coins. However, the system is also distributed to stakeholders through curation and staking rewards, making it a hybrid DPoS/PoB.
  • The HIVE crypto is used to make demands on factoring companies, which can then pay them back. Moreover, the blockchain provides a high level of security for all transactions, cryptographically securing all seller and borrower data.
  • Another advantage of Hive blockchain technology is the accurate auditing of all transactions. Hence, there is no way to manipulate the transactions and double-book them because the blockchain ensures that any money can only be spent once, preventing fraudulent or duplicate bookings. This measure gains significant trust from even small investors.
  • Hive uses Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contracts to give a unique fingerprint to every invoice. Invoice factoring is a type of invoice financing that allows businesses to sell their debtors and increase their working capital. In other words, it is essentially a liquid investment, not a loan, with the help of HIVE coin.

Key Features of Hive Crypto


This is the fundamental token of the blockchain, and it is similar to Bitcoin. You can convert the HIVE crypto coin into Hive Power or exchange it for Hive Dollars. Moreover, you can trade or hold it.

HIVE coin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that should provide all users with quick and cheap liquidity. As mentioned above, the Hive platform and system are specially designed for factoring. Companies can purchase unsettled receivables and then manage the money procurement. It is appealing to businesses because it allows them to acquire claims at a low cost but the seller of the claim benefits the most from the quick liquidation.

HIVE Dollar (HBD)

This is a stablecoin that is 1:1 anchored to the US dollar. Some exchanges allow you to trade HBD, but it will take about 3-5 days to convert Hive Dollars to HIVE.



This table shows you the differences and similarities between HIVE coin and HBD:



The base crypto coin that powers the blockchain

It’s a stablecoin

Can be powered up into Hive Power

Backed by the network to convert tokens into USD worth of HIVE

No transaction fees

Has creation limitations

Can be traded for Hive Dollars

Its market cap is always below 10% of the HIVE market cap

Can be transferred to other accounts

Can be transferred to other accounts

Is a reward for social media, gaming, and publishing use cases.

Can be used in e-commerce or exchanges

Can be converted into HIVE in a process that takes 3.5 days


Hive Ecosystem

The Hive network appeared in response to a takeover attempt by a centralized corporation. As a result, the HIVE community is devoted to the new concept, trying to grow the project as quickly as possible and make it a successful decentralized platform model.

Developers play a critical role in building up any blockchain project’s ecosystem. This is why many ex-Steem developers are now working on Hive, and numerous apps, communities, and individuals also contribute to the Hive network crypto project’s development.

There are multiple projects on the blockchain, each of which represents its own set of features and capabilities, as well as the decentralized nature of the Hive blockchain. Many of them started on Steem but switched to Hive after the hard fork.

Hive Ecosystem

Hive Wallets

A wide range of digital wallets supports both HIVE and HBD. First, the Hive Blog has its own wallet, but users can also take advantage of Vesse, Keychain, Esteem, HiveSigner, Peakd, and HiveWallet.

Furthermore, the community has a blog similar to Steemit. Users can post content on the platform and earn money based on the number of upvotes they receive from other users and keep the money on that platform’s wallet.

HIVE Coin Exchange: Where to buy Hive coin with crypto?

If you’re wondering where to buy HIVE crypto from, Swapzone makes it possible to find the best rates and deals available on other platforms. Here’s how to use Swapzone to guide you to a HIVE coin exchange:

Step 1. Head to the Swapzone website.

Step 2. Select the proper pair (BTC to HIVE).

Step 3. Input the amount of BTC you want to exchange for IOTX, and the aggregator will find the best deals for you.

Step 4. Click on the ‘Exchange’ button that leads you to an exchange platform, and type in the address where you want to send the IOTX coins.

Step 5.  Use the generated BTC address to send your BTC deposit.

Step 6. Head to ‘Proceed with the Exchange’ and – if you want – leave a review of the website you chose to carry out your exchange process.

Step 7. Wait for the deposit to be processed and HIVE coin exchange completed.

HIVE Coin Exchange: Where to buy Hive coin with crypto?