How And Where To Buy PIT

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2022)

For prospective buyers, the Pitbull community’s native PIT token can be a little tricky to come by, fortunately, Swapzone has you covered. PIT is one of the latest coins in the ever-expanding cache of cryptocurrencies featured on Swapzone. Here’s a comprehensive guide to buying Pitbull tokens via Swapzone’s aggregator offerings. Gain access to great market rates and swift purchases, as well as expert opinions on whether PIT will make a good addition to your crypto wallet.

Pitbull boasts of being 100% community-driven and is an auto-staking crypto coin. The token went live on the Binance Smart Chain in March 2021 and saw the dev team renounce ownership soon after. At the moment, PIT has roughly 500,000 holders and a market cap of nearly 30 million tokens.

1. Head To Swapzone’s PIT Swap Page

Swapzone’s exchange aggregator allows you to add PIT to your portfolio in a few, simple steps with no high costs involved. The first step is to visit the swap site and settle on your preferred digital coin to exchange for Pitbull tokens. Some popular pairs for PIT include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Binance Coin (BNB), and Litecoin (LTC) among Swapzone’s long list of supported coins.

For this guide we’ll be using ETH, however, the process is the same for whatever token you select.

2. Select The Quantity Of PIT You Want

To the right of the exchange page are two slots, the first is the Send box where you enter the quantity of ETH you would like to put down. Beneath that, the “Get” slot displays a rough estimation of the PIT tokens you will get in return.

It’s important to note that the get box only displays an estimated figure. Due to fluctuating market conditions, this figure might not be the exact amount in your wallet at the end of the purchase but instead, be slightly above or beneath it.

Select The Quantity Of PIT You Want

3. Choose a Crypto Exchange

The next step after deciding on the amount is picking an exchange whose services best cater to your needs. Swapzone automatically compiles a list of the best exchanges and places them in different categories based on their exchange rates, transaction speeds, and their ratings. Compare platforms, select an offer, and hit the blue exchange button to move on. 

Choose a Crypto Exchange

4. Enter your Wallet Address

You will have to provide your wallet details; your PIT wallet address, as well as an ETH-compatible wallet for a refund in case the transaction is unsuccessful. Swapzone also allows you to drop your email for updates and relevant news. Following this, review each digit of your address at least twice to make sure the details are accurate. Once you’re done, check the terms of use and policy box, hit proceed to exchange to visit the next page.

Enter your Wallet Address

5. Make your ETH Deposit

In this step, you’ll have to send in the amount ETH you listed in the send box. Head to your wallet and transfer the right amount to the deposit address provided on the page. Keep in mind that you could lose your tokens if you make the transfer to the wrong address, so carefully go over the details to avoid any mistakes.

6. Successful Purchase

You’ve completed the steps above and are pretty much done. What comes now is waiting for the exchange to be completed, the ETH reaches the deposit wallet and the PIT tokens arrive at yours (check your wallet to verify). With Swapzone’s services, you’ve steered clear of complex KYC policies and acquired pitbull crypto coins at excellent rates in a short time. 

If you have any worries about a PIT as a token that isn’t mainstream, here are further details on the project.

Is PIT Legit?

Is PIT Legit?

As a community-oriented project, one of Pitbulls’ biggest strengths is its focus on safety. In addition to the absence of dev wallets, PIT is a foreclosed crypto-token, each purchase and sale automatically goes towards a burnt liquidity pool. The token’s ecosystem is managed by a team of volunteers, with all decisions requiring community input. Moreover, the project features products like a staking farm and has plans for NFT, P2E gaming, and Metaverse development. 

PIT hit an all-time high 10 months ago, charting at $0.0000001503 then. It trades at 0.00000000075 at present, a 99.5% decline from its record value. Although PIT is in the middle of a bearish phase, here’s where analysts believe the token is heading within a few years.

Cryptopredictions has PIT lined up for a 42.85% increase by January 2023, the token could trade at an average of $0.00000000108 and steadily rise over the year for an 84% jump from its current price. By 2025, the digital analyst expects PIT to hit an average trading price of $0.00000000204. 

On the other hand, Digitalcoinprice is more bullish. The deep price predictor forecasts a 340% return in eight years, placing PIT’s price at  $0.00000000330. Priceprediction holds similar sentiments, although it does not believe Pitbull is great for short-term holding. The token could average $0.00000001 within 5 years, but see a jump to $0.00000003 by 2031.

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