What Is Everex and How to Exchange EVX coin at the Best Rates?

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2022)

The Ethereum-based Everex protocol is a crypto that helps facilitate global payments and online card processing. It helps make it more rewarding and accessible for vendors, online merchants, and end consumers. The EVX coin currently has a market cap of $872,167 with a verified circulating supply of 22,700,000.00 EVX. The total supply is 25,000,000 EVX as January 27, 2022. In this article, we’ll learn more about EVX coin, its founders, perspectives and how to buy Everex with crypto.

What Is Everex Coin and How to Exchange EVX at the Best Rates?

What is EVX coin?

EVX coin is the native coin of the Everex protocol that is based in Thailand but registered in Singapore. The EVX coinpowers blockchain solutions for direct remittance and payments, cross-border fund transfers, and fiat currency to digital currency exchange via stablecoins. The Everex network is presently focusing on stablecoins pegged to national currencies like EUR, GBP, USD, and its own Thai Baht pegged stablecoin called THBEX.

The stablecoins are powered by smart contracts hosted on the Ethereum network. Everex became the second company after USDT Tether to create a fiat stablecoin pegged to a national currency in the form of THBEX that is pegged to Thailand national currency Baht. The stablecoin was introduced to enhance settlement, reducing its time to just seconds at a very low cost irrespective of the amount sent.

What is Everex coin?

EVX coin

The EVX coin is exclusive to the Everex network and it is available on major exchanges like Huobi, Binance, etc. EVX coin is a unique token that helps facilitate fund transfer between fiat and crypto or crypto and crypto. By having and using EVX coin for transaction fees, there is a 50% discount on money transfers.

The EVX token is quite different from the THBEX stablecoin, which is the first product offered by the Everex platform. The THBEX is the equivalent of the THB, which is Thailand’s national currency. That is 1 THB = 1 THBEX. The THBEX stablecoin is a vital part of the Everex ecosystem that includes the Everex wallet and protocol.

So, the EVX coin helps facilitate the sending and receiving of funds as well as withdrawal, transfer, and deposit of cash to a bank account through stablecoins for immediate settlement at a cheaper rate. The Everex crypto will help make money transfer easier for users looking for viable options to the traditional means of sending money both locally and globally. The EVX coin hopes to bridge the gap between digital currency and fiat currency. 

EVX token

Who are the founders of EVX?

The EVX coin was co-founded by Alexi Lane who is also the current CEO of the protocol. He graduated from the University of Memphis, Tennessee and has been a fintech entrepreneur with more than 15 years in the financial services and payments industry as well as capital markets. His wealth of experience covers works at Wealth Strategies Group, Morgan Stanley, and working in a host of other payment processing organizations at the director level before venturing into entrepreneurship.

He became fascinated with blockchain and started to actively participate starting in 2013. He proceeded to blockchain implementation to bring improvement to the lives of the common folks, which led to the idea of Everex.  

Who Are the Founders of EVX?

What makes Everex unique?

Some features make Everex unique and they are:

  • The ability to send and receive payments in a matter of seconds and the option for instant MasterCard/Visa settlements for merchants received in stablecoins. So, that means your customers could pay you using Visa or MasterCard and you receive the settlement immediately via stablecoin.
  • There is also a 10% cashback option paid in the Everex cryptocurrency for those that pay transactions in EVX coins. In addition, users can gain high yield interest through the integration of Defi and Cefi partners on the Everex protocol who provide the best market interest rates on stablecoins.

What makes Everex unique?

  • Everex is not done yet, it also has a stablecoin powered Visa card made for affiliates, your suppliers, and your vendors. You can carry out mass payments in stablecoins and those that received the payment will be able to cash-outs fiat in the local market.
  • Finally, we have the crypto-backed credit card and all you have to do is HODL your Everex token, which will get you immediate credit lines ranging from 50-90% LTV. You don’t have to pay anything for thirty days while you build your credit history.

What makes Everex unique?

Perspectives of EVX

The outlook of the EVX coin seems good, Walletinvestor views it as an outstanding long-term investment with the potential to increase in value. In just a year, the Everex token is expected to give you an expected earning potential of +42.30% as the price is predicted to reach $0.761 from its current price of $0.535 as of September 26, 2021. The EVX price prediction looks good from the perspective of the price, a $100 investment could increase to $328.73 in 5 years.


EVX coin vs Bitcoin




Market Cap

$11,791,929 as of September 26, 2021

$821,043,980,459 as of September 26, 2021

Token type

Utility token



Uses Ethereum Ethash

SHA-256 hashing algorithm

 How to buy Everex with crypto on Swapzone?

You’re wondering how to buy Everex with crypto, let’s move to our guise below:

  1. On Swapzone, you can select any Everex token pairing from the list of tokens and the site will pull up all the EVX exchanges.
  2. Input the amount of token you want to exchange then you can select the Everex exchange that suits you by clicking on the “exchange” button.
  3. Input the address where you want to receive your crypto.
  4. There is also an option for a refund address, which is the address where the asset you are swapping will be refunded to incase of any issues.
  5. Click on the “proceed the exchange” button to carry out the exchange.
  6. Wait until the exchange process will finalize. This may take some time.
  7. Once you’ve received your funds, please, take your time to rate the exchange partner and leave an honest review.

 How to exchange Everex on Swapzone?

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