How And Where To Buy AMP

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2022)

AMP is not your average cryptocurrency; this ERC-20 token acts as collateral for backing real-world transfers of value and offering protection against fraudulent transactions through the Flexa network that often haunts traditional providers such as VISA and Mastercard. 

The AMP token is the fuel that drives the Flexa project, which claims to be the fastest and safest fraud-proof payment system in the world. Sounds pretty impressive, right? 

As the AMP token is currently trading at a massive discount from its all-time high, this could be a great time to add it to your portfolio. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to buy AMP using the Swapzone aggregator and then check out what the leading analysts are forecasting for the token’s future. 


1. Head Over To The Swapzone AMP Swap Page

The Swapzone aggregator makes purchasing AMP easy by finding you the cheapest, fastest, and most secure exchange services on the market. Furthermore, when you use Swapzone, you don’t need to worry about hidden fees, unlike with other sites. 

Scroll down the page and select a token you’ll swap for AMP; in this guide, we’re going to use ETH (Ethereum) as an example as AMP is an ERC-20 token, but don’t worry; the process is the same with all compatible tokens. 

2. How Much AMP Do You Want?

The first box you need to take a look at is the SEND box; here, you need to enter the amount of ETH you’re going to trade. Once you’ve entered the ETH, you’ll see an estimate of how much AMP you will receive in the Get Up To box. 

It’s worth noting that the amount of AMP you’ll receive is an estimate as it could change based on the market conditions, so don’t be worried if it changes slightly once the swap is completed. 

How Much AMP Do You Want?

3. Choose The Best Exchange 

Now that you’re happy with the amount of AMP you will trade, the Swapzone aggregator will explore the web and find the best ETH-AMP exchanges possible. 

The scan takes mere seconds and then presents you with your best options divided into the Fastest, the Best Rating, and the Best Rate; simply choose the one that suits your needs and press the blue exchange page. 

Choose The Best Exchange

4. Fill In Your Wallet Details 

This is the step you should be the most careful with, as crypto transactions leave little to no space for mistakes. First,  you need to complete the address where you want the AMP deposited, then add an ETH refund address. Secondly, and optionally, you can enter your e-mail address if you want to receive news and offers from Swapzone. 

Make sure you double-check all the details you’ve entered, confirm that you’ve read the terms of use and privacy policy, and finally, press the proceed to exchange page. 

Fill In Your Wallet Details

5. Send ETH

To pay for the swap, you need to send the amount of ETH you entered in step 2 to the automatically generated ETH deposit adress. Make sure you enter the deposit address very carefully and double-check it’s correct, as a mistake could lead to you losing your ETH and then press end. 

6. Swap Completed 

The swap has now been confirmed, and you can open up your AMP wallet to check that your balance has been updated. The Swapzone aggregator helped you add some AMP to your portfolio at the best market rate without the hassle of demanding Know-Your-Customer (KYC) or charging you hidden fees.

Should You Buy AMP? 

Should You Buy AMP? 

The AMP network’s potential rests on its ability to collateralize real-world transactions through three primary features: 

  1. SPEDN app: The SPEDN application is designed to make crypto payments with meager fees that settle at extremely competitive speeds, theoretically making it more viable than traditional platforms such as VISA. 
  2. Flexa Network: The Flexa protocol allows merchants to use the blockchain to process fiat transactions that are backed using the AMP token. 
  3. AMP: The token is at the heart of the network as it provides the fuel and collateral at the project’s core. 

Following AMP’s launch in September 2022, it entered a robust bull market and hit an all-time high of $0.12 in June 2021. Since its 2021 high, the token has lost 92% of its value and trades at $0.009 as of writing. So is this the right time to buy the dip on AMP? Let’s see what the experts think. 

CryptoPredictions has not been shaken by AMP’s recent downtrend and sees it closing out 2022 with a 50% price rise to $0.01. In the longer term, they expect AMP to increase by over 150% by the end of 2025, with a target of $0.028. 

LongForecast is feeling bearish on AMP in the short term as they have targeted a further 30% drop in 2022. However, their targets for 2023 are a little more upbeat, with a predicted 50% price increase by June. Despite the reasonably conservative short to mid-term estimates, in the long run, they expect the token to perform well and hit $0.026 in 2026, representing a 150% return. 

CryptoPolitan has set some very promising price targets for AMP, they expect it to trade up to $0.02 in 2023, $0.04 in 2025, and hit an impressive $0.28 in 2030.

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