How and Where to Buy VOLT

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If you’ve read our guide to the Volt Inu token, you understand that this dog-themed coin is more than just some meme coin. It’s an innovative crypto project that offers investors a diversified passive income opportunity, so with a high probability you’re now interested in how to buy Volt Inu.

Buying VOLT is not as straightforward as getting your hands on the big names in crypto because the token isn’t supported by many top exchanges and well-known wallets. 

This guide will cover the simplest way to top up your portfolio with some VOLT at the best price using Swapzone’s aggregator service

1. Visit the Swapzone BNB (BSC) - VOLT Exchange Page 

1. Visit the Swapzone BNB (BSC) – VOLT Exchange Page 

The first step you’ll need to take is to follow this link to the BNB (BSC) – VOLT exchange page. If you don’t have any BNB, head over to the BNB swap page here and buy some using dozens of cryptocurrencies. You can also buy some VOLT with, for example, XLM or BTC. Just follow the same steps with preferred crypto.

2. How Much VOLT Do You Want?

In the send box, you need to enter the amount of BNB you want to exchange; the maximum amount you can send per transaction is BNB 0.9. 

Once you’ve entered the amount of BNB, you’ll want to send please check the Get up to box for an estimation of how much VOLT you’re going to receive. 

3. Chose an Exchange 

Swapzone will scan the market for the best possible exchange offers and present them to you in a neat list that’s broken down into three categories: Fastest, Best Rating, and Best Rate. Scroll through the list, select the offer that best suits your criterion, and click the blue exchange button.

Chose an Exchange 

4. Wallet Address

To continue with the swap, you need to write your VOLT wallet address, your BNBBSC refund address (in case the transaction fails), and if you want to receive information about Swapzone, your e-mail address. 

Remember to be very careful when writing and filling out your wallet address information and always double-check that they are correct. 

5. Send BNBBSC

Once Swapzone generates the BNBBSC deposit address, send the amount of BNB you selected in the send box at the start of this process. 

6. Swap Completed!

Wait for your exchange to be completed, and then check your VOLT wallet address to make sure the tokens have arrived safely. 

If you’ve followed these steps, then you’ve successfully added VOLT tokens to your portfolio securely, quickly, and cheaply with the help of Swapzone. 

6. Swap Completed!
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