Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction

XRP is a unique cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency industry. It is somewhat decentralized, but not to the same extent as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies; unlike them, it does not attempt to be a replacement for the old banking system but rather to partner with and improve it. Nonetheless, because of its numerous unique qualities … Read more

Volt Inu (VOLT) Price Prediction: 2022-2040 Perspective

Volt Inu (VOLT) Price Prediction

Meme coins are no fresh news anymore? We respectfully disagree! This year can be highlighted not only by the market downturn but also by several remarkable cryptos that emerge. In 8 months of 2022 Volt Inu significantly evolved and ramped up its community. Let’s take a look at the project overview and see if we … Read more

AXS Price Prediction: When to Hit $100?

AXS Price Prediction

AXS’s current price is $21.62 AXS can go as high as $75 by 2023 AXS will be worth $148 in 5 years Axie Infinity gives you the opportunity to battle, collect and build your own digital kingdom for pets. AXS is an Ethereum token that powers this blockchain-based game where players can earn rewards by … Read more

NKN Price Prediction: When Will It Hit $1?

NKN Price Prediction: When Will It Hit $1?

NKN can go as high as $0.2 in 1 year  NKN will be worth $0.4 in 5 years NKN will be worth $3 in 10 years  In this article, we will cover the short, medium, and long-term price prediction of the NKN token, which appears to be on the cusp of breaking its bearish trend and … Read more

0x(ZRX) Price Prediction

0x(ZRX) Price Prediction

0x (ZRX) might not be the catchiest name, but this decentralized Ethereum exchange protocol should not be overlooked. The protocol is designed to make exchanging tokens without a central exchange like Binance or Coinbase simpler and safer. The developers behind the project expect decentralized protocols to cut deeply into the profits of the exchanges that … Read more