What Is Monero (XMR)?

What is Monero?

Monero ($XMR) is a digital asset that provides users and their crypto-related transactions with a high level of privacy and anonymity. As it is with Bitcoin—the leading cryptocurrency—Monero is also decentralized and a secure peer-to-peer cryptocurrency but more privacy-oriented than BTC.  It has the third biggest developer community among digital assets and only trails Ethereum … Read more

A Guide To The Best Exchange-Based Tokens

A Guide to the Best Exchange-Based Tokens

The best crypto exchange tokens are offered by exchanges with amazing incentives for holders. These exchanges provide users a three-in-one opportunity to earn returns over investment and profit via trading while paying lower fees for transactions.  When Bitcoin was created over ten years ago, most crypto exchanges that sprung up operated as a platform to … Read more

What Is Kava Crypto and Is It Worth Investing? Full Project Overview

What is KAVA Crypto

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are the largest cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. They also contribute more than half of the entire cryptocurrency market share. It is hardly surprising that they are by far the most popular cryptocurrencies. However, these prominent tokens have some major limitations due to their consensus mechanisms: the proof-of-work consensus, … Read more

What is HEX Coin: A Scam or An Emerging Company?

What is HEX Coin : A Scam or An Emerging Company?

HEX is a DeFi protocol that has found itself caught up in a storm of allegations leveled against DeFi platforms claiming that they are pyramid schemes looking to defraud cryptocurrency investors.  The ecosystem offers impressive returns of up to 37% APY to people who choose to stake their tokens, so it would be a shame … Read more

What Is ROSE Crypto Of The Oasis Network?

The Oasis Network was launched at the end of 2020 with the promise of introducing the crypto community to the next generation of blockchain technology that focuses heavily on security and privacy.  The project has already partnered with some global corporations such as BMW Group and Binance and received funding from top investment firms. Thanks … Read more

AXS Price Prediction: When to Hit $100?

AXS Price Prediction

AXS’s current price is $21.62 AXS can go as high as $75 by 2023 AXS will be worth $148 in 5 years Axie Infinity gives you the opportunity to battle, collect and build your own digital kingdom for pets. AXS is an Ethereum token that powers this blockchain-based game where players can earn rewards by … Read more