How And Where To Buy XYO

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2022)

Swapzone works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep adding new crypto coins that may be otherwise out of reach to a constantly growing list of over 500+ crypto coins. One of such coins is XYO. The official website of XYO describes the blockchain as a technology protocol designed to improve the certainty, validity, and value of data. You can learn more about XYO and its trusted data technology here.

XYO is the ERC-20 crypto token that secures XYO blockchain technology. The coin operates on the Ethereum platform and can be bought, sold, and swapped on various crypto exchanges globally. 

Where to buy XYO coin for the best market rates? You can get the best market rates anytime you use Swapzone’s fast and reliable trade aggregator for your XYO trades. Also, we have provided an easy-to-follow guide below for a smooth trading experience and assistance on how to buy XYO coin or add it to your wallet.

1. Visit Swapzone’s XYO Swap Page 

Adding XYO crypto token to your wallet is simple and cheap if you use the Swapzone aggregator service. First, head over to the exchange page and select the token you want to swap for XYO. You can trade XYO for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), or any other coin of your choice – In this guide, we will use ETH as an example: here is an instruction of how to buy XYO with ETH.

2. Decide How Much XYO You Want? 

You’ll see two boxes on the exchange page; in the send box, you need to enter the amount of XYO you’re willing to swap, and the estimated amount of XYO you’ll receive will be displayed in the get-up to box. 

*Remember that the get up to box only displays an estimate of your returns, so expect this number to fluctuate slightly up or down once the transaction is complete. 

Decide How Much XYO You Want?

3. Select The Best Exchange 

Once you’ve selected the coin and amount to swap, Swapzone’s automatic system will scan the web for the best exchanges and present them to you in a neat list divided into fastest, best rating, and the best rate. Then you can choose the exchange that suits your needs and press the blue exchange button. 

Select The Best Exchange

4. Wallet Details 

After pressing the exchange button, you will be required to specify the wallet address page, here you can enter your XYO wallet address, a refund address in case the ETH transaction fails, and optionally your e-mail. Then, once you’ve double-checked that the details are correct, tick the terms and conditions box and press the blue proceed to exchange button. 

Wallet Details

5. Deposit ETH

It’s time to pay for the swap, which means transferring the amount of ETH you agreed to in step 2 into the deposit address displayed on your screen. Head over to your wallet and send the ETH to the address and make sure you copy the address accurately! 

*Entering the wrong crypto address when carrying out a transaction can result in the tokens being lost forever, so take your time to verify the transaction before proceeding. 

6. Swap Completed 

Once you’ve made the swap deposit, sit back and wait while the swap is completed; check your XYO wallet address to ensure the tokens have arrived safely. Using the Swapzone aggregator, you’ve just bought XYO at a competitive market rate, securely and without any know-your-customer (KYC) hassles.

Is XYO A Good Investment? 

Is XYO A Good Investment? 

(Disclaimer: None of the information in this article should be considered investment advice; always do your research before investing.)

One of the indications that suggest XYO is a good investment is its unique use case. As described by the XY Labs Support Team, the XYO network could assist delivery companies like Amazon in offering payment on delivery services. In their words “The XYO Network could report with an extremely high certainty that a package arrived at the customer’s doorstep and then trigger the payment. XY would not only rely on its own devices (Sentinels) for location data but also could partner with other devices and products which are connected to the internet that can detect, record and/or relay location data.”

With this technology, XYO could be useful in industries ranging from Airline, Medical facilities, Cargo companies, Automobile companies, Schools, and more for precision tracking systems. This promises a huge opportunity with infinite price potential for the XYO network and its XYO crypto token in the long term. 

Although investing in XYO right now could, in crypto lingo, be catching a falling needle, experts are unanimously bullish on its long-term price outlook. 

WalletInvestor expects XYO to trade for $0.1031 by 2025 – a whopping 1048% increase from its current price of around $0.00898.

DigitalCoinPrice is less enthusiastic and expects a more likely $0.0192 price – still a reasonable projected profit of more than 110%

Changelly is very bullish on XYO and predicts an expected price of $0.040 – an expected 345% increase on capital.

Do you want to take a calculated gamble and buy XYO coin? You can follow the steps outlined above to buy, invest and keep some potentially profitable XYO tokens for the long term.

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