Earn Crypto Playing Games: Axie Infinity, DogeDash, Kleerun, Sandbox, Splinterlands. 

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2022)

In the last decade, the global gaming industry has expanded to include new technologies with the potential to revolutionize gaming and gamers’ finance. In this article, we have made an exciting play to earn crypto game list for both beginners and more experienced gamers. These play to earn crypto games combine quality gameplay, well-thought-out mechanisms, and a next-level gaming experience for gamers. 

What is a Play to Earn Crypto Game?

A play to earn crypto game is any game that is built on blockchain technology and allows users to earn crypto while playing or using any of its services. This idea of gaming appeals to a lot of crypto enthusiasts because it allows players to win games and generate new income streams while having fun. 

Another important component of play2earn crypto games is that it gives users ownership over certain in-game assets. These assets range from virtual lands, NFTs, special skins, and in-game characters to several tools useful within the game environment.

What is a Play to Earn Crypto Game?

The emergence of secure Automated Market Makers and blockchain-based play to earn crypto games (characterized by the Metaverse, NFTs, and in-game crypto tokens) is changing how gamers interact with mobile and desktop games. However, with the unprecedented pace of growth in the play-to-earn crypto games space, it is increasingly difficult to keep up with the latest craze or any new developments.

What is a Play to Earn Crypto Game?

Play to Earn Crypto Games Mechanism 

Play to Earn games rely on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to function. Notably, Play to earn consists of an ecosystem of game developers, content creators, and gamers who mutually benefit from using the gaming platform. This feature is in contrast to traditional games that rely on a one-way transaction between the gamer and game developer. 

Furthermore, play to earn games consist of several in-game tasks such as winning challenges, quests, solving community problems, and many more. Often, these tasks are rewarded with tokens. The gamer can easily trade these tokens on the blockchain.

Play to Earn Crypto Games Mechanism  

Play to Earn Crypto Games List 

With hundreds of games competing for your attention, it can become tough to find the one that matches your interest. Therefore, after some hours of intense gaming, we have picked out five play2earn games that will pique your interest below:

Axie Infinity Game 

Launched by Vietnamese studio, Sky Mavis, in March 2018, Axie Infinity now tops the playtoearn.net list of the most popular blockchain games. Axie Infinity rests on the Ethereum blockchain and connects players all over the world. They can compete against each other by raising and battling cute monsters in an arena. Successful players earn rewards in the game’s native Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potions (SLP). The dedicated Axie Marketplace allows to sell both of the native cryptos. The Axie Infinity game is available on Android, Apple, and Windows. 

Axie Infinity (AXS)

AXS Coin 

The Axie Infinity Shards or AXS coin is the central token of the Axie infinity universe. The AXS coin is an ERC 20 token that allows holders to claim rewards from playing the game. Moreover, it allows gamers to participate in key governance votes concerning the Axie Infinity universe.

Play to Earn Crypto Games: How To Play Axie Infinity?

The Axie Infinity gameplay is similar to Pokemon. To compete in the Axie universe, gamers need a team of three cute Axie monsters with which they fight battles to earn rewards. Gamers who do not have the funds to buy Axies can apply for an Axie scholarship program.  There they can borrow different Axies from managers (older players who now own Axies) for a small cut of their winnings.

Play to Earn Crypto Games: How To Play Axie Infinity?

Doge Dash Game

The Doge Dash game project, led by grammy-nominated Paul Caslin, consists of an ever-expanding ecosystem of games, NFTs, merchandise, staking, and more. Doge Dash is an arcade-style play2earn game on the Binance Smart Chain. The aim of gamers in Doge Dash is to collect coins in ten increasingly difficult and fast-paced levels. Players dash over and under platforms, monsters, and a zombie-infested city. Thus, successful players complete the game when they reach the dog house and get rewards in the form of Doge Dash token. 

Doge Dash (DOGEDASH)

DogeDash coin

The DOGEDASH coin is the native token of the game. The Doge Dash coin can be used to purchase lives within the game, and it is also earned in the form of rewards. On each transaction, there is a 5% tax. 3% is burned as a deflationary measure and 2% kept for a self-sustaining marketing fund kept by the game’s developers.

Play to Earn Crypto Games: How to play DogeDash?

Doge Dash is simple to play. Its gameplay is similar to every other free run game available on the game store. There are 3 difficulty settings available to gamers. The rewards range as high as 10,000 coins in “Elite” mode, and as low as 1,000 coins in “Easy” mode.

Play to Earn Crypto Games: How to play DogeDash?

Sandbox Game

Launched as a mobile-only game in 2012, the Sandbox game has evolved over the past years to become one of the most popular blockchain-based play2earn games. The Sandbox game is a virtual open-world game that gives players creative room to freely interact with its virtual world. In the course of exploring, players get to have fun and earn digital money. Also, the Sandbox game allows its users to create, buy, sell, and exchange digital items. These items may be useful to them or other players on the game’s dedicated marketplace.

Sandbox (SAND)


The SAND coin is an important token that powers the Sandbox ecosystem. It serves as a digital asset, a governance token, and the in-game currency of the Sandbox game. Sandbox players can use SAND coins to purchase assets and lands in the Sandbox virtual world.

Play to Earn Crypto Games: How To Play Sandbox?

With gameplay similar to the Sims and Minecraft, the Sandbox game requires players to set objectives for themselves. Often referred to as a software toy or non-game, players can interact with the virtual open-world in any way they see fit. However, to begin playing the Sandbox game, beginners need to invest a minimum of $100 in ETH and SAND coins. This will get them access to the virtual world. 

Play to Earn Crypto Games: How To Play Sandbox?

Splinterlands Game

The Splinterlands game combines magic and mayhem in its new generation blockchain-based card game. In very fast sessions that last no longer than a few minutes, gamers can battle for rewards, hold collectibles, or trade, sell, and lease their card assets from anywhere in the world. Also, the different cards that gamers acquire in their collection can be traded on third-party marketplaces like Opensea, MonsterMarket, and more.

Splinterlands (SPS)

SPS Coin

The SPS coin is the native in-game token of the Splinterlands game. According to Splinterland’s whitepaper, the total supply of the coin which is secured on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain will be pegged at 3 Billion SPS tokens. 

Play to Earn Crypto Games: How To Play Splinterlands?

Splinterlands has a gameplay similar to Hearthstone. Cards in Splinterlands offer various characteristics, effects, and capabilities that can be used in the fight with other players during a match. Gamers are required to create a profile and connect a Metamask wallet before they can compete against an opponent or access other services in the Splinterlands world. Moreover, to successfully win battles in Splinterlands there are some card fundamentals beginners have to be aware of, you can learn more about this on their website.

Play to Earn Crypto Games: How To Play Splinterlands?

Kleerun Game

Launched in 2021, Kleerun has already been described by industry giants as the future of the GameFI industry. It is an interactive, first-person, and addictive game that has a play-to-earn feature allowing gamers to increase their $KLEE as they advance through the game. Gamers can also trade personal avatars, NFTs(representing real estate), and other in-game merch. Each of these features incurs minor transaction fees, which go to the Holders proportional. Thus, fees add to their contributions in the $KLEE liquidity pool. 

KLEE (KleeKai)


The KLEE coin was launched on May 11, 2021, on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the native in-game currency of the Kleerun game. Holding is an essential function of the KLEE coin, as it enables the AMM smart contract and rewards LP investors.

Play to Earn Crypto Games: How to play Kleerun?

The Kleerun game has an easy free-run gameplay. Gamers control a cute dog running along a path while avoiding obstacles and trying to earn as much coin as possible. However, to access the game, players must hold at least 100 billion $KLEE tokens in their Metamask wallet (valued at around $23). 

Play to Earn Crypto Games: How to play Kleerun?

Play2Earn Cryptos exchange: where and how?

Ready to earn crypto playing games? Start your journey by heading to Swapzone’s interactive exchange page to get the native token of your chosen crypto game. Our easy-to-use swap exchange makes it easy for beginners and experts to buy play2earn coins and transfer them to their Metamask wallets in easy steps. Here’s a guide on how to use Swapzone to buy your play2earn crypto coin:

  1. Go to the Swapzone website.
  2. Select the proper pair (e.g. BTC to DOGEDASH).
  3. Input the amount of BTC you want to exchange for DOGEDASH, and the aggregator will find the best deals for you.
  4. Click the ‘Exchange’ button, and type in the address where you want to send the DOGEDASH coins.
  5. Use the generated BTC address to send your BTC deposit.
  6. Click on ‘Proceed with the Exchange’. You can leave a review of the website you chose to carry out your exchange process.
  7. Wait for the deposit to be processed and the DOGEDASH coin exchange is completed.

Play2Earn Cryptos exchange: where and how?

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