How And Where To Buy HIVE

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2022)

HIVE is the native token for the Hive ecosystem, a sprawling network of apps and services that uniquely pairs social media and decentralization. It began as a hard fork of the centralized Steemit blockchain and aims to scale mainstream crypto adoption and preserve the core of decentralization. As the platform spearheads the combined evolution of social media and blockchain technology, you can make its HIVE token the newest addition to your crypto wallet. Below is an easy guide on how and where to buy HIVE using Swapzone’s fast and reliable trade aggregator.

Hive is web 3 optimized and allows users to post content in diverse forms. The peer-to-peer network facilitates interaction with posts and rewards participants in digital tokens rather than likes. The HIVE token powers the open-source network which currently hosts over 126 projects. Transactions are swift and cost-free, and users can build dapps relatively simply and cheaply.

How and Where to Buy HIVE

1. Visit Swapzone’s HIVE Swap Page

The first step to getting your HIVE tokens is navigating to the exchange page. Swapzone’s aggregator system is equipped with tools that make for an easy-to-follow and inexpensive process. Select what token you’d like to exchange for HIVE, Swapzone offers a range of options but we’ll use Tether (USDT) in this guide.

2. How Much HIVE Would You Like to Get?

You’ll find two boxes on the swap site: the “Send” section where you enter the amount of USDT you’d like to deposit, and underneath is the “Get Up To” box where you can view a rough estimate of the HIVE you will receive. Note that this value isn’t exactly accurate and your returns post-transaction might differ slightly in some cases.

How Much HIVE Would You Like to Get?

3. Choose The Right Exchange For You

After you have decided on the quantity of HIVE tokens, the Swapzone aggregator rounds up a list of crypto exchanges. The system divides the platforms into the fastest, the best rated, and those with the best deals. Choose one that fits your expectations and press the blue exchange button once you’re done.

Choose The Right Exchange For You

4. Fill In Payment Details

Now you have a platform that caters to your needs, this next step is crucial to the whole operation. The wallet details page will require you to enter your HIVE wallet address, you will also have to provide a USDT address for a refund in case the transfer fails. Additionally, you can drop your email if you’d like Swapzone to send you news updates and offers.

To conclude, double-check all the figures to ensure everything is in order, tick the terms and policy box, and finally, hit the blue proceed to exchange button.

Fill In Payment Details

5. Transfer USDT

Next, you have to pay the exchange fees, this is the amount of USDT tokens you entered into the send box earlier. All you have to do is transfer the funds to the deposit address on your screen. Make sure you have the right quantity of the USDT and more importantly, the correct address. It’s essential to be careful because you’ll lose your tokens if you make the transfer to the wrong wallet.

6. Purchase Complete

You’ve deposited the USDT, now all you have to do is wait for your HIVE tokens to arrive, just check your wallet to confirm. Swapzone’s aggregator system has brought you the best market rates and allowed you to make a quick and easy HIVE purchase.

Is HIVE A Profitable Investment?

Is HIVE A Profitable Investment?

Hive is dedicatedly expanding its application to provide easy entry into a decentralized space. It hosts a myriad of dapps, APIs, and other projects, and its broad utility makes it attractive to a wider user base; content creators, developers, investors, and other types of participants.

The user-driven approach of the HIVE token’s underlying platform makes it a good asset to hold long-term. The network promotes community participation and interaction, HIVE is a big part of this as it functions as an incentive. As stated earlier, the network rewards users in tokens rather than a thumbs up or a heart. Hive also carries features such as interactive P2E games, identity management, polling systems, and micro-loans.

Coingecko reports a current trading price of $0.34, this is a 90% decline from HIVE’s November 2021 record high of $3.41. It’s a steep drop in 7 months, so it makes sense if you have concerns, but let’s see what analyst have to say about the token’s future.

Digitalcoinprice has HIVE put down for steady growth over the next couple of years. The deep price predictor don’t see the token hitting its former high anytime soon, however, it expects it to surpass the $2 within the next eight years. Tradingbeasts paints a similar picture predicting several fluctuations for HIVE but also a 2025 max price of $0.94 and a $0.40 support region along the way.

Finally, Priceprediction is  the most bullish of the HIVE token, with analysts expecting a bullish run leading HIVE to trade at $15.32 by 2031.

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