Swapzone on POODLCAST: Heart Goes Boom.

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2022)

On Wednesday, February 9, 8 pm UTC our marketing and BD Olya was invited as a guest to the POODLCast hosted by Joe Way from POODL Token. Just as Olya said: “Heart went boom”. Swapzone loves POODL!


POODLCast: Episode 037 “Crypto Exchange Partner: Swapzone.io”

Olya was beyond excited and proud to be a guest on POODLCast which isn’t a very common role for her. That’s because she is usually the one asking questions! However, the conversation went nice and smooth. Joe asked the right questions, we must say! Next, for those who missed the session, take a look at what was on the table:

  1. What is Swapzone?
  2. How did Swapzone find out about POODL? How did the listing go?
  3. What was important about POODL that caught an eye?
  4. What is the philosophy behind Swapzone?
  5. How does Swapzone’s neon-drenched roadmap look?
  6. Swapzone x POODL partnership
  7. Women in crypto: what stops them?
  8. A piece of advice for crypto enthusiasts from Olya

As you can see the topics are diverse! From both projects to women in crypto which is quite a social one. Loving it!

Poodl Token (POODL)

POODLCast. Episode 037 Stream Recording

Worried to miss out on this Episode? Fret not! Here’s a recording for you, listen, enjoy and HOODL the POODL:

Exchange POODL on Swapzone

What is AMA in crypto?

What is POODL Token?

POODL Token is a revived crypto moved to BSC from Ethereum because its initial developer abandoned the contract. HOODL the POODL with its outstandingly active community.

What is Swapzone?

Swapzone is an instant aggregator of crypto exchanges. Browse by rates, reviews & exchange time to convert 500+ crypto assets at the best exchange rate without hidden fees.

Exchange POODL on Swapzone

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