What is a crypto exchange platform?

If you ever felt the need to exchange crypto, you probably know the pain of doing it. You open some shady sites and try to guess if you're going to get scammed or not. But the most unpleasant thing about them is that you don't know if you're offered the best market rates or not. So, basically, we have two problems. The first one is the problem of trust. You don’t know if you can trust the exchange you’re dealing with. And the second one is all about exchange rates. You’re not sure that you get the best deals on the market.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Rating

Everyone related to the blockchain market uses the same reliable platforms for the operations and the price verification or what we call a crypto or bitcoin price aggregator. Of course, there are several cryptocurrency exchange ratings based on varied characteristics. We will look into some of them, describing the advantages of our own Top-5 crypto exchanges. We are basing our evaluations on the information provided by CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and Nomics.

  • Binance
    There is a piece of abundant evidence that in terms of security, Binance is a reliable platform. It has not yet suffered from serious hacking systems or servers. Although there were some phishing attacks that led to errors and worsened the user experience, the platform is in demand due to the large selection of available currency pairs, the professionalism of employees, and low commissions as alluded to by reports by the foremost cryptocurrency exchange aggregator. And other peers.
  • Coinbase Pro
    Coinbase Pro is an international trading platform and cryptocurrency wallet with which users can perform operations with the major part of popular digital currencies, such as bitcoin and ether, and work with fiat. The mission of the Coinbase team is to create an open financial system for the whole world. One that is not controlled by any authority, country, or company.
  • Huobi Global
    Huobi Global offers safe and reliable digital asset trading and asset management services for ten million users in more than 130 countries.
  • Kraken
    Created in mid-2011 and being now one of the oldest and most recognizable brands in history, Kraken is one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges and the largest in Europe based on daily average trading volume. One can buy there Ethereum, Bitcoin, and more. Available in almost any country, deposits can be made via bank wire, SEPA, ACH, and SWIFT.
  • Bitfinex
    Bitfinex is a Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange, which offers the exchange and margin trading of all the top cryptocurrencies. The domain was registered on October 11, 2012. The company takes security very seriously, so to replenish your account in dollars, you need to connect two-factor identification (KYC, AML).
Crypto exchange aggregator

Compare Crypto Instant Exchange Prices

What platforms allow us to make an instant comparison of the market prices? Swapzone is a platform that could prove helpful to you. The platform compares the prices of exchange points, exchanges, and P2P sites like LocalBitcoins, Paxful, etc. so that you have the opportunity to choose the really best deals!

We work directly with instant exchange services. Let us give a description of some of our main partners.

  • ChangeNOW
    ChangeNOW is considered to be one of the most advanced crypto swap services existing on the current market. This instant exchange has the widest available offer range as well as no maximum limit. The deals available for popular cryptocurrency pairs (BTC-ETH, for instance) start from the minimum of ~0.0002525 BTC. ChangeNOW takes the swap rates they declare seriously and the operation fee into the rate itself. It is quite a frequent case that the users receive more during their exchanges than the previously predicted sum. Besides, the work of the customer support team is a point worth mentioning – ChangeNOW is known to solve the trickiest cases. This attention to detail and efficiency can certainly indicate the great quality of the services provided by ChangeNOW.
  • Changelly
    Changelly is a cryptocurrency exchange service that operates in automatic mode. The platform began its work in 2015. For 5 years of successful work, the company has gained popularity among traders throughout the world. The exchange focuses specifically on the international market, and the official site interface is presented in 12 languages. The possibility to switch to a Russian-language interface greatly simplifies trading for traders from the CIS countries. The head office of the organization is registered in Malta (Valletta).
  • Godex
    Godex stakes at the intuitive website, fair pricing, and supremely fast and helpful customer support. The project’s team fixes the exchange rate to protect the user from possible market price fluctuations - which is, of course, significant in our uncertain days. . The system is fully automated and does not have a maximum limit for transactions. Customer support managers answer user’s messages in the span of an hour.
  • ChangeAngel
    ChangeAngel is a platform to realize wallet to wallet, coin to coin transactions, and swaps instantly. Still, it has unique features, providing the opportunity of sustainable ways to support non-ICO, open-source, decentralized blockchain development. Thus it makes a contribution to blockchain development.

Swapzone is an aggregator, which unites the best offers under a single user-friendly interface. Your provider to the most secure and comfortable work with the main instant exchanges! The main advantage is the possibility for a user to choose the best exchange rate from a variety of 12 options. Our platform has lots of exchange pairs and the technology which guarantees the fastest transactions possible. We guarantee security, and we don’t store any money. The system already has about 400+ assets, and new ones are constantly being added by our partners. Basically, this is the functional necessity for a perfect aggregator – and our goal is to create the one for you!

300+ Altcoins Exchange Platform

In essence, Altcoin is a term to describe any crypto different from Bitcoin. It is difficult to find a platform for such a vast exchange procedure. The above-mentioned Binance fully supports this number of exchange pairs, but it is not the fastest and its interface leaves to wish for. Coinswitch is a good instant source for trading practically any crypto available on market, but a user needs to go to other platforms to make comparisons and generate his or her analytics in advance. Still, the progress doesn’t standstill. The above-mentioned platforms all have their failures, and that is why the ratings differ so much and depend more on personal taste.

Swapzone is the aggregator of the new generation. Its creators have already considered all the previous drawbacks and now are ready for the users to thrive. We offer you the opportunity to make exchanges operating with 300+ Altcoins without perpetrating time-consuming researches.

All you have to do is:

  1. Open the Swapzone main page
  2. Select the cryptocurrency that you have, a coin or a token
  3. Select the cryptocurrency you want to get in exchange
  4. Enter the amount you want to exchange.
  5. Select an offer in a list of partners
  6. Click “Exchange”.
  7. Enter the wallet address your exchanged coins are going to be sent to
  8. Click “Proceed the exchange” button
  9. You’ll get the QR code with the address you have to send your coins to
300+ assets crypto exchange


Working with crypto may turn out as a difficult process. However, the exchange aggregators can become your personal compass, showing the best prices offered. Some ratings may be biased and the market volume is not the best criterion to find YOUR platform; so, it is worth making your own (or read ours) research and choose for yourself the option suitable. We offer you Swapzone as the base for your future exchanges, as it we won’t be once bitten: we know how to make amendments to the other platforms’ drawbacks and save your time and money. Besides, one can easily profit from comparing the prices and knowing how to operate in the world of 300+ cryptocurrencies. Join Swapzone and see the difference!