What is the best cryptocurrency exchange in India?

Cryptocurrency has become highly popular throughout India. You’ll find many exchanges in India dedicated to crypto trading. You will need to check around to see what the best crypto exchanges in India are today. It’s never been easier to trade these investments, but the options can vary. You must note how well these currencies work and what is available. You’ve got many exchanges to consider, but they are all different in many ways.


When did cryptocurrency first appear in India?

Cryptocurrency trading in India got introduced in 2009. That was the year bitcoin was introduced in the new crypto market. Currency trading has been available throughout India since then, with an exception being from 2018 to 2020 when the Reserve Bank of India banned banks from handling such currencies.

How does cryptocurrency work in India?

Crypto regulation in India almost stifled its growth with the Reserve Bank of India arguing that cryptocurrencies cannot be interpreted as a currency. The bank suggested that these do not come in any physical form, nor are they supported by any governments.

Cryptocurrency is more of an intrinsic investment. The currency may also be traded through online retailers. The rise in cryptocurrency exchanges in India is proof of how the currency has become viable. How to invest in cryptocurrency in India is now a trending topic with the country’s Supreme Court’s recent verdict that it is legal to do so.

Can you trade crypto in India?

You have the option to buy cryptocurrency in India, hold, transfer, or sell it legally. The decentralized nature of such currencies makes them useful throughout the world. You can trade bitcoin or BTC as you wish with various entities in many countries.

Many bitcoin exchanges require you to go through KYC or Know Your Customer practices. The effort entails confirming your identity and providing information to the site about what you are doing. The work allows for some transparency and a sense of security all around. The practice offers a suitable approach to work that fits your needs.

What are the best cryptocurrency exchanges in India?

You’ve got many exchanges to consider when looking to trade cryptocurrencies in India. You’ll have to look at how well you’re going to trade digital currencies with one of these providers. But you must also note the terms that come with trading at one of these sites. Each exchange also comes with different charges for services. Be aware of what you’re going to spend when contacting one of these exchanges for help.

Swapzone is a helpful site that helps you find the best places for trading. You can use Swapzone to get details on what you can get from a transaction based on whatever fees or rates may appear. You can also get an idea of how long it would take for you to complete the deal.


WazirX is an Indian crypto market service provider that holds a partnership with Binance, the world’s largest exchange. WazirX provides an exchange interface that features trends and charts showing how the values of bitcoin and other currencies are changing.

WazirX uses regular audits to ensure its security. It also offers a consistent platform over multiple operating systems and devices. The site also has low fees worth 0.2% of your transaction.


It’s easy to purchase digital currencies with Coinmama. You can use a bank transfer, a credit card, or a debit card to buy a currency. You don’t need to complete any deposits to get your currencies. Your coins will automatically appear in your currency wallet.

The exchange charges a 5.5% fee for each transaction with a 5% bonus if you utilize a credit card transaction. The extra 5% fee comes from Simplex, the company that processes credit cards.


Kraken is one of the most experienced and largest cryptocurrency exchanges around. Kraken has one of the highest daily trade volumes in Europe, a sign of the exchange being trustworthy. The site is growing its footprint by expanding to India.

Kraken provides one of the best support teams in the crypto industry. The group helps you in finding details on what currencies are available and how to review trends.

The group also has some of the lowest withdrawal fees around. A 0.25% taker fee applies to each transaction. The total may be lower when the trading volume is a little more substantial.


Some of the Indian exchanges out there are peer to peer exchanges. Such groups provide help in transferring funds directly between people. You can interact with other traders and send out addresses for when you want to trade currencies.

You can establish your account and then add money through your currency. You can then transfer those funds to whoever you reach an agreement with while on the app. There are more than 800,000 users at AirTM, so you will be bound to find something for your trading use. There are also no withdrawal fees, although deposit charges may apply.

Local Bitcoins

Local Bitcoins is another of the top peer to peer exchanges available. You can find individual users and purchase bitcoin and other crypto options from them. You can search through people who are seeing their wares at varying rates. The service is useful, although you should note how well the current value of currency works when seeing what is appropriate for a transaction.


Having access to an exchange that offers more currency options is always a plus. CoinDCX is one of those places, as it offers trading for more than two hundred currencies. The exchange is a peer to peer spot that helps you review options for purchase and compare rates by volume. You can choose to buy as much or as little as you wish. You’ll know the charge and the fees associated with your moves before you complete a transaction.

The best part of CoinDCX is that it does not entail fees. Some peers might charge extra, but you’ll always know what you might spend before a transaction becomes final.


Bitbns is the last option to see for currency exchange. The system Bitbns uses makes it easier for you to finalize your deals. Bitbns lets you place trade orders and then move everything out to a buyer or seller that fits your needs. You can also apply for a stop-limit order on your transaction to control the value while ensuring you don’t lose more than you can afford.

There are no account charges associated with what Bitbns offers. You would have to go through a complete verification process to simplify the process of getting in on the work. The work includes providing your PAN card and other details. The effort is about producing a secure environment for transactions.

Be sure to look around when finding a great cryptocurrency exchange in India. You can find many exchanges that can link to bank accounts and help you buy and sell currencies. It won’t be hard to find them, especially now that the RBI ban is no longer intact. But be sure to see how they work and that you know what the charges for services are.