How to choose a cryptocurrency exchange

It can be a challenge to find the right cryptocurrency exchange that you can trust. You have many choices to utilize, what with the industry growing so well. Each exchange has support for different currencies and payments, not to mention the timeframe for managing trades can vary. You can’t ignore the expenses associated with some sites.

This guide will help you figure out the right trading exchanges that are suitable for your crypto needs. You can find an appealing place that will help you find the right currencies while offering enough security.

KYC support

The KYC support that an exchange provides may be one of the most essential security measures you can find. The Know Your Customer practice entails a site collecting personal information on its users. The site will gather your data during the registration process through additional practices.

You might have to complete a KYC process to access a site or to utilize certain features. You could provide a copy of an identification card, or you could use a phone or email verification feature. The setup ensures that you’re the person who is trying to access your account and that no one is going to try and steal your data.

General security

The security features that exchange platforms utilize can be essential to a platform. Such security features include SSL encryption and an effort for handling money off-site. Many places offer a cold storage service that will secure your funds offline, thus keeping people from trying to access your content.

But the 2FA support on a platform is even more essential. Two-Factor Authentication means that you have to confirm your identity through two or more points. These can include an account ID, the appropriate public and private keys, and anything else a site wishes to review. A website that uses a 2FA system for managing data is more secure than other places.

Volume support

All exchanges can manage different volume totals. Some exchanges can handle high-volume transactions, including cases where you have lots of money on hand. A site that can work with more volume at once is easier to trust, as it has the infrastructure necessary to allow a website to work well. The trading volumes on a site can influence how well it operates.

What assets are available

All exchanges have different digital currencies available for trade. Most places will offer some of the more prominent currencies in the crypto industry, including Bitcoin and Litecoin. You can check an exchange’s website to see what is available.

What are the fees?

All exchanges charge different fees for transactions. The charges will vary by exchange, but they will often entail a small percentage of your trade. An exchange should be transparent as to what fees it will charge to its users.

That website will require these costs to cover some of the expenses associated with running the place. You don’t want to bear with anything that requires more money than necessary.

How easy is it to use

All exchanges should be simple for users to manage. A trading platform may include details on what currencies are available and how to save your data. Any user interface that can securely manage your data and keep it from being lost is always helpful.

Any platform that supports a hardware wallet, paper wallet, or another offline method for storing currencies is always ideal. The user interface should include details on how you can send your offline data to the site for a fast transaction.

Research support

You might need to complete additional research when figuring out what you want to do when you trade cryptocurrencies. A trading platform may provide information on how much currencies are worth and how their prices have been changing. You can also find points on trading pairs through some sites. The additional research support available can be critical when choosing a cryptocurrency that fits your interests.

What about transferring between currencies?

Not all crypto exchange offers will entail trading fiat currency for cryptocurrency and then back again. You can also complete crypto to crypto transactions on some sites. Some sites let you exchange one cryptocurrency for another in moments.

You can use Swapzone to see who’s available when you’re trying to switch between currencies. The site gives you details on what offers are open through a full exchanges list. You can also compare how long it would take for each trade to go through different exchanges. The information here can assist you in choosing an exchange that fits your interests.


The last point to note for an exchange is the timeframe associated with managing a trade. You have to find an exchange that can support a transfer without spending lots of time in making the transaction work well.

A site can provide details on how long it would take for a transaction to go through. You can use the information to plan your trades, especially since the value of the currency might change in that timeframe.

The timing for funding an account or withdrawing money can also be vital to note. Sometimes it can take a few business days to move money in and out of an account. It can take a bit if you’re looking to support a bank transfer. Some credit or debit cards might support immediate transfers, but not all models can manage this feature. Those payments may also include extra fees, although that varies by each place.

You have to see what works when you’re choosing an exchange that fits your interest. You can find many exchanges today, but you need to ensure you look for one that is appealing and fits whatever demands you have. It won’t be hard for you to make the right choice when you see what works.