How to find the best crypto exchange?

Since 2016, when cryptocurrencies became more or less mainstream, there were a lot of crypto exchanges around. Centralized, decentralized. hybrid exchanges, all of them served as a bridge between the world of crypto and fiat money, and even between different blockchains. Some of them are already dead, some of them continue to flourish. Currently, there are more than 500 crypto exchanges in the world. But the problem for a regular user is knowing the safest crypto exchange and paying the lowest fees. Not to mention that conversion should be done easily and with no obstacles such as registration or KYC/AML. To find a good crypto exchange you can go to some websites with exchange ratings.

You can compare:

  • Fees
  • Security policy
  • Registration policy
  • User experience
  • etc.

The process above may devour a lot of your time. Or alternatively, you can go to a crypto exchange aggregator that combines liquidity from many exchanges or check out cryptocurrency exchange comparison reports. Swapzone presently stands out in this regard, and by using it, you can nearly instantly exchange the most popular coins and tokens, one for another. If you want to swap your coins, try Swapzone, with its built-in crypto calculator as covered in several crypto exchange reviews.

Best crypto exchange rates

Of course, when you exchange digital currencies, you want to get the best deal, which might mean using a cryptocurrency calculator. By using numerous exchanges, you have to constantly keep in check exchange rates and coin prices at crypto exchanges. Also, youhave to remember that in addition to the conversion rate you’ll have to pay exchange fees and some hidden fees. After numerous conversions, you’ll end up paying a solid fee in total, and the only solution to this problem is minimizing fees for each deal.

Rates and Fees

Fees are the major profit killer in general. A small analysis of long-term investments by millennials indicated that over several decades of investing for retirement, people usually lose around $590,000 for each 1% of fees. Vanguard, one of the largest index funds, has another example: if you invest $100,000, and earn 6% a year for the next 25 years, you end up with $430,000 in your pocket if you pay no fees. On the other hand, if you pay 2% a year in costs, you’ll have only $260,000. Paying 2% for 25 years eats 40% of your profit. Pretty sad, right? Every investor gets affected by fees twice: the first time when he or she pays the ever-increased amount in fees as the portfolio grows. The second effect is decreasing the portfolio’s returns because every paid dollar is one dollar less to invest. That compounds and results in many losses, this partly explains the search for the best altcoin exchange.

Best crypto exchange rates

Thus the solution is: avoid additional fees at all costs. How to do it? You have to compare all the deals and find the best one, but they are constantly changing, so it’s very inconvenient for a regular user. That’s why the exchange aggregator comes in handy. By using you can exchange most popular coins: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, BSV, EOS, XTZ, XLM, ADA, ETC, and TRX, as well as such tokens, as USDT, BNB, LINK, PAX, BAT, ICX, OMG, and DAI.

As you can see, the list is pretty long, and it contains more than 300 cryptocurrencies with altcoins dominating the list, and what is altcoin is clearer when they are identified as alternatives to bitcoin. On Swapzone you’ll be able to find several exchange offers for each token, ranked by exchange rate. We’re looking for the best deals, right? On Swapzone you’ll be able to find several exchange offers for each token, ranked by the exchange rate. We’re looking for the best deals, right? On Swapzone you can find the best deal as several altcoin exchange reviews indicate.

Where to exchange altcoins

What are altcoins and how to exchange them? All these various coins and tokens, starting with Ethereum and down the list on Coinmarketcap are dubbed the common word “altcoins”. It means that they are the alternative to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is still the most important cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization. It’s responsible for 45 to 65% of the whole crypto market capitalization, it’s considered a digital gold, and it’s highly unlikely that any other crypto coin or token will be able to take its place in the near future. So, many people use bitcoin exchange fees comparison as they plan altcoin trades. There are many types of altcoins, and it’s important to be able to tell one from another.

  • Utility tokens
    Have some utility in their respective network, and that network can hardly function without them
  • Security tokens.
    Represent something valuable, such as a share in a company, in a real estate fund, or in an investment fund. Security tokens are mostly banned by the SEC, which tries to protect unqualified investors from losing money.
  • Stablecoins.
    These usually represent some other asset, being pegged to that asset’s value. For example, the most common type of stablecoins is American dollar-pegged stablecoins, such as USDT, TUSD, PAX, or DAI. Also, it’s possible to find more exotic stablecoins, such as DGX, whose tokens are always equal to 1 gram of gold, stored in the DIGIX vault. During times of market turbulence, stablecoins become one of the most popular crypto-assets.
  • Exchange tokens.
    Usually holding them gives some kind of bonus to their owners on the exchange that issued them. The most common bonus is getting the fee discount, also some exchanges buy back their tokens, thus decreasing the supply and increasing the price of remaining tokens.
  • Token collectibles.
    Such tokens as CryptoKitties, CryptoCelebrities, Dragonereum, and similar stuff, ERC-721 tokens. Every token has unique properties, so these tokens can’t be traded like the others, some tokens with rare properties are more valuable than the rest.

Anyway, most of these altcoins have some value, and to catch all their market moves, sometimes it’s necessary to change one for another. It’s hard to keep track of them: some tokens can be listed on small exchanges, some tokens can be found only on large ones. It’s also time-consuming to try to find some rare tokens, so you’d better go to an exchange that has them all in one place. Such as Swapzone. All you have to do is:

  1. Open the Swapzone main page
  2. Select the cryptocurrency that you have, a coin or a token
  3. Select the cryptocurrency you want to get in exchange
  4. Enter the amount you want to exchange.
  5. Select an offer in a list of partners
  6. Click “Exchange”.
  7. Enter the wallet address your exchanged coins are going to be sent to
  8. Click the “Proceed the exchange” button
  9. You’ll get the QR code with the address you have to send your coins to

Pretty easy! The whole order creation usually takes 5-10 minutes. By using Swapzone you can be sure that you’ll get the best exchange rates and the large variety of altcoins to choose from.

Exchange cryptocurrency without registration

One of the most annoying things related to using crypto exchanges is the need to register to use it, or even to pass some security checks to be able to exchange and withdraw your funds. In some cases, it’s completely reasonable because many exchanges store their users’ cryptocurrency. But in some other cases, it’s totally unnecessary and can cause only constant annoyance. If we talk about decentralized cryptocurrencies, why do we need to use centralized databases and leave there our personal data, such as email addresses or even real documents to pass KYC? It’s enough to use a blockchain address to make a deal.

Non-custodial services don’t require registration and they don’t keep their users’ private keys, because they simply connect two parties not participating in the exchange process. There are two types of non-custodial services, decentralized exchanges, and exchange aggregators, such as Swapzone, which allows to use it anonymously and to deliberately exchange coins at best rates. Imagine if you had to upload all your documents, your driving license, home bills, to make a transaction? On Swapzone all you have to do is choose your crypto and the crypto you want to exchange your funds for, and then exchange your altcoins quickly.

Instant crypto exchange ratings

When you need to exchange crypto, speed is sometimes one of the most important factors. Nobody wants to wait forever while the list of best deals is loading. We’re accustomed to nearly instant transactions, instant server responses, and minimum waste of time. Anyway, if you use only one exchange, sometimes you won’t find the deal you’re looking for quickly. Some exchanges lack liquidity and you have to go through two or three of them before you finish swapping your cryptocurrency.

A crypto exchange aggregator such as Swapzone allows to access all partnered instant crypto exchanges at once, and see what amount of funds they currently have. When you start searching for a certain pair exchange, for example, BTC/ETH, it sends requests to all partners and collects information about available funds and exchange rates. All this happens nearly instantly, you receive on-screen information as soon as you type the request.

Crypto to crypto best price


Crypto exchanges still have a long way to go. Some of them lack a convenient user interface, some of them lack liquidity, sometimes they ask for too many documents, and many exchanges simply don’t have enough trading pairs to fulfill all needs of their visitors. But all of them combined have enough funds to become very convenient for any trader or investor. Swapzone’s goal is to reshape crypto exchange strategies into a data-driven and adaptive approach. By giving everyone equally fast and easy access to crypto markets, Swapzone wants to improve the crypto community and to contribute to building a better future for everyone. If you need the best exchange, just choose what’s best for you at the moment. It’s easy when you have such exchange aggregator as Swapzone.