Which crypto exchange has the most coins?

Cryptocurrency exchanges, no matter if they are instant or not, differ in the services they provide and the assets they support. Despite the overall crypto service unification, the question of supported coins and tokens often remains – it all comes down to maintenance, community demand, marketing, business strategy, and more. From the user’s perspective, it is important to find the service that supports all different types of cryptocurrency (or at least the majority) of cryptocurrencies they are managing. How do you find such a service? Let’s find out together.

Where to exchange Bitcoin, altcoins, and tokens

If you are looking for the best service to swap your Bitcoins or altcoins with, you can go two ways: go to a centralized exchange or pick a non-custodial service. We have already explained the difference between these in one of our previous articles, but here’s a short breakdown for those who missed it.

  • Custodial crypto exchanges

    Usually, those come in the form of big crypto exchange platforms. Binance, Kraken, Poloniex – all the names you have probably heard of at least once. Custodial exchanges support a wide range of assets but can list and delist coins and tokens at their own choice and with short notice. Besides, users store their cryptocurrency in built-in hot wallets provided by the exchange, so the delisting process might be quite painful for those not able to withdraw on time.
  • Instant (non-custodial) crypto exchanges

    Instant cryptocurrency exchanges are non-custodial – all the users come with their own wallets. No funds are stored on the exchange itself – this is definitely a more OG cryptocurrency way of swapping coins and tokens. Usually, instant crypto exchanges have a big variety of currencies to choose from and there is no chance of something getting delisted and leading to the loss of funds. Besides instant crypto exchangers, there are also aggregators like Swapzone – the interfaces uniting different swap services under one roof.

How to list a cryptocurrency on the exchange?

If you did not see the project of your choice in the list of supported coins, you can always ask the exchange to add your favorite coin or token. The listing process is definitely easier for non-custodial crypto exchanges. Big exchange platforms usually want to get plaid for adding new projects. Custody-free services, on the other hand, can get the coins on board for the sake of hype and community action.

crypto exchanges with most trading pairs

Cryptocurrency exchanges with most trading pairs

In this paragraph, we will talk about non-custodial crypto exchanges solely. The offers may differ – from Bitcoin-only exchanges to swap services with an array of coins and tokens available. If you are searching for an exchange that supports as many assets as possible, it is generally a good idea to turn to exchange aggregators. Being one ourselves, we have already explained the notion of aggregation in one of our previous articles. In short, exchange aggregators are services that work with the APIs of providers and showcase many swap offers in one interface. Here is how to use an aggregator:

  1. Go to Swapzone main page.
  2. Choose a cryptocurrency trading pair of your liking and put in the amount to exchange.
  3. From the partners’ list available on your right, pick the offer you like best – the deals are sorted by the best rate currently available. After you have made the choice, click Exchange.
  4. On the next screen, type in the wallet data and click Proceed to Exchange.
  5. Make a deposit to the wallet address of the partnering service generated for you.
  6. Wait for the exchange to go through and receive your swapped coins.