How to exchange large amounts of cryptocurrency

There comes a time in one's life when a decent amount of cryptocurrency gets accumulated. However, what if there’s a need to swap it? Is processing larger crypto transactions more complicated? How does the process go? What service should one use? In this article, we will try to answer all the topical questions and help in making a choice of exchange to go with.

Exchanging cryptocurrency without limit

Cryptocurrency exchanges often impose minimum and maximum swap limits for their orders. The minimum exchange limit is there to ensure the coverage of required network fees and punching the crypto transaction through. Since transaction fees may vary, the minimum exchange limit can differ, too. The maximum limit, on the other hand, is there to prevent the possibility of money laundering and other illegal activities. Minimum amounts are here to stay – cryptocurrency users cannot do much to the fact that the network fees need to be paid. Some of the instant crypto exchange services manage to lower the minimum to as little as ~2 USD, which is a great feature to promote crypto adoption and ease of swapping in between the coins. You can check some of the offers available for the currency of your choice on Swapzone.

What is the KYC procedure for crypto exchanges?

Exchanging large amounts of Bitcoin or other cryptos often comes connected with the notion of KYC. KYC, or Know Your Customer procedure, is a standard protocol conducted by trading platforms and exchanges. Usually, the services require IDs, pictures, or Proofs of Funds to proceed with the exchange. As larger crypto amounts can potentially be acquired in an unlawful way, the service providers have their own limits of when exactly the checks need to be performed and what personal information there is a need to ask.

Swapzone has the notification on KYC frequency for the platforms we work with along with the tips for passing KYC/AML without hassle. Besides, you can always contact the provider’s customer support for more details on passing the check.

How to exchange large crypto amounts safely

Exchanging large amounts of cryptocurrency safely is certainly something we all strive for. Crypto security is a principle that every hodler should adhere to in order to avoid some blockchain security issues. There are some simple rules on how to keep your coins safe, no matter what the amount is. Here is the list:

  1. If you are to exchange big amounts of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other coin, make sure to keep the assets in a secure place. The crypto journey, after all, starts with reliable storage.
  2. Depending on personal needs and the currency you are about to swap to, choose a suitable platform. The overall notions here are – keep the coins off-exchange hot wallets, try out non-custodial cryptocurrency swap services and be ready for KYC performance when dealing with large sums (it is really not that hard).
  3. Swapzone offers a convenient interface with all the crypto exchange services and trading pairs one might need, gathered under one roof. We are aggregating the best crypto offers on the markets, sorting them out, and presenting to the user as one table. Depending on what exactly you are going for, choose the platform that suits you best.
  4. Create an exchange order with the platform of your choice. The process is fairly simple – you can read more on how to exchange cryptocurrency here.
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How to exchange cryptocurrency fast and without limits?

Hopefully, this article broke down the basics of exchanging large amounts of cryptocurrency without the need to worry about security. There certainly is still the point of doing due diligence, choosing the right crypto wallet to store currencies in after the exchange, additional measures such as investing into a cold wallet, and much, much more. Crypto assets are as much of a valuable item as any other, so one should take its management seriously. If you are interested in learning more about storage, exchange security, networks, and other foundation notions, we have already written an article about it – it is available here. When it comes to swapping crypto as such, Swapzone is here to provide the best rates for a variety of secure, non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchanges.