How To Get Crypto For Free: Introducing AirDrops

After the success of Bitcoin, a lot of virtual currency started to come into existence. It has become an interesting investment to make, and investors with large funds invest in the development of new cryptocurrencies. One of the amazing facts about cryptocurrencies is that there are more than 4000 virtual currencies according to recent 2021 reports. The numbers are expected to be increased in 2022.

For ordinary people, the launch of a new cryptocurrency could turn into an opportunity to get free coins. Crypto lovers are always looking into new blockchain projects to keep their status as a trader updated. It is a fun way of exploring cryptocurrency and blockchain. This article would help you to get a real insight into crypto Airdrops and an overview of some recent AirDrop campaigns.

There are multiple tactics to attract people towards newly launched cryptocurrencies in order to increase the awareness of the new cryptocurrency. The people are always looking forward to gaining something for free. Airdrops is one of the techniques used to attract people towards cryptocurrency in order to achieve wider disbursement of coins.

What is AirDrop?

The concept of AirDrop relates to the marketing tactic in cryptocurrency, which is usually used at the start of the launch of a new cryptocurrency in order to increase the audience. In simple words, Airdrop refers to free coins or tokens being dropped into one’s wallet, in return for a minor activity like retweeting the crypto posts of that specific virtual currency.

It is a procedure through which an organization distributes its coins or tokens to a certain group of users for free. Whenever something is for free, some people perceive it as fraud or scam, but the case is different here, there are some solid reasons why companies distribute free coins.

By issuing free coins to the general public, the company manages to create awareness, and this further helps to raise funds. The company gets able to understand the users and focus on the further changes accordingly. Loyalty is also achieved, users would feel important and valuable as they were among those who started off with the company.

How does it work?

This approach is new in the virtual currency market and a proper set of rules is not yet available. The rules might be under development, according to some sources. Although some websites have rules regarding airdrop, most of the websites provide rules details when asked. The real fact is that it is getting popular among crypto lovers.

The date of AirDrop is announced prior to the event by the company team, then the team organizing and operating the event takes a picture of the blockchain, which shows the people who received the free virtual tokens or coins. Most of the crypto blockchain prefer to announce the AirDrop date before the release at the initial stages.

Types of AirDrops

There are various types of AirDrops, and each AirDrop type needs to follow a different procedure to unlock.

  • Bounty AirDrop, in order to get free coins through AirDrop, you need to qualify for an activity or complete a task, for example writing a tweet, and the person gets a reward for it.
  • Standard AirDrop is the simplest way. The person just has to sign up for an update, get registered by writing name and email address, and you would get the qualification notification.
  • Hardfork AirDrop refers to the AirDrop technique when a hard fork splits the cryptocurrency from its original protocol, the user who already holds coins are qualified for the latest coins AirDrop as well. Holder AirDrop, to get holder AirDrop, you must have specific tokens in your wallet, in order to qualify for AirDrop. The free tokens would be released to you if you are holding EOS tokens.
  • The last type is Exclusive AirDrop, this AirDrop is for selected people, those people who hold VIP membership of a club or website. The people who have a special affiliation with specific projects are only qualified for Exclusive AirDrop.

How to participate in AirDrop?

There are multiple ways to participate in AirDrop in order to get free coins. You can create a cryptocurrency wallet, note that you might have a wallet in your exchange account but that one is not required, you need to open your own crypto wallet in order to store your coins. The second way requires a valid email address, a person also needs an email while registering at an exchange.

Telegram is another way to participate in AirDrop. Just like Messenger and WhatsApp, Telegram is also a messaging application. The App is also encrypted like other messaging platforms. It optimizes the visibility of a company’s press release in such a way that it managed to get together a huge number of users in a common group. The best feature of Telegram is, that information is verified automatically, as it was entered during the participation. Telegram has proved to be a leading advertiser in the promotion of AirDrop.

A person can also try to get free coins through social media accounts, as few AirDrops require you to post on your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, regarding the company or specific project of the company.

An overview of recent Airdrop campaigns

KLOMP is a secure DEFI platform. It was first a utility token with the purpose to facilitate transactions on the KLOMP platform. KLOMP is looking forward to AirDrop 100,000 tokens. Complete simple social media tasks and submit the details, that’s all is required to get tokens from Airdrop.

LOTTO is a sort of lottery system that automatically enters holders into a lottery. Users who managed to fulfill the conditions required to participate would be offered free LOTTO tokens.

Last but not least is UMA. UMA aims to make financial markets accessible to everyone around the world. The platform is ETH. UMA has announced an AirDrop of 2,000,000 for the participants.


AirDrops are easy and smart ways to get free coins, these coins might result in high returns in the future. Crypto traders are always looking forward to such opportunities, but the fact is that not all Airdrops are useful, as it depends upon the project.