How to Monitor Cryptocurrency Stats for Crypto Exchange?

There are now hundreds of cryptocurrencies that are fully functional and used by traders and investors all over the world. The count is still increasing with more currencies being developed, and some are dying due to different reasons. As there are many cryptocurrencies, it often becomes difficult to monitor fluctuations in each currency. This difficulty presents us with the need to look for manageable platforms such as the best site to monitor cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency monitoring tools.

Fortunately, various crypto experts and software designers have shown interest in this field and have come up with many trustworthy platforms. A beginner always looks for sites and tools that are easy to manage and understand and that has compelled the developers of such sites to keep their interface easy to operate. The ease of usability increases the feasibility for the users.

How to monitor crypto prices?

You can monitor cryptocurrency prices through various apps and sites. These websites provide a broad overview of the current prices of a large number of cryptocurrencies on a single platform. So that you can compare the prices of various currencies before trading or investing. They also relieve you of the effort of searching prices of each currency separately. Plus, the real-time fluctuations give you the latest value of the crypto asset.

While monitoring, you check for large capitalization values on the digital charts available. These are refreshed after short intervals to keep you updated with the latest price trends. Market capitalization is an indicator of the money that is being circulated in the market under a particular cryptocurrency. A large-cap indicates that the market of a specified currency will be profitable for the longer term. It is to be noted that nothing is a safe bet in the crypto market but a crypto price monitor gives you an accurate estimation. This way, you can plan out your trading strategies and set your goals.

How to track crypto volume?

You can also keep a check on the number of coins of a cryptocurrency sold in the last 24 hours with the help of a cryptocurrency price monitor. The number of coins sold in the last 24 hours refers to the crypto volume and a crypto volume monitor makes this complex process a lot easier. It compares and keeps track of all the information that may prove fruitful in making the right decisions about buying and selling coins.

The cryptocurrency monitor also keeps the coins with the largest crypto volume on top of the index and you can also specify the timings on an hourly or daily basis. You can also refresh the page as many times as you want to get updated data. The best thing about crypto monitors is that they provide you with the data of many currencies on the same platform so you can make use of the comparative analysis prior to any sale.

One thing you need to be careful about is that although a crypto monitor provides you with a very close estimation it does not differentiate between coins bought for trading or being bought for holding as an investment. You must not impulsively buy any currency just looking at the crypto volume but look for the right platforms that may help you trading and selling these coins to earn profit.

How to compare cryptocurrency metrics for exchange?

The term liquidity is often referred to with cryptocurrency and indicates how easily a currency is bought and sold or can be converted into cash or other currency. It is very important for a crypto trader or an investor to get hold of the stats about a cryptocurrency they deal in. A rightful decision in trading and investing digital currencies is largely determined by the metrics of exchange.

A crypto monitor allows you to keep in touch with metrics of exchange of various cryptocurrencies along with providing you with the necessary tools to monitor crypto prices. When you are provided a liquidity index of various currencies in a single dashboard it becomes very easy to compare the numbers in order to make a profitable decision. A monitoring app also informs and updates you immediately when something is wrong with the liquidity of a currency so that you become cautious and make informed decisions.

Let’s make the best choice

Even if you are a day trader who exits or enters positions on a daily basis or a swing trader or investor who holds assets for days and months respectively, you should have the most reliable and updated cryptocurrency monitor. There are various sites and applications claiming to be the most trustworthy but most of them turn out to be providing inaccurate data and information.

For cryptocurrency price monitoring you should make a well thought and researched choice. Nothing can come close to the services being provided by Swapzone. It is extremely user-friendly as it simplifies setups and procedures to minimize the utilization of your time and cost. It provides you with real-time and updated stats to help you make the right choices. It also allows you to analyze all listed trading pairs when you synchronize them with your exchange. In cryptocurrency, comparative data is what keeps the market running and Swapzone provides you with all the required information for correct comparison to trading pairs of competitive crypto exchanges. With minimal charges, Swapzone gives its users a maximized chance of making profits. Hence, promising a more sustainable trading career.


The crypto market is often referred to as a lion’s den but when you are partnered with the right applications and are using the right tools it makes the whole process a lot less risky. Crypto exchange metrics, daily or hourly volumes, and price monitoring is crucial for trading and investing coins. As the cryptocurrency market is very volatile a single wrong turn or decision can be enough to become a horrifying crypto trading experience. Even the gurus of the crypto market emphasize the importance of having a reliable trading partner to taste success in this highly competitive and risky market.