Best Places to Learn About Cryptocurrency

For the last few years, cryptocurrency and blockchain have been the most talked and discussed topics in the tech industry. Everyone was intrigued by the idea of the digitalization of currency and wanted to know more about the concept. Now, a large number of people have understood the fact that investing in cryptocurrency can be very beneficial and can result in a lot of profit for them.

It is very common for one to be interested in investing in it but they may hesitate because of the confusion and complication surrounding the topic. Initiating trading or investing career in cryptocurrency might prove to be a financially sustainable decision for an individual's future yet, one should have a clear state of mind before jumping into the pool of this globally recognized industry. This article will list down all the best places to learn crypto from, the ones which answer all the questions and queries of newbies in the field, and explains the basics of crypto in a simpler manner.

Binance Academy

Binance Academy is ideal for those who just entered the world of crypto and have no clue where to start. It provides the perfect crypto courses for beginners. A person who has never experienced trading before can find it very difficult. But if one has had proper training and has done enough research on it then they come up with a good trading plan and are good to go. But before trading, it is imperative for one to know about the basics and have proper training. Binance academy offers a two-week course that is taught live by an instructor based in Thailand. By giving adequate time, for instance, three days a week, and gradually increasing the difficulty level, an individual can get the best results.


One of the most promising and emerging cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, has attracted tonnes of investors and traders to its bandwagon. Anyone can learn more about it through a variety of courses at On this website, one can view different types of guides, technical and non-technical in nature, whichever one suits the reader the best. On top of that, it includes different resources, articles, and research papers answering different questions and explaining basic concepts. It acknowledges the term "Crypto Economics” which is the type of science that is related to building distributed systems, where these systems are controlled by the other financial institutions. This is a general term that is used to describe the practice of trading and mining blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.


Coinbase is a platform that allows its users to not only learn about cryptocurrency but also allows them to earn crypto as well. It does this in a very effective and engaging manner. They aim to make their audience get familiar with the asset's utility and its methodology, alongside giving them assets to test it out on. They have received so much demand that they had to induce another mode which was invite-only via one asset which was ZRX. Coinbase plans to expand its educational information and make it more useful and helpful for its readers.

One of the biggest hurdles people face that stops them from wanting to learn more about a new digital asset is the lack of information regarding the asset. They even held a survey where they asked people if they had the desire to learn more about crypto to which a lot of people responded by saying yes. They mentioned that the only issue was the lack of surety. This issue roots the newest project, Coinbase earn, which will be entirely based on asset education. The best part is that this information will be made public to help those who did not receive the invite but still are eager to learn more about crypto. The outlook of the website is made simpler to increase the feasibility of the users, and the courses are well structured to teach traders everything from scratch.


Udemy is a renowned platform that offers hundreds and thousands of courses on a range of different topics and provides an accessible mode of tuition to online students. Cryptocurrency is also one such sub-category of the courses available on this platform. Udemy offers a dozen crypto courses that are highly productive and effective and fully serve their purpose. It gives one the basic fundamental ideas as well as depth into the topic.

There are a lot of courses that Udemy has to offer which are well suited to establish the conceptual framework of new crypto traders in the field. It is assured that once a person has finished the course they will be able to know about performing multiple tasks and will be fully ready to invest, mine, and trade cryptocurrency. Not only that but these courses also highlight the fact why cryptocurrency has become a great long-term investment and why more people are paying attention to this sector. Pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, and other such salient features are well explained in these courses. Different types of crypto such as Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin are also explained thoroughly.

Swapzone Blog, Reddit, and Other sites

Swapzone Is a platform that points out every minor detail in crypto trading. it offers a complete knowledge of exchange rates of different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and so on. Exchange rates are mentioned in different currencies for the ease and comfort of international users. Also, The proactive blog of the website keeps the users updated with every new development and news in the crypto industry. Apart from this, Reddit also Provides detailed knowledge, effective learning techniques, and other main points which an avid learner should not miss out on.

A few other sites that stand out amongst a crowd of thousands is Coinmarketcap, you can check out their website which highlights the most important features and basic principles of investment in digital currencies. This platform makes learning easier through videos and proceeding with quizzes to test our knowledge. The world of online trading and digital currencies is far more convenient for users all over the world but it is still necessary to grasp the knowledge and stay updated with the developments in the field for a better overall experience.