Where Can I Spend my Cryptocurrency?

Nowadays, when shopping through online stores and websites has been made even simpler and easier by giving customers the advantage of speedy shipping, lower prices, and a better customer interface, it was near too impossible that cryptocurrency would not make its way into this sector. Crypto can be utilized in a lot of places, as its ease of use and feasibility have attracted tons of new users over the course of the last few years. The ongoing global pandemic has also fetched profitable outcomes for crypto traders and investors all over the world, which is a major force behind the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency.

Moreover, the more a customer spends their crypto, the more is the adoption rate of the coin. Hence, it is highly suggested to start spending one's digital assets and use them mainly for transactions and payments across different platforms. Many major brands and organizations are now accepting cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin as a mode of transaction for their businesses. Usually, they liquefy cryptocurrencies into normal currency in order to avoid the complications posed by its volatility but a few organizations also aim to invest in the promising form of digital currency.

Microsoft and Online Xbox stores

One of the biggest tech companies, Microsoft, has made it possible to pay for a lot of products and gadgets available on their site through crypto. In 2014, when they had announced that their customers now have an opportunity of purchasing stuff through bitcoin, the development took the world by surprise because cryptocurrency was not an entirely popular idea back then. It is categorically mentioned on Microsoft's payment information page, that their US-based audience will now be able to pay through bitcoin at check out. This works in a different manner, as crypto will add money into their accounts, allowing them to buy things such as different applications and video games from various platforms like Windows, phones, and Xbox.

This development was a continuation of the company's founder Bill Gates’ aim of making technological advancements. Experiments are something that Microsoft has never been scared of, hence proving why they took on the crypto payment method. Now, the customers have access to buy their favorite games from the online Xbox store or maybe get the Microsoft tools that they wanted by paying for all of it through Bitcoin. Users can make these payments simply from their Bitcoin wallets by adding money to their accounts and purchasing directly from Windows. Hence, the idea has worked out well for both the company and the consumers.

Paying through Crypto in International Food Chains


Another big business that allows payment through crypto is Starbucks, one of the leading coffee places. Starbucks has made it possible to buy their drinks via a mediator app. This has enabled their customers to get their favorite drinks without having to pay through any debit or credit card. Through this advancement, cryptocurrency has made its way into one of the largest food chains in the world. Customers will pay via cryptocurrency like they normally would when using apps like Apple pay or Google pay. Once they have downloaded their app, the only thing left to do is to scan the QR code on the app at their payment terminal.

KFC Canada

The marketing strategy "Limited-time" was being used by the KFC chain in Canada where they were selling "the bitcoin bucket" to get more sales. The price of this bucket was around 20 Canadian dollars but that is dependant on the exchange rate with bitcoin. However, paying with crypto in KFC does not necessarily mean that one goes in and buys through crypto at the payment terminal. How this works is that they accept the crypto payment through an app. Once that is done, they will get their food delivered to them with a $5 fee. However, this new marketing strategy of KFC gave Bitcoin considerable relevance and popularity among the consumers.

How has Cryptocurrency ensured ease of use for International Tourists?

Crypto is not only meant for tech lovers and finance geeks. People who live a life that revolves around activeness and luxury can also benefit from this. Its security and privacy policies make it a great option for all travelers to use this as their payment method. Crypto is capable of being converted across currencies which makes it very beneficial for travel lovers. Furthermore, cryptocurrency has made transactions across borders fairly similar as unlike traditional banks, it does not charge any extra fees from the users. One place where crypto can come in handy is during hotel booking. Using crypto as a payment gateway is a very viable option that travelers must take into consideration.

Even though they took their time to hop on this bandwagon, many international hotels are slowly starting to accept crypto as their payment method. Nowadays, it has become possible to pay for hotels and book flights through cryptocurrency. This gives the customer a luxurious experience and makes payment much simpler. There are platforms like Travala which assist tourist and visitors to find local renowned hotels which support crypto payments. Travala has made it easier for all travelers to book hotels with its user-friendly interface. Even those people who are not that technologically sound will be able to find the perfect hotel in a matter of seconds.

Making Charities and Donations through Digital Currency

As cryptocurrency gains more and more attention every passing day, organizations have started utilizing it. Numerous non-profit organizations have started to accept cryptocurrency as their payment method. They are collecting charities, donations, and allowances through this new form of currency. The reason why many of them have taken on this approach is because of its reliability, privacy, and transparency. This method has made it easier for people to donate, even on an international level. With the potentially increasing worth of cryptocurrencies, these NGOs have a chance of gaining maximized profits over their digital assets. One example of a charity is the American Red Cross. This specific charity is already accepting donations through various other payment methods, and by adding crypto payments, they have expanded their audience.