Swapzone is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator

Browse through services, compare exchange rates, analyze and swap cryptocurrency in just one interface. All swaps are custody-free, with no registration needed.
About Swapzone – instant, non-custodial exchange aggregator

Our Mission

In the field full of platforms and tools, the crypto community deserves a handy, progressive and transparent swap service that combines multiple sources and ensures convenience, validity and common user flow for every single exchange. And Swapzone’s here to take the leap.

We simplify the exchange process by providing a one-stop solution for finding the best instant exchange deal to proceed with. We incorporate as many assets and services as possible and gather all the information needed to make an informed choice. All you have to do is swap.

How does Swapzone work?

Swapzone aggregates crypto-to-crypto exchange offers for supported cryptocurrency pairs . We send users inquiries in; get the deals directly from our partners, sorting them out by rate, speed and rating; and let users make swaps via chosen providers without leaving our website.
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How do we calculate exchange time?

The processing speed may vary and depends on several factors. However, considering its importance in the cryptocurrency space, we have added an average exchange time parameter. Here is the formula we use to calculate the time:
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How do we aggregate service ratings?

The way people talk about a service may shed light on its performance and credibility so showcasing ratings is a must. To rate a provider, Swapzone takes relevant Trustpilot reviews and the feedback collected from you on the last step of the exchange.
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How do we get the exchange rates?

We receive exchange rates directly from the service providers. If you think favorable exchange rates may be your competitive advantage, see our integration guide and contact us at [email protected].
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We are building this service to make the crypto exchange process simpler and more informative.
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