Crypto exchange API

Take your profit and your customer retention to the next level: implement Swapzone crypto exchange API into your project and benefit using the virtues of our service. One solution — 20+ exchanges, 1000+ assets, and income from each transaction.

Who Can Use Our API

Cryptocurrency exchange API is an all-in-one beneficial solution for any crypto service, app or website. Whereas your clients are involved in crypto, we provide an easy-to-integrate way to monetize your online presence in the crypto space. Customizable white label solution is available for any cryptocurrency business:
Crypto Wallets
Crypto coins and Tokens
Portfolio Trackers
Payment services
Converters and Сalculators

Why Should You Use API

Report an additional source of income for your business: 20 exchange providers and full stack service disposable through just one REST API. No effort needed — we undertake customer support, assets update, and communication with exchanges. We assure high stability and uninterrupted operation of the API services.

Add a handy crypto trading solution to your web resource, expand the number of coins and tokens and save money by backing your service up with the most trustworthy exchange providers.

Already have an exchange service? Extra fee commission will allow you to receive the same benefit from our exchanges as from your own.
altAvailable for US residents
altCustomizable profit
altThe best rate is automatically picked for the client
altFixed and floating rates available
alt15 minutes average exchange time (depends on provider)

Increase Your Profit

Monetize your traffic by providing your clients with thousands of best-rate instant swap offers natively built into your interface:

Your clients can save up to 20% on exchanges conducted through the API.
Your business will get a 0.05% - 0.25% commission for each transaction. The earnings are flexible and depend on your monthly exchange turnover..

How Our Cryptocurrency API Works

We scan the market, aggregate thousands of crypto-to-crypto and fiat exchange offers through APIs of more than 20 exchange services, sort them out by rate, transaction time and rating to deliver a white label beneficial solution for your crypto business.

Swapzone REST API facilitates data exchange between Swapzone and any platform using it. Through the API key you let your users make best deal swaps without leaving your website or app and get commission for every swap.

User-friendly personal account allows you to track the profit real-time and withdraw your funds quickly and easily.

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We are an actively developing service, and it means that we’re always ready and willing to work out custom solutions for partners.
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Frequently asked questions

What referral tools can I access with Swapzone?

What referral tools can I access with Swapzone?At the moment, we have 4 affiliate tools available: Widgets, Buttons, and Links are great for traffic monetization, while the API allows for a native and smooth integration of Swapzone into any crypto app imaginable. Take your pick!

How much will I be making off of every exchange?

How much will I be making off of every exchange?We have 5 levels of revenue sharing available right away; the profit per exchange starts from 0.05% per transaction and may go all the way up to 0,25% per swap, depending on how much monthly volume you attract. We do custom profit offers, too; contact [email protected] for more info.

Where do I get my API key?

Where do I get my API key?It’s pretty easy; all you need to do is sign up for the affiliate program here. You can also check the API documentation here while you’re at it.

What exchange providers do you have, how many?

What exchange providers do you have, how many?We work with pretty much any trusted instant exchange provider under the sun, including ChangeNOW, Changelly, SimpleSwap, and more; you can check the full list here. If you’d like to become our exchange provider, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] with a few words about your service!