Crypto exchange widget

Running a crypto-oriented web project? One of the best ways to monetize traffic on your site or application is to make use of the crypto exchange widget feature.
Installing the Swapzone's crypto widget is the distinct solving if you're having trouble increasing revenue on your cryptocurrency website or app, as it helps you gain more profits.

As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream, marketers are beginning to set up crypto payment gateways and ATMs worldwide, ensuring that customers may buy and trade cryptocurrencies regardless of their location. Adding crypto exchange widgets to your website might be an excellent idea.

If you want to keep your site's users informed about cryptocurrency prices and other developments, a crypto widget might be the perfect solution. With a small piece of code that can be added to any website and has the ability to help you attract more attention you can improve your positioning in the industry.

Here are some of the Swap Widget features:

Polished User Interface (UI): The Swapzone's design principles, smooth animations, and error handling are carried over to the widget.
Instant exchange: Full functionality - from choosing the pair, getting the best rates to transaction completion is available through the widget - users don't need to leave your site or undertake any other actions to finish the swap.
Great pricing: The Swap Widget outputs data directly from the Swapzone aggregator to display the best price directly to your site's visitors.
Customizable: You can customize the colors, body, and appearance of the widget to match the visual identity of your website. Custom default tokens: To satisfy your user's needs, you can choose from various Swap Widget default pairs.

How will you benefit from installing the Swap Widget?

Here are some of the opportunities you must not squander:
Мonetize your inbound traffic - earn a percentage of every transaction
Increase time spent on page and reduce the bounce rate - as the swap is processed completely through the widget users don't need to leave you site to finish the transaction

How it works

Place widget or button on your website
Convert your active sessions to exchanges
Get repays in BTC in your partner's profile

Benefit calculator

The Benefit calculator serves as a cash back feature of the cryptocurrency widget. Cashback is a clever and simple way to benefit from your crypto trades. All cashback-related information is accessible through the Benefits page in your account. You can see your cashback balance, accrual history, and the current reward rate.

The benefits calculator will assist you in calculating the exact amount of cryptocurrency cashback you will receive from successful exchanges. The cashback amount will be displayed as you transfer your assets during the exchange.

Let's check how much you can get

Monthly exchanges

Your profit

Customize widget

Dark theme
With logo
Short format
If you have a business, crypto service or blog, the widget would be best for you. It brings you profit the same way as the link: more swaps, more earnings. The setup won’t take more than 10 minutes. Follow the instructions below to install the widget.

The widget is customisable. You can choose the theme (dark/light), the orientation (horizontal/vertical), the currencies displayed and whether you want Swapzone's logo to be shown or not.

Supported Currencies

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a crypto exchange widget?

A crypto exchange widget is a feature that can be integrated and made available to users by any website, platform, or browser. Once integrated, the exchange widget enables users to seamlessly buy, sell, deposit, and trade crypto assets through the crypto exchange platform – without ever leaving the site.

Traders and enthusiasts who want to stay updated with the latest crypto price changes need an easy-to-use interface. The Swapzone's crypto exchange widget serves as an easy-to-use interface as its module provides a block that displays the latest crypto rates. This module makes use of Swapzone's API to get the price for the interval specified in the configuration form.

How to install a widget?

The following are steps required in installing a crypto widget. Pre-step

- Sign Up for Affiliate Program: To participate in your preferred exchange's partners program, you must sign up and register your account

- Create a domain: You need to have a web host to create a website. If you already have web hosting, please proceed to installation

Install the WordPress Plugin or copy the code from the affiliate progam's website


- Get the widget code from your Affiliate Profile

- Copy the widget code into the of your website or application

How to get paid?

With a cryptocurrency exchange widget like Swapzone, you can earn a percentage of the service fee on every transaction made by your website users. Swapzone's space-themed widget can be embedded in your site, and every time your visitors use the widget to swap tokens, yo'll make money while the visitors save money on transaction fees. By incorporating a successful crypto exchange aggregator, such as Swapzone, into your website, you will increase your revenue and help your visitors save money, encouraging them to return.

Furthermore, Swapzone's reward scheme is cumulative; the higher your monthly volume, the greater your profits, implying that your profits from joining the Swapzone affiliate program will grow exponentially.