Build the Green Future of Finance: Algorand.

Over the years, the open-source software company “Algorand” has worked relentlessly to develop a permissionless, Proof-of-Stake protocol, featuring security, transaction finality, open participation, and scalability. In addition, the Algorand crypto company is also working towards a borderless economy. Let’s take a closer look at this fascinating project.

 What Is Algorand and How to Exchange ALGO at the Best Rates?

What is Algorand?

Algorand is a cryptocurrency that aims at providing solutions for the three major problems troubling the blockchain network of today, such as decentralization, scalability, and security. Algorand cryptocurrency utilizes a Proof-of-stake consensus protocol to distribute rewards to validators who are ALGO holders. Thanks to the equitable community incentivization and strong output capacity, Algorand is able to manage high-output prerequisites necessary for global adoption and usage as well as a series of use cases.

ALGO crypto blockchain technology does not only provide everyone with the privilege of building on the blockchain but also aims at creating a strong payment network with quick transaction speed combined with the possibility of achieving near-instant finality. The near-instant finality allows over 1000 transactions per second.

What is Algorand?

ALGO Token

The cornerstone of the Algorand network structure centers around the ALGO token, which is the native token of the Algorand protocol. The design of Algorand ensures validators are rewarded for the production of blocks.

The rewards are then split and distributed among all ALGO token holders. This unique protocol design ensures holders are properly rewarded just as block producers, i.e. holders can earn about 7.5% APY for holding as of February 2021.

ALGO Token

Every 10 minutes, rewards are distributed. This system of rewards encourages more users to join the Algorand Crypto staking platform as well as hasten decentralization. Not only is this method easier for users but also rewarding.

Users don’t really have to stake as part of the validation and block mining process before earning because Algorand also rewards users for holding ALGO coins in a non-custodial wallet or crypto exchange. This method means ALGO crypto coin stakers can also hold the token passively to earn rewards.

ALGO Token

How does Algorand work?

One of the things that make the Algorand coin unique is the Pure-Proof-of-Stake protocol developed on the Byzantine consensus. With this protocol, each user’s influence on decision-making is dependent on the stake they have.

To make it more profound, the users must be secretly and randomly selected before proposing blocks and voting on the block proposed. The chance of being selected is open to all users depending on the proportion of its stake.

When it comes to ALGO crypto PPOS, the security of the whole ecosystem is linked to the honesty of the majority of the ecosystem. This means the system remains secure as long as the funds are handled with honesty.

How does Algorand work?

Putting the Algorand approach into consideration shows that a small section of the ecosystem helps determine the security of the whole system, that is a small section of users is enough to prevent other users from performing transactions. The Algorand protocol makes it impossible for users with a small fraction of the money to disrupt the system. Likewise, it will also be unreasonable for users with a major fraction of the money to disrupt the system. Disrupting the system will only lead to a decrease in currency value and that will harm their investment.

How does Algorand work?

Benefits of ALGO

The benefits of ALGO cryptocurrency technology are numerous but fast block completion and immediate transaction finality whilst preventing forks remain the major ones. Crypto Algorand also offers smart contracts that are very customizable as asset tokenization with atomic transfers created straight on the first layer of the protocol.

Benefits of ALGO

Some of the numerous benefits of the Algorand coin includes:

  • Low computation prerequisites

Eliminates the need for high energy-consumption mines.

  • Fast agreement

Block agreement and transaction confirmation are done by the entire community smoothly and efficiently without delay.

  • Delegation

Holders are eligible to delegate tokens to participate in consensus.

  • Low fork probability

Users can rely on a new block immediately after it’s completed.

  • True decentralization

Random selection of committees and proposers ensures the network remains decentralized.

  • Governance

Changes to the protocol are proposed and voted on by the community token holders.

Benefits of ALGO

Algorand vs. Ethereum




Consensus mechanism

Pure Proof of Stake

Proof of Work

Transaction speed

1,000 transactions per second

15 transactions per second

Block time

4.5 seconds

10 seconds

Programming language



 Why does Algorand have value?

The number of users adopting the cryptocurrency will determine the ALGO cryptocurrency value once users see the high probability of crypto developers making ALGO the blockchain of their choice when developing and launching all sorts of DApps.

In addition, crypto investors are highly likely to start including Algorand cryptocurrency into their crypto portfolio once they realize the efficiency of proof-of-stake blockchains as they lower the cost of partaking in a blockchain’s activities. The success of PoS in the crypto industry will help drive up the value of the ALGO coin.

 Why does Algorand have value?

Lastly, Algorand is one of the eco-friendly cryptos which certainly drives the interest of many people. The ones who don’t want to harm the environment by using energy-consuming PoW coins, can simply turn to ALGO and enjoy an energy-efficient experience. Moreover, the eco-friendliness allows Algorand to collaborate with respective charities aimed at enviro initiatives.

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