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What Is Origin Protocol and How to Exchange OGN at the Best Rates?

What is Origin Protocol? How to exchange OGN?

Thanks to the internet, a lot of digitized marketplaces have successfully grown to become billion-dollar worldwide companies. The likes of Fiverr, Uber, Airbnb, among others, have made it possible for just about anyone around the world to monetize their excessive time, skill, or space. Unfortunately, the reality is that these platforms cost millions and billions of dollars to grow globally. This has created a high barrier to entry for other potential companies. 

Today, blockchain experts and investors are trying to replicate the business models of these companies albeit using blockchain as the underlying technology. Origin Protocol was created to solve some of the existing issues that plague digitized marketplaces. They provide a decentralized marketplace where users, developers, and businesses, are capable of transacting on goods and services using a P2P model. In this article, we’ll decrypt what Origin Protocol is, some of its key features, and benefits that can be derived from it. 

What Is Origin Protocol and How to Exchange OGN at the Best Rates?

What is Origin Protocol?

Origin Protocol is an NFT Platform planning to improve the ownerships of creators. This DeFi project has OUSD as stablecoin and OGN staking. Origin Protocol is aimed at bringing DeFi and NFTs to the masses. The mission is to develop unique blockchain-enabled e-commerce and finance solutions resulting in meaningful use cases.

According to Origin Protocol’s litepaper, online marketplaces are experiencing issues such as unfair transaction fees, centralization issues, less drive for innovation, and lack of transparency. However, through the creation of a decentralized and incentivized platform that facilitates business between buyers and sellers, all these issues can be solved.   

What is Origin Protocol?

What is OGN Coin?

OGN is Origin Protocol’s ERC20 native token that runs the platform. Origin users can utilize it for advertising, staking, or governance. The OGN token requires 35 network confirmations throughout its transaction. According to Coinbase, the minimum amount of Origin Protocol coins you can withdraw is set at 15.26. The maximum amount of OGN coins that you can withdraw to your external wallet is set at 137,500 coins. 

At the time of writing, Origin Protocol coin price stands at $1.07 with a CoinMarketCap ranking of 148. The 24-hour trading volume is at $46,027,371 with a market cap of $375,076,648. The total number of OGN tokens in circulation is 351,209,135. Unfortunately, the total supply amount remains unknown. If you wish to purchase OGN coin, you can find it on exchanges that support its trade. Some of these exchanges include Global, Coinbase, Bitz, Huobi, and BinanceUpbit. You can earn more OGN tokens by simply trading the coin or participating in the network’s referral program.

What is OGN Coin?

Benefits of OGN

OGN wants to create a decentralized P2P network between traders to ensure that the following benefits are achieved:

  • Lower Fees

Traditional centralized platforms have always charged high fees for access to goods and services such as art or music. This had led to consumers being overcharged and creators earning only a fraction of the value generated from their creations. However, through a decentralized e-commerce platform, middlemen can be removed from the equation, thus lowering the egregious fees charged to buyers. Ultimately, this can allow individuals and businesses to reduce their costs and enjoy high yields.  

  • Improved Incentives

Unlike centralized platforms where customers are forced to pay high fees without a stake in the success they help create, Origin enables everyone on the network to own a piece of it. Additionally, OGN holders can participate in network governance and deciding the future and direction of Origin and its products. The idea is that if everyone owns a piece of the network, everyone will be incentivized to help it grow and succeed.

  • Better Access

More than 2 billion people around the world have no access to banking services. They don’t have any checking accounts or even credit or debit cards. However, through the Origin platform, anyone with a crypto wallet can participate in the NFT economy and access OGN tokens.

Benefits of OGN

Perspectives of Origin Protocol

There are a lot of features that users can appreciate about Origin Protocol. To start, all the special features utilized by Origin are absolutely free. Therefore, transaction or commission fees remain zero, creating an e-commerce platform that’s free and easy to use, unlike a majority of similar platforms.

Additionally, the team behind Origin consists of successful professionals with years of experience and accomplishments in their respective business fields. Everything starting from their litepaper is user-friendly and in great detail. Lastly, Origin has over 40 partnerships including Google Cloud and Amazon and approximately 800 investors. During their ICO, they were able to raise about $38 million.

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Why is Swapzone the best place to exchange OGN?