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Let’s Meme on XRP: XRDOGE.

Let's Meme on XRP: XRDOGE | Swapzone

Every single day, a new dog-inspired meme cryptocurrency hits the market promising all sorts of profit to its loyal community of fans. Luckily, thanks to the love for pets and memes, fans have actually kept a majority of these coins going strong for a while now. Unfortunately, many newbies are not too keen on the hidden exorbitant Ethereum gas fees and the plodding networks behind them. However, one project is trying to take crypto back to how it should be; cheap, fast, and absolutely cool. Enter XRDoge, the new market entrant promising a fast network with zero mining fees.

Let's Meme on XRP: XRDOGE.

What is XRDoge?

XRDoge is the newest XRPL-based dog crypto to hit the market. It promises to deliver the memetic power of the Doge along with the utility of the XRP token. XRDoge was created to spread the power of the XRP ledger to a far bigger demographic than just the XRP. According to the team behind XRDoge, they were tired of seeing the XRP army being “led astray” by doggy new coins that promised them insane profits. A majority of them did this at the expense of exorbitant gas and mining fees, without utility.

XRDoge is built upon the utility network of the XRP ledger along with the utility of the XRP coin. As stated in the official XRDoge whitepaper, XRDOGE has “taken of the leash of utility concerns” by providing lightning-fast transactions with affordable fees. Additionally, the XRDoge has access to DEX. Therefore, there is no need to waste time. Compared to other meme coins, XRDoge is far superior as it does not shun down the memetic power of the coin through miners and electricity companies.


Key Features of the Project

Every single investor enjoys a speculative long shot, especially if the rewards are incredible. Therefore, getting in and out of a trade should be a straightforward activity. However, on the Ethereum network, you may require as high as $100, $200, or $300 just to make a transaction. XRDoge promises to deliver secure and fast transactions, all without the hassles of mining and gas fees. With that said, here are key features of the XRDOGE project.

Key Features of the Project

XRDoge Coin

The XRDoge coin has been dubbed the “Robin Hood of crypto.” This refers to the fact that it takes the extremely supreme utility of the XRP ledger and utilizes it to provide financial and memetic power to the masses. The main goal of the coin is to actually help XRDoge holders to pump their own bags rather than fund mining cartels and electricity companies. The max supply of XRDOGE is 100 billion where 75% of these was airdropped on 24th October 2021. The remaining 25% was divided between marketing, influencers, dev team, and listings.

XRDoge Coin

XRDoge Moon Mission

XRDoge Moon Mission is the name given to the coin’s roadmap. The roadmap starts with the first phase, dubbed Phase 1, which involved the October 24th, 2021 Airdrop. The second phase, Phase 2, involves a number of activities such as getting listed on CoinMarketCap and other exchanges. It also involves getting active on social media channels such as Discord, Twitter, and Telegram. The last phase, Phase 3, involves creating a payment portal, an XRDoge DEX, and the creation of NFTs.

XRDoge Moon Mission

XRDoge, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu: What’s the Difference?

The XRDoge, the Dogecoin, and the Shiba Inu have one thing in common; they are all dog-meme coins. However, out of the two coins, only the XRDOge has fundamental utility. Let’s take a look at some of the major differences between XRDoge, Shiba Inu, and Dogecoin.




Shiba Inu





Launch Date





To spread the power of the XRP ledger to a broader demographic than XRP

Created as a joke based on a viral Shiba Inu Doge meme

Nick-named the “Dogecoin killer”. Created to rival dog crypto Dogecoin

Market Cap




Circulating Supply




Max Supply


Infinite Supply

Infinite Supply

Transaction Time

3 seconds

1 minute

15 seconds

Where to buy XRDoge with crypto at the best rates?

If you are searching for a platform that can help you buy XRDOGE with cryptocurrency and at the best rate, we recommend Swapzone. You don’t need to register for an account and the exchange process is fairly simple. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it:

Step 1. Launch Swapzone on your browser.

Step 2. Locate the “select pair” tab and insert XRP in the “send” section. Ensure that you also include the exact amount of crypto that you are ready to swap for XRDOGE.

Step 3. In the “get up to” section, ensure that you indicate that you want to receive XRDOGE.

Step 4. Once you’ve entered these details, Swapzone will then provide you with a list of exchange rate offers from different partners. Go through them and pick one suits your needs.

Step 5. To validate the authenticity of the exchange partner, simply click on the partner and you will have access to more information about them. Once you’ve settled with the exchange partner, simply click on “exchange” to proceed.

Step 6. Enter the wallet address where you want to receive your XRDOGE. You may also provide a refund wallet address along with an email address. To initiate the transaction, simply click on “proceed to exchange”.

Step 6. The exchange partner will receive your XRP and will start processing your XRDOGE. The process may take some time so please be a little patient while they process the coins for you.

Step 7. Once the process is through, you will receive XRDOGE in your wallet. After confirmation, simply rate the process and leave behind an honest review.

Where to buy XRDoge with crypto at the best rates?