How to convert Bitcoin BTC to Cardano ADA?

Cardano ADA is a cryptocurrency that helps in transferring digital funds. The system is similar to Ethereum, but Cardano is different for how it uses a layered architecture system. It is a scalable option that manages many transactions that aren’t hard to follow.

You can transfer bitcoin to Cardano in moments. The practice is useful if you’re looking to utilize a token setup that handles many tasks. The effort for transferring the currency doesn’t take much to complete either, so it should be ideal for when you’re trying to complete a trade.

exchange bitcoin to cardano

What is Cardano cryptocurrency all about?

Cardano is an open source cryptocurrency that was developed by one of the co-founders of Ethereum. Cardano is an evolution of sorts over Ethereum. While bitcoin focuses on money transfer and Ethereum concentrates on smart contracts, Cardano combines elements from both of these features. Cardano creates a scalable design that ensures a more powerful layout.

How does Cardano work?

What makes Cardano unique is that it separates the ledger from reasoning for why figures go to different parties. Cardano supports smart contracts and ensures compliance all around. Groups can customize each smart contract on the ledger and use those contracts for multiple cases.

Cardano also operates on many platforms. Cardano does not have to worry about state changes in a system any unique programmer focuses on running and performing. The order of execution for how the system works is not all that important to the setup.

How Cardano uses a proof of stake

A critical part of Cardano comes from how it uses a proof of stake setup. It does not use the traditional mining practice that a proof of work currency like bitcoin entails.

The proof of stake process uses a consensus calculation that reviews when new blocks start. These blocks develop as new transactions go through. The set values appear in each block alongside the overlay protection setup that works here. The design on the proof of stake does not produce any block rewards, but the group that does create the block will collect whatever transaction fees appear. The currency may also be more cost-effective versus other things on the market.

What is the market cap for Cardano?

The market capitalization of Cardano has grown in value, thanks to how well it works. People have been trading ADA more as they note how well it works as an evolution from bitcoin and Ethereum.

The market cap as of the middle of June 2020 is around $2.2 billion. About $200 million of ADA is traded every 24 hours on average. The total makes it one of the more widely-traded currencies on the market, thus making it a more interesting choice for investing.

The total number of Cardano tokens on the market continues to grow. About 26 billion tokens are on the market, with a total available supply of 31 billion. The maximum supply of Cardano is about 45 billion. But it may take an extensive period for the currency to reach that value.

Another point to note about the ADA token is that it has a low value. Cardano tokens are less than a dime in value as of June 2020. The total is dramatically less than the bitcoin price that one might find in today’s market. The potential for Cardano to rise in value could be there as the currency becomes more inviting and people start to see how it works.

How can you transfer Bitcoin to Cardano?

You can check the exchange rates between bitcoin and Cardano online if you wish. But the process of transferring the currency shouldn’t take long to complete. The good news is that it can work without much delay, which is critical when you consider how the values of cryptocurrencies can change without warning in record time.

You can use Swapzone to help you complete the exchange process. There are a few steps you can use when getting Swapzone ready to transfer Bitcoin to Cardano:

  1. Go to the Swapzone website at
  2. List the amount of Bitcoin you will transfer in the Send section of the website.
  3. List that you want to transfer the Bitcoin to Cardano in the Get Up To menu.
  4. Look at the offers available through different trading partners on You can sort these by how much you will get in your transaction, and the time it would take to complete the swap. You can also read the reviews from prior users to see how well these services work.
  5. Click the Exchange button on the partner you wish to utilize.
  6. Enter the address that will receive Cardano ADA.
  7. Enter the refund address that will receive the bitcoin.
  8. Click to Proceed with the Exchange.
  9. Send the deposit in and give the swap some time to process.
  10. Done! You have successfully exchanged BTC to ADA.

It should not take long to complete the transaction. It can take less than half an hour in some cases. But you should see what the exchange rate is and that it is a value that you will agree with before going forward. You have to see that the plan you put in works well and that nothing wrong can happen.

You’ll appreciate how well Cardano works when it comes to running smart contracts. You’ll also appreciate how it can work as a useful digital currency. Cardano is an impressive evolution in the cryptocurrency world that you deserve to note. Take a look at how well the currency can run and how you can make it work for whatever you wish to plan. Be sure to also watch for how well you can transfer the value to different parties.