How to Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to VeChain (VET)

The process of transferring Bitcoin to VeChain doesn’t have to be as complicated as you might assume. You can use Swapzone to assist you in transferring BTC to VET in moments.

What is VeChain

VeChain is a blockchain application platform. VeChain promotes itself as one of the top choices for blockchain application setups, especially in the supply chain management field.

VeChain focuses on many factors for operation:

  • The VeChain blockchain provides an open approach to finding content through data silos. Information flows through the system while staying transparent.
  • The system allows for effective collaboration among parties in different groups on the public blockchain.
  • The blockchain layout is easy to follow, as it can start in moments.

Who can use the VeChain blockchain

VeChain works for many industries, including logistics and retail operations. Details on product lifecycle management and supply chain control efforts are easy to transfer through VeChain.

Various VeChain news stories suggest that the currency is working as a solution for tracking multiple items. It can work in monitoring food products between distributors. It can also track medical records and provide details on treatments provided among professionals. VeChain also reviews parameters surrounding how often items work, physical conditions of these items, and many other factors. VeChain uses an open-source design to make it easier for data to move and work.

VeChain can even work in the auto insurance industry. A car that has a policy with someone that runs a VeChain setup can feature a tag or sensor that records how the car travels and how a driver uses the vehicle. The data can help in tracking car activity, thus influencing insurance rates. This example shows how VeChain works with quality control support.

How can you access content through the VeChain blockchain

Stakeholders in the VeChain blockchain can access data on items through RFID or smart chip setups. These items appear on shipments and other items that work in one’s industry. The info on these chips or tags will link to the blockchain network.

Each chip can read many parameters on items, from temperature to location to usage rate. The stakeholders can look up information on these points through the blockchain.

The layout provides quality control support and can track how things in the work environment can run. All stakeholders will know what they are getting out of shipments, equipment, materials, and whatever else they require to make their businesses run well.

Common uses for the VeChain token

The VeChain Token is the official coin produced by the VeChain blockchain. The VeChain currency uses the VET abbreviation. The VeChain Foundation generates VET to help in transferring value across the VeChain network. The effort is to assist in transferring data and materials to other parties.

The VeChain Token is an active material, as about 55 billion of the nearly 87 billion tokens that have been produced are currently circulating. The total is as of June 2020. These totals should increase as people become more aware of how well the VeChain system works and how it can function for many blockchain activities.

What is the price of the VeChain token

The VET price is extremely minimal. As of the end of June 2020, the VeChain value is around $0.0088. The token has a total market cap of about $490 million. A little under $200 million in VET is traded every twenty-four hours on average.

The VeChain price prediction for the currency is expected to be strong. The currency has been progressively rising in value, although there were times in 2019 when each token was worth more than a cent.

What about the VTHO token

The VeChain blockchain produces a second token called VeChainThor Energy or VTHO. That token works as energy to power transactions. It is different from the VET coin and should not be confused with that investment. That cryptocurrency is also uncommon and doesn’t have a set value, making it unsuitable for transfer and exchange. The design provides a suitable arrangement for work that manages content in moments.

How can you exchange Bitcoin to VeChain

The process of exchanging Bitcoin to VeChain doesn’t take long to complete. You can use the Swapzone crypto exchange website to help you transfer currencies. You can get the tokens you transfer added to your VeChain wallet by using a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the Swapzone website at
  2. Enter the amount of bitcoin you plan on transferring in the Send box on the left-hand side of the site.
  3. Go to the Get Up To section and select the VET option. You will see the maximum amount of VET crypto tokens you will get out of the cryptocurrency exchange process.
  4. Check the Select An Offer section on the page to see which crypto exchanges will give you the best deal. You’ll see what the exchange rate is between providers, the estimated time it takes to complete the deal, and any reviews left by prior users.
  5. Click the Exchange button for the specific exchange you wish to use.
  6. Enter the VeChain wallet address that will receive the VET tokens.
  7. List the refund address that will receive the BTC you send.
  8. Click to proceed with the exchange. It will take a few minutes to complete the transaction and for you to collect your funds.

You can get the transaction working fast and with the best values around. Swapzone uses data from hundreds of exchanges, so it shouldn’t be hard for you to get the support you need.

You’ll find it won’t take long for you to get your VeChain tokens when you use Swapzone. You’ll get the tokens necessary to help you in transferring data through the VeChain blockchain system. The setup is powerful and provides help for managing various data transfers, so be sure you get your tokens ready through Swapzone.