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How does Swapzone work

How does Swapzone work?


crypto exchange aggregator

The team behind Swapzone understands that choosing an exchange platform can be difficult for crypto enthusiasts, traders and investors. However, Swapzone aims to make the crypto exchange process easy for everyone

All you have to do is choose the cryptocurrency you want to exchange and get offers from different exchange platforms that Swapzone has partnered with. You can then choose the exchange offer that best meets your expectations

Swapzone provides you with an exchange rate, estimated time it would take for the exchange to complete, ratings and reviews for the exchange platforms and many different tools that will help you exchange crypto assets. What makes it even easier for users to find the best offers is that exchange offers with the best exchange rate are indicated with the badge “Best Rate”

Swapzone does not only simplify the exchange processes, but also helps users save money and time. With a visually comfortable and easy-to-use interface, Swapzone makes it very easy to exchange crypto assets almost instantly, with low fees and no registration

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How does Swapzone aggregate exchange platforms?

Partnering up with more than 15 different exchange platforms, Swapzone aggregates crypto-to-crypto exchange offers for thousands of cryptocurrency pairs through APIs of these trusted exchange services. These top crypto exchange platforms provide reliable services and support a wide variety of crypto assets

While Swapzone offers a non-custodial service where the users do not have to give up control of their funds and crypto assets, Swapzone also makes sure to only partner up with the most trusted and secure exchange platforms

How does Swapzone aggregate exchange rates?

Swazone receives exchange rates directly from the exchange service platforms. Swapzone constantly monitors and compares the cryptocurrency exchange rates for all the different available cryptocurrency pairs that are supported by Swapzone and the exchange service providers

As mentioned previously, with Swapzone, the exchange provider that is offering the best exchange rate will be listed at the top. Swapzone also informs the users whether the exchange partner offers floating rate or fixed rate exchanges. We will now briefly discuss fixed rate exchanges and floating rate exchanges

The final amount of crypto assets received once the exchange is completed could vary due to the crypto market fluctuations if you go with floating rate exchanges. The amount or the exchange rate that was initially displayed could increase or decrease depending on the market movement

You should go for fixed rate exchanges if you’re looking to get a precise amount of crypto when the exchange is completed. Fixed rate exchanges guarantee you will get the amount of crypto that was calculated by the service at the start of your exchange after the exchange is completed

How does Swapzone aggregate offers?

Swapzone aggregates crypto exchange offers for supported cryptocurrency pairs through APIs of more than 15 exchange services. Swapzone gets the exchange offers directly from the exchange partners and then sorts these offers out by exchange rate, estimated time and ratings. With all that information, users can then choose the exchange offer that suits their needs

How does Swapzone aggregate service ratings?

Needless to say, the way people experience an exchange service provider can shed light on the exchange platform's performance and credibility. Swapzone rates every exchange partner and users can also read reviews that are left by those who previously used the service partner

With Swapzone’s 5 star ratings system, users can compare different exchange partners. Moreover, Swapzone takes relevant Trustpilot reviews and feedback collected from users on the last step of the exchange to rate all the exchange service providers. With the help of ratings and reviews, users can easily identify which exchange platform they want to go with

(TrustPilot(avg) + Rating(avg)) /

How does Swapzone calculate exchange time?

Swapzone strives to deliver instant exchanges, therefore, providing the user with information about the approximate time of exchange is essential. Although the time depends on several criteria such as confirmation time for the particular asset or service provider , it is still possible to draw the formula for it.

Asset 1 x Xconfirmations + Asset 2 + tservice/nservic

Why choose Swapzone?

Today, as crypto investing and trading continues to grow, exchanging crypto assets has become a whole ecosystem in itself. Many exchange platforms tend to offer different prices and exchange rates to different classes of traders. Many top platforms also only offer a list of crypto assets that they have decided are worthy for their platform

You might also be aware that many of such service providers and exchange platforms have their own internal cryptocurrencies. While these developments can be seen as healthy and more profitable for individual traders and investors, the financial playing field becomes somewhat saturated and simply swapping cryptocurrencies can become difficult and complex

Remember that this does not mean that exchanges are not helpful or the services they offer are rigged. However, Swapzone can break down all the options available for the users for the crypto exchange they want to perform. The tools and services offered by Swapzone bring with it diversity that the crypto industry needs to progress. The services can help users see the whole picture in order to find the perfect deal

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