Pitbull Token: 100% Community-Driven.

Lately, a lot of meme coins have been making a name for themselves in the industry for being community-oriented. Pitbull token is the latest 100% community-driven, dog-themed crypto asset on the scene that has aroused a lot of interest and expectations. What are Pitbull token and its project key features making it stand out from the crowd? Captivating? Keep on reading! Here, you’ll grab the gist of Pitbull as well as learn how to exchange PIT at the best rate.

What is Pitbull Crypto?

Pitbull crypto is a 100% community-driven, dog-themed cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Launched on March 17th, 2021, the Pitbull project had its ownership renounced and given over to the community. Since then, its growth, development, and performance have been overseen and improved upon by a bunch of volunteers within its community. These volunteers are what have made Pitbull grow into an inspirational model, representative of community-driven success. So far, Pitbull has managed to attract over 140,000 followers on both Twitter and Telegram. 

What is Pitbull Coin?

Ever since its inception, Pitbull has been exclusively developed and improved upon by its community members. Its massive success has been made possible thanks to the massive contribution from talented writers, designers, influencers, graphic designers, marketers, among others. 

The Pitbull token is a representation of just how far the blockchain community can go in such a short amount of time. Every single Pitbull community member has a voice in the progress of the project and they can all take part in enhancing it. Gradually, thanks to the input of all community members, Pitbull has become visible on major social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Tiktok, etc. In this article, we take a look at all the major details about Pitbull, including how you can buy it using crypto. 

Pitbull Token (PIT)

Key Features of Pitbull Token

Below are some of the most stand-out features of the Pitbull token. They include:

  • Security: Pitbull’s ownership was fully renounced and given over to the community. Additionally, every token transaction contributes to a liquidity pool that’s locked forever. Not to mention, half of the total supply has been burnt and sent to a dead address at the beginning. The $PIT team consists of volunteers who are also invested in the project.
  • Transparency: New volunteers are constantly being added to the $PIT team to ensure that there’s community representation. Additionally, community voting is also conducted on a regular basis to ensure the best direction of the project. For instance, community votes help decide how to allocate funds, which shelters to donate to, which exchanges to focus on, and even the project’s logo.

Pitbull Token: Tokenomics

The total supply of Pitbull coins is 100 quadrillion. Out of this amount, 50% was burnt and sent to a dead address before release. The PIT coin has a maximum limit of 500 trillion per trade with each trade being taxed at 4%. 2% is distributed to all PIT holders while the rest is sent to the burn address and locked forever. Since its inception, over 57% of all PIT total supply has been burnt. 

Pitbull Key features

Pitbull Community Wallet

The Pitbull team has a community wallet that members can donate to so that they can build the project. The wallet has a multi-sig protection ensuring that only multiple individuals are required to approve any transaction. Through the community wallet, Pitbull has been able to fund a lot of activities for Pitbull such as:

  • $20,000 for Whitebit
  • $15,000 for Hotbit
  • $7,000 for CoinTiger promotion and listing
  • $5,400 for index listing
  • $3,250 for Pricebot & UniRocket advertisements.
  • Donations for RoldaORG, a non-profit dog shelter in Romania & Bullied In Need, a shelter for rescuing Pitbulls in Canada.

Pitbull Community Wallet

PIT Ecosystem

The PIT team is constantly working towards bringing new utility to the PIT ecosystem. Some of the various projects being released or underway include:

  • PitTracker: PIT investors use this tracker to see just how much they have accrued from the auto-staking rewards. 
  • PitCharts: An analysis tool that helps chart all the tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. 
  • PitFarm: This project will allow users to stake PIT-BNB for points to redeem official Pitbull NFTs. These NFTs will be traded in the marketplace with funds raised going towards charity, project development, and burning $PIT. 
  • PitSwap: This is an automated market maker tool that allows for an easier trading experience for investors to purchase PIT. 
  • PitStore: This is the official Pitbull merch store where users can purchase merch using USD. 
  • PitFund: A fundraising platform which will use PIT as currency to offer support to those in need.
  • PitGames: This is a section of the official Pitbull site that will allow users to play games in-browser.  What is Pitbull Coin?

Pitbull Token Roadmap

There is no doubt that the Pitbull Token has done something that has never been done before. $PIT is the first 100% community-driven project that has attracted a lot of attention and success. The project still has bigger ambitions as it has a number of projects underway full of NFTs, merchandise, and so much more. Additionally, Pitbull has partnered with a number of charitable organizations that they donate to, to help dogs and Pitbulls in need. 

PIT Partnership

PIT has partnered with Kennel to Couch, a non-profit organization that teams up with shelters and community partners to save Pitbulls at risk. They also provide support and provide incentives necessary to encourage the adoption of their sponsored Pitbulls. Plans are underway to implement tools that allow automatic donations to be made to Kennel to Couch whenever users buy certain PIT NFTs, Merch, etc. 

PIT Partnership

How to Buy PIT with Crypto?

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Video Guide: Pitbull exchange on Swapzone

How to Buy Pitbull Coin?