Create Your Digital Asset: User-Friendly and Scalable Hathor Network.

We all know that Ethereum is code-centric meaning that anyone with little or no technical knowledge is unable to build dApps on it. The Bitcoin network, on the other hand, faces issues such as low network bandwidth, low storage, high transaction fees, and high consumption of electricity.  Fortunately, several new blockchain projects have sprung up in place to offer alternative blockchain protocols. One of these projects is Hathor, which has proven to be a popular option for developers and end-users. Let’s learn what is Hathor Network and how to perform a Hathor swap at the best rate.

What is Hathor Network?

What is Hathor Network?

The Hathor Network is a scalable, easy to use distributed ledger platform that supports light financial transactions and smart contracts. It utilizes a hybrid architecture design that combines DAG (Direct Acyclic Graph) and blockchain technology. Simply put, it is a blockchain inside a DAG, with both being intertwined together. When the number of transactions on the network is low, the blockchain ensures security. When the number of transactions increases significantly, the DAG takes over.

What is Hathor Network?

As reiterated earlier, Hathor has been created to solve some of the issues that are prevalent in current mainstream blockchains. Below are some of the issues that face mainstream blockchains and how Hathor solves these issues:

  • High Transaction Fees

Transactions over the Bitcoin network are extremely high. However, on Hathor, transactions are completely free. Meaning, that anyone can trade and transact without having to pay any fees.

What is Hathor Network?

  • Scalability Issues

On the Hathor network, if the transaction volume increases, the speed and security of transactions don’t become compromised at all. Moreover, Hathor’s architecture allows it to confirm and process any number of transactions per second being 1, 10, 1000, 1M, 10M…

  • Merged Mining

Hathor allows for merged mining with any coin that uses SHA256. For example, Bitcoin or Litecoin miners can participate in HTR mining as well. They won’t lose any profit collected from the Litecoin and Bitcoin chains.

Hathor Network (HTR)

HTR Coin

HTR coin is Hathor network’s native cryptocurrency. Here are some important tokenomics regarding HTR coin.


Utility Token




2 digits (0.01 HTR)

Technology Used

Native and Unique (DAG + blockchain)



Max Supply


Circulating supply

223,921,752.00 HTR

Transaction Fee


Block Time

30 seconds

HTR Coin

Key Features

Here are a few key features of the Hathor network that make it very different and unique from other platforms.

  • Token Atomic Swaps

This feature allows separate tokens to be reliably exchanged simultaneously on the same transactions. This creates more efficiency within the Hathor network.

  • Custom Tokens

According to the official Hathor website, even a 13-year child is capable of creating a token on their platform just for fun. With just a few clicks, anyone can create custom digital tokens.

Key Features

  • Nano Contracts

Nano contracts share all the great features of smart contracts such as being decentralized and free from any third-party interference. However, unlike regular smart contracts, nano contracts use way fewer fees and computational power. Therefore, they are lightweight variants of smart contracts. Another key aspect of nano contracts is the possibility to customize. The framework will provide users with opcodes/blueprints that they can use to customize and deploy their own nano contract, even if they don’t how to code.

  • P2P Payments

As reiterated earlier, transactions over the Hathor network are always free. Any network user can send and receive tokens without paying fees and free from any central authority.

Key features


A majority of the Hathor network still remains under development. However, the Hathor roadmap still has a number of projects on its way. The platform continues to work on new upgrades all while making strategic partnerships to foster the growth of its platform. For instance, Hathor released a debit card in collaboration with Simplex. Additionally, an NFT project is currently building an NFT marketplace on the platform. Hathor has ambitious plans and massive potential. Its approach towards blockchain apps places it in the right position to become the leading crypto to watch out for in the future.

Hathor swap: Where to Buy Hathor with Bitcoin?

If you are looking for a place you can make a Hathor swap, then Swapzone is the best bet for you. With Swapzone, you don’t need to register an account. Additionally, there are no hidden fees or charges on every transaction. If you are unaware of how to swap HTR using Bitcoins, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it:

Step 1. Launch Swapzone on your computer browser.

Step 2. In the “select pair” tab choose BTC as the coin that you wish to exchange to receive HTR.

Step 3. In the section “get up to” enter HTR.

Step 4. After you’ve entered these details along with the correct amount, Swapzone will provide you with a number of Hathor exchange offers from the exchange platforms it has partnered with.

Step 5. Go through the different offers and select the one that you want.

Step 6. Once you’ve narrowed down an offer you want, select it and click on “exchange” to proceed.

Step 7. Do provide a wallet address to receive your HTR coins. You may also provide additional details if you so wish. Click on “proceed to exchange” to initiate the Hathor swap process.

Step 8. Once the transaction begins, it may take a while before your coins show up in your wallet. Just give it a few minutes.

Step 9. The process will finalize and you will receive your coins at your wallet address. After this, just take a moment to rate the experience and leave behind an honest review.

Where to Buy Hathor with Bitcoin?