Groestlcoin: Faster Than Light Protocol

For most crypto investors, Bitcoin and Ethereum are among the must-have digital currencies. Apparently, they are the safest coins to invest in since they have a lot of applications along with a high market cap. However, there are lesser-known coins that have excellent features but are yet to gain the attention of the majority, and Groestlcoin is one of those coins. Take a deeper look into the underlying technology behind Groestlcoin, Groestlcoin applications, Groestlcoin roadmap, and how to exchange GRS Coin at the best rates.

What are CroestIcoin Features?

What is Groestlcoin?

Groestlcoin is a PoW (Proof-of-Work) crypto that was created as an alternative to Bitcoin in 2014. It features an average block time of one minute and has a maximum supply of 105 million coins. The coin was designed to become functional for everyday payment transactions. It utilized the PoW protocol to enable secure online money transactions. Additionally, it ensures that the system is decentralized and free from any centralized authorities. 

Groestlcoin was the first crypto ever to integrate SegWit, making their transactions faster than those of Ethereum or Bitcoin. It’s still one of the fastest payment protocols in the world. Additionally, transaction fees are low to the point that even large transactions attract cents as fees. Groestlcoin is mined using the Groestl algorithm. Thanks to a reduction in hash rate, miners with less computing power can participate in mining. The coin operates on a peer-to-peer model whereby transactions only take place between the payer and the payee. There are no intermediaries required to verify any sender or receiver data. Rather, all transactions are verified by nodes on the network and recorded on an open ledger.  

What is Groestlcoin?

Key Features of the Project

Groestlcoin packs a long list of features that make it affordable, private, secure, and fast. Major features of Groestlcoin include:

Dedicated Development Team: Groestlcoin has a hardworking & dedicated team that ensures that the GRS ecosystem runs smoothly without any hiccups. Additionally, the team ensures that there’s continuous development at Groestlcoin by releasing new features and updates every three months.
Lightning Network: Groestlcoin gets near-zero fees on transactions. Additionally, payments are instant. It costs between 0.000045 and 0.00019 GRS to send 10,000 GRS. However, this depends on the kind of wallet that you use. The Core wallet has the lowest transaction fees.
Multi-Platform Wallets: Name just any platform on the planet and there’s a guarantee that Groestlcoin has a wallet for it. Currently, it has a wallet for every single platform including, but not limited to; Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, ChromeOS, and the Web.

GRS Coin

GRS coin is Groestlcoin’s native minable platform token. It utilizes the PoW mining protocol and it’s ASIC-resistant. That means individuals can mine it through CPUs or GPUs. It also has extremely low fees. Transferring about 10,000 GRS costs about 0.000045 GRS. 

What are CroestIcoin Features?

Groestlcoin Applications

Groestlcoin has over 30 applications that can be found on the official Groestlcoin website. Some of these applications include, but not limited to:

  • Groestlcoin BIP39 Tool
  • Groestlcoin Broadcast Tool
  • Groestlcoin Sentinel
  • Groestlcoin EasyVanity 2020
  • VanitySearch
  • Electrum Personal Server, among others.

Groestlcoin Wallet

At the moment, Groestlcoin has developed 11 different Android wallets, 3 different Ios wallets, and over 10 different desktop wallets. Below is a list of all the different wallets that Groestlcoin has developed over the years. They include:

Desktop Wallets: Groestlcoin Core, Electrum GRS, Sparrow GRS.

Mobile Wallets: Groestlcoin, GRS BlueWallet, Electrum GRS, Groestlcoin Sentinel

Web Wallet: Groestlcoin Web

Paper Wallet: Groestlcoin p2sh paperwallet

The rest of these wallets are in working condition, but unmaintained. They include:

  • Groestlcoin Armory
  • Groestlcoin Multisig
  • Groestlcoin JSwallet
  • MultiGroestl HD
  • MultiGroestl Classic
  • Groestlcoin WPF
  • Groestlcoinomi Desktop
  • GroestlPay
  • GRS Moonshine
    Groestlcoin Development Progress

Groestlcoin Development Progress

On the official Groestlcoin website, there is a dedicated development progress page that keeps track of all the development work put into GRS since inception. All existing projects are updated and released during their release cycle, which takes place 4 times a year. Additionally, the development team behind GRS keeps growing with the team having more than 20 team members spread out all over the world. The majority of the team members choose to remain anonymous, only revealing their first name and country of origin.   

Groestlcoin Roadmap

Groestlcoin launched in March 2014 as a Bitcoin fork with only one unique feature; its mining algorithm. Nine months later, the team had developed an Android wallet and a social media tipping bot. Since then, the team has developed a number of wallets with support for all operating systems. In 2017, it adapted the SegWit technology that saw the GRS coin increase in value by 1,000%. Today, the team is still undertaking upcoming projects so as to remain flexible and keep improving on existing features. They still have a long way to go. 

Groestlcoin Exchange: How to Buy Groestlcoin at the Best Rates?

GRS tokens are available on just about any major crypto exchange platform online. However, the best Groestlcoin exchange platform that has proved reliable and safe is Swapzone. Thanks to some amazing collaborations, Swapzone is able to offer you several Groestlcoin exchange rate offers, without any hidden fees. 

What are CroestIcoin Features?

Here is a detailed tutorial of how to buy GRS at the best rate on Swapzone with BTC:

Step 1. Head to the Swapzone website.

Step 2. Select the proper pair (BTC to GRS).

Step 3. Input the amount of BTC you want to exchange for GRS, and the aggregator will find the best deals for you.

Step 4. Click on the ‘Exchange’ button that leads you to an exchange platform, and type in the address where you want to send the GRS coins.

Step 5.  Use the generated BTC address to send your BTC deposit.

Step 6. Head to ‘Proceed with the Exchange’ and – if you want – leave a review of the website you chose to carry out your exchange process.

Step 7. Wait for the deposit to be processed and GRS coin exchange completed.