Multichain Metaverse: NetVRk.

The majority of VR and AR adoption took place during the Covid-19 pandemic as more organizations shifted towards a “work-from-home” culture. While it’s good to see the adoption numbers rising and the market growing, there are still a few kinks preventing VR from going mainstream. A few of these include; the lack of user experience design, a high barrier to entry, and a lack of monetization options for industries to capitalize on. However, a blockchain project by the name NetVRk is trying to solve these issues by creating an ideal VR ecosystem geared towards it. Let’s learn what is NetVRk and how to buy NetVRk token with crypto.

Dive Into Crypto Space VR: NetVRk.

What is NetVRk?

NetVRk is a blockchain-based project that seeks to offer a unique VR ecosystem that enables the creation and exploration of VR worlds for users at any level. The main goal of NetVRk is to offer a unique VR experience full of spatial VR universes, structures, and encounters. The best part is that NetVRk doesn’t require users to have any explicit abilities, experience, or knowledge of VR or 3D software. Users can simply participate in the digital experience as opposed to interacting with it through a monitor.

What is NetVRk?


NTVRK is NetVRk’s native token for the platform, based on the Ethereum Network. For those who utilize the NetVRk platform, there is an option to receive payments in any form of digital currency. However, transactions that utilize NTVRK will receive significantly lower fees than transactions using other cryptocurrencies. At the time of writing, the price of one NTRVK coin is $5.41. There is a maximum supply of 100,000,000 NTVRK coins with about 31,000,000 already in supply.


Key Features

Some of the key features of NetVRk include:

  • Smart Ownership

All platforms available in the NetVRk marketplace or uploaded by creators are presented with the NFT ERC721 token standard. This means that they contain the owner’s information within their metadata, therefore providing proof-of-ownership. Additionally, users are able to select the kind of ownership they want. The types of ownership include full ownership, partial ownership, and type of license.

  • Multi-Purpose Sandbox

NetVRk comes with a multi-purpose sandbox that will enable even the most inexperienced users with no prior knowledge in VR to create virtual worlds with ease. The sandbox will come pre-loaded with tools, functionalities, and VR structures to kick-start the creation process.

Key Features

  • Decentralized Marketplace

The NetVRk marketplace allows buyers and sellers to connect directly. This reduces fees and increases the speed of transactions. Additionally, users will be able to trade or lease environments, universes, or creations using smart contracts in the decentralized ecosystem.

  • Reward System

NetVRk has incentivized a number of activities within the platform to make the whole experience more fun for users. Users who participate in the ecosystem will be rewarded for their activities and will be able to spend their rewards on services or products within the NetVRk ecosystem.

Key Features

VR Market: What Problems Does NetVRk Solve?

Below we highlight some of the problems that hinder VR from going mainstream along with the solutions that NetVRk provides.

Problem 1: High Barrier to Entry

There are high standards and complex conditions for an average user when it comes to content creation. A user will require learning new skills and constantly updating old ones just to fit in. For instance, the cost for app creation is extremely high which discourages a lot of players from even trying to get into the market.

The Solution: NetVRk provides users with a sandbox environment whereby all the tools and functionalities required to get involved in VR are provided. Therefore, users can create VR applications without the need for prior programming or design knowledge. Of course, there is the provision of sophisticated technology for advanced developers and designers as well.

VR Market: What Problems Does NetVRk Solve?

Problem 2: Lack of Monetization Opportunities

As reiterated earlier, the adoption of AR and VR has just started. Therefore, there isn’t a big user base as one would expect. Therefore, there are only a few ways in which mainstream industries can truly capitalize on VR. At the same time, there aren’t a lot of ways to monetize the activities within VR.

The solution: NetVRk does not only offer a myriad of ways to monetize VR, but it also rewards participation. Through it, businesses can create and sell custom VR environments. Advertisers can easily place ads within these VR environments to promote products or create service awareness. Additionally, content creators can easily create unique offerings that they can sell or lease to others for profit or income.

VR Market: What Problems Does NetVRk Solve?

Problem 3: Lack of Quality Content

There currently is a lack of places to visit within the VR world. Therefore, there isn’t a ton of creations that users can really see or visit using VR. Thereby, most users might find using VR quite boring. In that same sense, a lot of people are afraid of purchasing VR headsets due to the limited amount of quality content available. For instance, there aren’t a lot of games that can be played on VR.

The Solution: NetVRk intends to solve this problem by introducing an unlimited number of unique and fully interactive VR worlds. It also intends to provide powerful creation tools for users. This will make it easy to create new VR worlds as soon as they join the platform.

VR Market: What Problems Does NetVRk Solve?

Partners and Use Cases

Thanks to its unique solution to problems that plague the AR/VR market, NetVRk has attracted a lot of partnerships. Some notable names that NetVRk has partnered with include:

  • Apricot Finance
  • PolyDoge
  • InvestDex
  • Munch
  • OraiChain
  • Spakles

Partners and Use Cases

Some use cases of NetVRk’s token NTVRK include:

  • Buying Assets

You can use NTVRK tokens to purchase assets within the VR world that you are in. These assets include things such as buildings, houses, vehicles, etc. found within the NetVRk market.

  • Buying Land

You can also utilize these tokens to purchase or conduct a NetVRk land sale within the NetVRk VR world. You can do this in prime real-estate hotspots such as those overlooking the beach or those in front of the city.

Partners and Use Cases

  • Buying Advertising Space

You can use the tokens to purchase advertising space which can be utilized to generate passive income or be sold off to interested parties for a healthy profit.

  • Generating NFTs

You can utilize the NTVRK tokens to generate NFTs that can be used as a way of earning additional income.

  • Staking

Through staking NTVRK tokens, you can receive a fixed percentage of profits based on the number of NTVRK tokens you have staked in the network.

How to buy NetVRk with crypto?

To be honest, there is an unlimited number of exchange platforms that can help you buy NetVRk with crypto. However, a majority of these platforms require you to register and verify your identity first. However, with Swapzone, you can skip all the hassles of registration and get straight to exchanging NTVRK to BTC, or vice-versa.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it:

Step 1. Launch Swapzone on your computer browser.

Step 2. In the “select pair” tab choose BTC as the coin that you wish to exchange to receive NTRVK.

Step 3. In the section “get up to” enter NTVRK.

Step 4. After you’ve entered these details along with the correct amount, Swapzone will provide you with a number of NTVRK exchange offers from the exchange platforms it has partnered with.

Step 5. Go through the different offers and select the one that you want.

Step 6.  Once you’ve narrowed down an offer you want, select it and click on “exchange” to proceed.

Step 7. Do provide a wallet address to receive your NetVRk coins. You may also provide additional details if you so wish. Click on “proceed to exchange” to initiate the process.

Step 8. Once the transaction begins, it may take a while before your coins show up in your wallet. Just give it a few minutes.

Step 9. The process will finalize and you will receive your coins at your wallet address. After this, just take a moment to rate the experience and leave behind an honest review.

How to exchange NetVRk (NTVRK) at the best rates?