What Is Civic Coin and How to Exchange CVC on Swapzone?

Following the insane growth of Bitcoin as a digital currency, a lot of newer coins serving different goals were created. Today, there are many interesting choices besides the obvious Bitcoin. Collectively known as “altcoins,” these coins have been created by different developers around the world. The underlying technology and market recognition are what has given them a lot of value.

Today, we will take a look at Civic coin, a new blockchain-powered innovation that seeks to introduce AI-powered identity verification. The goal behind it is to incentivize users to reveal their identities by offering maximum protection of their personal sensitive data. Additionally, it helps organizations bypass the problem of having their data centralized, which is susceptible to data breaches. If you are wondering, “What is Civic crypto?” Let’s find out below.

What Is Civic Coin and How to Exchange CVC on Swapzone?

What is Civic Crypto?

Civic is an Ethereum-powered identity verification platform that enables users to safely share and verify their personal identities. At the same time, it allows organizations and businesses to reduce the cost of conducting background checks. By doing so, it gives users more control over their data such as who to share it with. This allows them to access a variety of services without the hassle of constantly having to re-verify their identity again.

All a user needs to do is to fill out their KYC and AML requirements and identify their identity once. The Civic platform uses biometrics, document verification, emails, and a lot more to verify the identity of the user. Thereafter, a user can implement the same data with various services that make use of the Civic platform. In return, users get rewarded with CVC crypto for participating in the identity verification process.

What is Civic Crypto?

Who are the Founders of Civic?

Civic was co-founded in 2015 by V. Lingham and J. Smith. Vinny Linghamn is Civic’s CEO and serial entrepreneur most recognized for his appearance on Shark Tank South Africa in 2016. Other than Civic, Vinny has co-founded other well-known firms such as popular investment firm, Newton Partners and Google Ventures-backed digital card platform, Gyft.

Jonathan Smith is Civic’s CTO with more than 15 years of banking industry experience. Before his CTO role at Civic, Jonathan held a few managerial roles at a few firms such as HSH Nordbank and Deloitte MCS Limited. He was also the global head of Platforms at Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets. Another renowned name on the Civic crypto team includes Chris Hart who has over two decades of experience in finance. Currently, there are over 38 employees at Civic, with a majority of them being based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Who are the Founders of Civic?

What makes Civic unique?

Civic offers two main products: the Civic wallet and the Health Key. The Civic Wallet is a mobile crypto app that stores the CVC token along with a number of other famous cryptos. The wallet app also acts as a digital identity verification platform, which profits from a $1 million Coincover Bitcoin insurance plan. The app makes it easy for any user to verify their identity with any service provider that utilizes the Civic platform while retaining control over their data.

For instance, through the use of the Civic platform, buyers can now verify their age when they purchase beer from a vending machine. Civic’s newest product is Health Key, which is an app that enables employers to verify the status of their employees to ensure that they are healthy enough to return to work. This is if they tested positive for COVID19 or if they have been recently vaccinated. Additionally, this is done without compromising the privacy of the employee as well.

What makes Civic unique?

Perspectives of CVC

While the Civic token performed well after launch, it did not do anything spectacular after. It’s only recently that the coin has gained massive popularity from a lot of investors in 2021. The Civic coin crypto price has grown over 200% in 2021 and by over 800% in 2020. Therefore, Civic’s price remains bullish and there’s potential for it to rise even more if it accomplishes many of the upgrades and advancements on its roadmap.

Everything considered Civic CVC coin offers a lot of features and benefits that competitor coins seem to be lacking. However, one thing remains for sure, if Civic crypto coin ever achieves global adoption, it will be unlike anything the global society has ever seen before. However, ultimately, whether CVC Civic coin is a good investment or not, depends on you. You are the one to make the choice whether to invest in it or not.

Perspectives of CVC

Civic vs Ethereum

Here are some of the major differences between Bitcoin and CVC cryptocurrency.







Launch Date

20 June 2017

30 July 2015


Jonathan Smith and Vinny Lingham

Vitalik Buterin


Identity Verification

Creation of smart contracts and dApps




Market Cap



Total Supply



Max Supply

1 billion CVC

Unlimited supply or 18 million ETH per year


How to Exchange CVC on Swapzone?

Wondering where you can get Civic cryptocurrency? Don’t worry, you are in luck. Swapzone is one of the best Civic cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. Swapzone gives you a list of other Civic token exchange platforms along with their different exchange rates. In case you are wondering on how to conduct a CVC coin exchange, then here is a step-by-step procedure:

  1. Launch Swapzone on your browser.
  2. Locate the “select pair” tab and select the kind of crypto you want to exchange for CVC. Ensure that you enter the amount as well.
  3. In the “get up to” section, ensure that you select the Civic CVC crypto.
  4. You will see a number of different CVC coin exchange offers on display.
  5. All you have to do is go through the CVC exchange offers and pick the one that you desire. 
  6. Choose the best deal for you and click on “exchange”.
  7. Ensure that you enter the correct wallet details. Once you’re done, click on “proceed to exchange”.
  8. Wait for the transaction to complete.
  9. Once the transaction finalizes, feel free to rate the exchange partner and leave behind an honest review. That’s it, your Civic exchange is done.

How to Exchange CVC on Swapzone?