What Is Coin98 and How to Exchange C98 at the Best Rates?

The rising interest in Defi globally is one that also requires more solutions to be introduced for the sake of convenience. This means these solutions need to be easily accessed if Defi is to gain mainstream traction. Coin98 (C98) aims at being a versatile Defi solution developed with many special features for crypto investors and traders. One of them is providing support for about 20 blockchains with their native tokens, which makes crypto easier to explore. Let’s learn more about Coin98, what is C98 coin used for and how to find the best rate to make your C98 exchange.

What Is Coin98 and How to Exchange C98 at the Best Rates?

What is C98?

Coin98 is a versatile Defi solution supported by its native coin “C98”.  The C98 token was launched using Binance Launchpad and the Coin98 exchange accumulates liquidity from several decentralized exchange protocols.

The basic aim of this feature is to provide everyone with access to lending, token swaps, yielding farming, and cross-chain borrowing. Some of the other features on the Coin98 network include the multi-chain C98 wallet and C98 exchange. In addition, the Coin98 platform accommodates features covering a wide array of services and tools. This provides users with access to various blockchains and Defi protocols conveniently.

What is C98?

As the recognition of decentralized finance reached a new peak regarding awareness and value, this prompted the necessity for a new project in 2020 in the form of C98. Besides, the world indeed needed an open financial infrastructure, which the Coin98 Dev team made its objective. The goal was to become an all-around multifaceted solution for decentralized finance, cross-chain swaps, yield farming, earning, and staking.

With its hand on different blockchains, each blockchain’s liquidity and Defi solution generate a deep liquidity pool for C98 whilst ensuring the best prize for users when swapping tokens. Moreover, the team can access and optimize gas fees by pursuing different paths for the finalization of transactions.

What is C98?

C98 token

The C98 coin is a utility token with a circulating supply of 185,000,000 being also the total supply. Coin98 was launched with a maximum token supply of 1,000,000,000 C98. The token allocation at the moment has been used as follows: 86.60% is meant for the development,  while 4.20% is reserved for the team, 3.73% for the partnerships, 2.86% goes to operation and 2.61% are allocated for marketing needs.

Coin98 main components

  • Coin98 Exchange

One of the important components of the Coin98 network is its exchange platform, which is the primary flagship element of the C98 ecosystem. For starters, the C98 exchange platform is a multi-chain all-in-one platform that supports various assets on different blockchains like ETH, BSC, SOL, TRX, and more. The primary aim of the exchange is to provide users with the smoothest, endless, and seamless experience when using the platform.

  • Coin98 Wallet

There’s also the C98 wallet. Apart from storing, transferring, and managing crypto assets across various blockchains, C98 wallet is also designed to support more than 20 cryptocurrency blockchain networks on both IOS and Android. With its Extension version, it’s an actual gateway to the DeFi space. 

Coin98 main components

  • Space Gate

As seen from the name, this is a gateway to easy-way swaps and transfers across different networks. Just imagine its capabilities: available swaps are:

1. ERC-20 <-> SPL

2. ERC-20 <-> TRC-20 <-> BEP-20

3. ERC-20 <-> AVAX C-Chain <-> AVAX X-Chain

The project, however, is not planning to slow down: the roadmap is very ambitious. New AMMs, cross-chain bridges, staking pools, yield farms and even an own stablecoin are set for 2021. The community development won’t be left behind either: trading competitions, social media campaigns, referral and ambassador programs, partnerships are what we can expect from the growing C98 community in the nearest future.

Coin98 main components

What is C98 coin used for: Key features of C98 

The Key features C98 offers include:

  • Staking

The staking feature enables users to earn income simply by locking their assets in the wallet. 

  • Governance

Users with C98 tokens are eligible for making desirable changes to the platform and products by voting on proposals for improvements concerning the platform.

  • Ecosystem Development

Ecosystem development allows the allocation of fees spent on transactions to the platform fund as C98 revenue. This serves as savings towards future growth and development.

  • Featured Membership Rights

Users are eligible for incremental benefits in accordance with the amount of C98 tokens they possess.

  • Cross-Chain Transaction

Lastly, Wallet holders can transfer different assets by swapping between different crypto networks.

Key features of C98 token

Benefits of Coin98

What are the benefits of C98 to users? As said earlier, Coin98 aims at being an ecosystem of Defi products that are easily accessible. Some of the developed projects on the C98 protocol that users can benefit from include decentralized exchanges, on-chain governance, wallet, and so much more. Most importantly, C98 allows multi-chain transactions with outstanding performance while also making it a convenient protocol to use for both beginners and experts.

Future of C98

Currently, Coin98 data shows high potential and a bullish cycle. With such a trend, the future of C98 is much more promising and it might make a good long-term investment. According to Walletinvestor, C98 is a great addition to your cryptocurrency portfolio. The C98 token’s future price is estimated to reach $190.757 by 2026. In just one year, the coin could reach as high as $ 42.065 to give users an earning potential of +845.07%.

C98 exchange: find the best rate on Swapzone

Converting your asset to C98 can be done easily on Swapzone. You can perform C98 exchange on the Coin98 swap services that Swapzone will compile for you. 

  1. Visit Swapzone and select the suitable C98 exchange.
  2. Select any C98 coin pairing from the list of tokens. Swapzone will pull up all the C98 coin exchanges regarding the selected token pairing.
  3. Input the number of coins/tokens you want to exchange, and select the Coin98 exchange that suits you by clicking on the “exchange” button.
  4. Input the address where you want to receive the crypto.
  5. There is also an option for a refund address, which is the address where the asset you are swapping for the cryptocurrency will be refunded to incase of any issues.
  6. Click on the “proceed the exchange” button to carry out the exchange.
  7. Take your time to rate the C98 exchange provider and leave a comment on how everything went.

How to exchange C98 on Swapzone?