What is Unibright and How to Exchange UBT at the Best Rates?

In recent months, Unibright has been generating quite an interest among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Behind the impressive performance lies a very interesting blockchain project that aims to elevate enterprise blockchain adoption to a whole new level. Additionally, it’s looking to be the bridge between companies and the open-source Ethereum network. So is it worth it? Absolutely! In this article, we are going to take a deep dive into Unibright, some of its key features, and how you can perform Unibright exchange at the best rates.

What is Unibright? How to Exchange UBT? | Swapzone

What is Unibright?

Unibright is a new blockchain project that markets itself as the link between companies or organizations and blockchain technology. According to Unibright’s whitepaper, Unibright is “a unified framework for blockchain-based business integration.” Basically what Unibright is trying to do is to offer companies the ability to utilize blockchain technology without all the expensive costs, hustle, and advanced skills.

Instead, companies and businesses are able to create and launch smart contracts without any coding knowledge. They won’t require any blockchain skills, smart contract development knowledge, or traditional software development expertise. Some of the use cases within Unibright include asset life cycles, invoicing, shipping process monitoring, multi-party approvals among others. All they have to do is select a use case and then create a custom workflow which can then be deployed as a link between Unibright and existing blockchain systems.

What is Unibright? How to Exchange UBT? | Swapzone

Key Points of the Project

Simply put, Unibright was designed as a simplified framework that businesses can shape to their own particular needs. Doing so will allow managers to utilize blockchain solutions in their everyday operations with little risk, all while saving costs and improving efficiency and productivity. Unibright’s framework contains four different tools. They are:

  • The Unibright Visual Workflow Designer

Using this tool, anyone without blockchain knowledge or experience, can simply choose an existing template and then customize it to their workflow requirements. There’s no need to define the workflow visually or have to reference a particular blockchain protocol. Additionally, this visual workflow allows integration with other blockchain systems. Once workflow is established, the system automatically generates smart contracts with the needed business logic.

What is Unibright? How to Exchange UBT? | Swapzone

  • The Unibright Contract Lifecycle Manager

This is the core of the Unbright ecosystem. Through it, companies and businesses are able to make changes to prior workflows, converting them into smart contracts that apply to specific blockchains. Once converted, users can publish, maintain, or generate automatic connection adapters. All templates provided on the Unibright ecosystem are supported by development teams. These teams are also responsible for enhancing them and creating new templates to serve new users and use cases.

  • The Unibright Explorer

Unbright explorer provides a simplified interface that allows users to monitor all processes. Data gets collected from the smart contracts and any other system connected to a chosen template. All this happens through the Smart Adapter which collects all the technical details needed to connect a blockchain and enables the connection to happen. It makes Unibright dynamic thus opening up a variety of massive possibilities.

What is Unibright? How to Exchange UBT? | Swapzone

What is UBT Token?

UBT tokens are required to access the Unibright framework. The Unibright token model was set up to ensure that a user’s initial deposit is large enough to cover a minimum of 30 days usage. It also enables a user to make use of a ‘rebuy contract.’ Basically, as a user, you can repurchase tokens that you used over the 30-day period to continue using Unibright’s blockchain integration.

Additionally, the rebuy contract determines the rebuy price. The standard is set at $0.14 per UBT. Once Unibright coins are deposited to the platform, including rebought tokens, they cannot be withdrawn again. They are locked into a smart contract that lasts the duration of the contract.

To access UBT crypto, you can purchase it on the open market. Unibright even offers to help users who require assistance in purchasing UBT coins through an exchange. As a user, you can access a calculator that lets you know how many tokens you need for 30 days of usage.

What is Unibright? How to Exchange UBT? | Swapzone

Why Is Swapzone the Best Place to Make a UBT exchange?

Wondering where to perform Unibright exchange? Swapzone is the best UBT exchange platform in the market today. Here’s how you can conduct a UBT exchange on the platform:

  1. Launch the Swapzone website
  2. Select the “Pair Tab” and choose the kind of cryptocurrency and amount that you wish to exchange.
  3. In the “Get Up To” section, select Unibright coin.
  4. Enter correct details in the tabs. Doing so will enable you to see different Unibright exchange rate offers displayed on Swapzone.
  5. Here’s where you sort out the different offers based on price and transaction time.
  6. Choose the offer that appeals to you the most and click “exchange”.
  7. Enter your wallet details and click “Proceed to Exchange”.
  8. Wait for the transaction to be completed.
  9. Once the transaction is complete, simply rate the Unibright exchange partner and leave an honest review. You’re done!

What is Unibright? How to Exchange UBT? | Swapzone