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BTC to BCH Instant Exchange

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was created to ease the scalability issues of Bitcoin. Even more than a decade after the alternate Bitcoin was founded, it still has its loyal enthusiasts.

Users who want to use this bitcoin alternative would need a reliable crypto exchange aggregator to exchange BTC for BCH. Swapzone is an easy and reliable crypto exchange aggregator that allows users swap their tokens within minutes.

Swapzone supports over a thousand cryptocurrencies and trading pairs. Users require no KYC to exchange on the platform.

Why Exchange BTC for BCH

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the hard fork of Bitcoin. The currency aims to solve the scalability problems associated with Bitcoin, hence meeting the demands of the global payment system. It is a faster and cheaper alternative to Bitcoin. Thus, it is preferred for small daily transactions.

BCH’s average transfer fee is as low as $0.01, compared toBTC’s averageof $2.06. This makes BCH suitable for money transfers, international trade, and other daily transactions.

How to Swap BTC to BCH

  1. . Visit
  2. . Select the BTC to BCH exchange pair.
  3. . Enter the amount of BTC to be exchanged.
  4. . Compare the exchange rates and select the best.
  5. . Click the Exchange button to proceed.
  6. . Enter wallet address to receive BCH.
  7. . Send BTC deposit to the generated BTC address.
  8. . Processing will take some moments and then the exchange will be completed.
  9. . Kindly rate and leave a review for Swapzone after your transaction has been completed.

Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash Price Calculator

Swapzone cryptocurrency converter compares the rate of 1 BTC to BCH and carries out the exchange at the best rate. At time of writing, Swapzone’s price calculator estimates you will get 147.28 BCH for 1 BTC.

Bitcoin (BTC)Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
1 BTC147.28 BCH
5 BTC736.4 BCH
10 BTC1472.8 BCH

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)Bitcoin (BTC)
1 BTC0.00679 BTC
5 BTC0.03395 BTC
10 BTC0.0679 BTC

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash Currency Comparison

Bitcoin ranks #1 by marketcap on crypto market charts while BCH’s popularity has slightly decreased in recent years, ranking #24. While Bitcoin was developed as a decentralized digital currency for commerce, BCH, on the other hand, was forked from Bitcoin to emphasize other qualities. For example, BCH is a much cheaper and faster option to Bitcoin due its larger block size.

This table compares Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with respect to the following parameters: year founded, speed, block size, market cap, available supply, max supply, 24hr volume, 1hr percentage change, 24hr percentage change, and 7d percentage change.

ParameterBitcoin (BTC)Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Average transaction time40 minutes35 minutes
Block Size1 MB32 MB
Scaling SolutionLightning Network, SegWitIncreased block size
Available Supply19,041,887 BTC19,065,725 BCH
Max Supply21,000,000 BTC21,000,000 BCH
Market Cap (USD)3,187,848,1053,939,243,667
Volume (USD)29,237,168,0803,187,848,105
% Change (1hr)-0.16+0.08
% Change (24hrs)+2.75+3.49
% Change (7d)-4.86-13.18

BTC to BCH Price Details

Opening Price (24h):$201.25
24h Change:+$4.15
52 Week Low:$151.59
52 Week High:$1,166.37
All Time High:$1,836.63

How BTC to BCH Exchange Works

Swapzone is a global cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that allows the instant exchange of Bitcoin (BTC) to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) at the best exchange rate. Users can use Swapzone with no registration or extra service charge.

To exchange BTC to BCH, got to, choose the BTC to BCH pair, and review available exchange rates. Swapzone price calculator scans multiple exchanges for the best real-time BTC to BCH prices, the safest liquidity providers and the lowest exchange fees. The aggregator supports over 15 instant exchange providers. It also has Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex and others as liquidity providers.

With over 500 cryptocurrencies and thousands of trading pairs, Swapzone offers the best conversion rate and lightning transaction processing speed.


What is BTC and BCH Exchange Pair?

The BCH/BTC matches Bitcoin Cash with Bitcoin. BCH is the base currency, while BTC is the quote currency. The pair represents how many BTC is required to buy 1 BCH. Traders can take advantage of the pair to profit from price changes in BCH/BTC value using Swapzone.

What is the Fee for BTC to BCH Exchange?

A user only pays the exchange fee charged on the blockchain. Swapzone has no extra service charge.

Why is the Best Place to Convert BTC to BCH?

Swapzone is an instant non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange aggregator. It constantly monitors the best exchange rates for thousands of available crypto pairs supported by exchange providers and gives users the chance to swap crypto assets instantly at low fees.

Swapzone is the best place to exchange BTC to BCH. It is a progressive and accessible swap service that offers users a transparent platform for using multiple exchange functions all in one place.

With Swapzone, users can compare real-time exchange rates of different currencies. Users also have access to over ten service providers offering a plethora of more than 400 currencies. All assets are custom-free and do not require registration.

Swapzone provides users with real-time data about exchange rates and exchange rate times across different service providers. These features enhance the feasibility and usability of the platform.

crypto exchange aggregator

Please be aware that some of the listed services may perform AML/KYC procedures to prevent criminal activity. Remember that it is the user’s responsibility to conduct due diligence prior to proceeding with an exchange deal. Swapzone cannot be held liable for any crypto exchange losses, delays, computer malfunctions, or any other damages associated with any action taken, regardless of the user’s interpretation of the information provided on cryptocurrency exchange services or crypto exchange offers.

What is Swapzone?

Swapzone is an instant non-custodial cryptocurrency exсhange aggregator. We constantly monitor the best exchange rates for thousands of available cryptocurrency pairs supported by exchange providers and gear you up with the information on the crypto exchange offers and services so that you could pick the best and convert cryptocurrency instantly, with low fees and no registration. Here you can convert BTC to ETH, exchange DOGE at the best rate in a matter of minutes, or choose the star fixed rate or floating rate deal for BNB coin, while we’re saving your time and money.

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