How to convert Bitcoin to EOS?

EOS prides itself on being a blockchain system that can support many decentralized applications. The EOS tokens that the EOS chain produces have become among the most valuable in the crypto market. You will need those tokens if you wish to utilize any of the decentralized apps that come off of the setup.

Many bitcoin users can consider exchanging BTC to EOS rather than EOS to BTC. The positives that come with EOS are worthwhile, but you have to know how to buy EOS. Having the power to get EOS tokens can be essential in helping you to run the dApps that you wish to utilize in your business or for your personal use.

convert BTC to EOS

What is EOS cryptocurrency?

EOS tokens come from EOS blockchain. The EOS chain is a decentralized system that supports the production and hosting of dApps on a single platform. It helps businesses and people in producing dApps through a web toolkit. It also helps in hosting many dApps and facilitates many authentication factors and permissions for getting these apps ready.

EOS has been in operation since 2018. The system comes from a white paper published in 2017.

The setup works in the same way as the App Store from Apple or the Google Play Store. You do not require lots of technical knowledge or understanding to utilize what the EOS system offers.

The EOS.IO system is critical to ensuring EOS tokens can function. EOS.IO is the operating system of the EOS blockchain network. EOS.IO uses a blockchain setup to support the scaling of dApps and in ensuring all those apps work.

The EOS.IO setup will produce the EOS tokens. Any developer can use these tokens to use network resources on the system and to build and run dApps. The user’s bandwidth can also be rented out to other people if that user isn’t running any apps.

Like with many other crypto assets, EOS is available as an open source solution. It is available to anyone interested in using the system.

You will need EOS tokens to utilize any of the dApps on the blockchain. People who have EOS tokens do not sell them, but rather hold them for use on the chain to manage those apps. Those who do sell their tokens will not have access to those dApps until they purchase those tokens once again.

How powerful is EOS currency?

The general power of EOS is one of the most popular parts of the system. EOS focuses on smart contracts that help with potentially eliminating all transaction fees. The program can also manage millions of transactions per second. The design provides a faster setup for transactions that works in moments.

How are EOS tokens generated?

The EOS tokens develop through a delegated proof of stake or DPOS setup. An EOS delegate in the EOS.IO system will confirm transactions and produce new blocks or the blockchain. The practice doesn’t require any mining, as the selectee will receive tokens for the work.

EOS does not use the same proof of work setup that other currencies feature. The DPOS process helps elect the delegates that will process the transactions and get the blocks going. The practice can be extensive, especially given how vast the EOS system is throughout the world. But the effort ensures a sense of community and provides some control and regulation over how well the EOS setup can work.

What is EOS currency like today?

There are about 930 million EOS tokens available as of the middle part of June 2020. There are a little more than a billion of these tokens on the chain. Many of the tokens that are not available are in escrow and will be released to the EOS community over time. The tokens will appear after people continue to produce more blocks on the chain.

As for the value, the EOS token is worth about $2.50. But the token has an average 24-hour trading value of about a billion dollars. The total makes it one of the more commonly-traded options on a cryptocurrency exchange. The truth is, BTC EOS price is really advantageous if you compare it to other cryptocurrencies.

EOS also has a high market cap. The market cap is at around $2.3 billion as of June 2020. The value makes it one of the ten most valuable currencies on the market.

If you are going to perform a bitcoin eos exchange, Swapzone is here to help as it turns out to be a useful tool for eos btc conversions.

How can you transfer BTC to EOS?

You may ask ‘how do I change EOS for Bitcoin?’ Let’s find out how to do a btc to eos exchange.

A BTC EOS transfer will be easy to complete when you use the right exchange platform. The great news is that bitcoin users can trust Swapzone for when they need to transfer BTC to EOS. You can get the BTC to EOS transaction going in about an hour, although the timeframe may be faster over where you go for the work.

Here is how you convert BTC to EOS and perform a EOS exchange in a few easy steps:

  1. Go to the Swapzone website to get started.
  2. List the amount of Bitcoin that you will transfer in the Send section.
  3. Select the EOS option in the Get Up To space on the left side of the screen.
  4. Review the available offers. You can see what the timeframe for a transaction is and how much you’ll get out of each partner on the site. You can also read the reviews on the site to see what works best.
  5. Click the Exchange button on the partner you wish to use for the transaction
  6. List the address of the crypto wallet that will receive EOS.
  7. Check all the information once again.
  8. Click the Proceed the Exchange button and send the deposit in to the address our exchange partner generated.
  9. Wait for a little bit so your exchange processes.
  10. Receive the swapped funds!

The timeframe for the crypto exchange will vary with a provider, as well as the exchange rate. But you’ll find EOS BTC conversion to be easy to manage through Swapzone.