How to convert Bitcoin to EOS at the best exchange rate?

convert bitcoin to eos

In this guide, you will learn the advantages of EOS coin and find out how to find the best rates to exchange Bitcoin to EOS on the Swapzone crypto exchange aggregator.

Many opportunities are available for investors, no matter if they work on a small scale or a large scale. Bitcoin trading, altcoin trading, and online forex trading are a few opportunities to name. But before diving into the crypto world, the investor or trader must be knowledgeable about the pros and cons of this business. They should conduct proper research beforehand to minimize the risk of losses, as they would do for any other conventional business. Bitcoin trading is not as complex as it seems. The conversion of BTC to EOS only requires a few simple steps. This article will tell everything one should know about EOS and how to make a BTC to EOS exchange with a profit.

What is EOS?

Generally, EOS is an interface that supports blockchain technology for the betterment and increase in the use of dapps. It also makes the accessibility to smart contracts much easier through its intricate global platform. The entire EOS blockchain was created by the Block. One company, they are the creditors for designing this entire platform. They were also the first ones to point out the issues that were present in Ethereum regarding its scalability, processing speed and prices, fraud, and less computation power. Their main aim was to target all the flaws in Ethereum and make a platform that would resolve most of these issues. To collect the funds to bring this idea to life, they managed to hold the longest ICOs in the entire history of crypto. This initial coin offering started in June 2017 and ended in June 2018.

EOS has set a goal for itself to deliver a platform that will be capable of processing thousands of transactions in a matter of seconds. Very different from the consensus over the state system, it mainly aims at transactions that translate to verifying the activities taking place on the platform. Users are bound to make their computing resources accessible and also give access to it depending on their distribution. EOS coin is relevant to this part, this is because the distribution is managed based on the stake in coin ownership. The bigger the stake, the bigger part of the network one «owns». However, it should be noted that the coins are not to be spent on transactions, the verification of one's own is enough.

How to convert BTC to EOS?

People often confuse themselves while figuring out how to convert BTC to EOS. However, the procedure is quite simplified through the use of exchange aggregators. Many platforms like Swapzone offer a feasible mode of BTC to EOS exchange.

Swapzone is probably one of the best exchange platforms in the market that has won over the trust and confidence of users through its feasible and accessible nature. One can acquire the asset of their liking through a few clicks.

While providing the best exchange rates, Swapzone also promises timeless conversions. Apart from the BTC-EOS conversion, users can also exchange their assets in different crypto pairs. There is no doubt that Bitcoin is the oldest, most popular, and worthy crypto asset in the market. However, almost everyone accepts that it is really hard to acquire Bitcoin nowadays. Thus, cryptocurrencies, like EOS offer an effective alternative to Bitcoin and help low-scale investors in making the best gains in the crypto market. EOS is now amongst the most promising crypto projects of the future. Thus, crypto fanatics are showing immense interest in acquiring this asset.

What are the advantages of EOS?

EOS blockchain holds numerous advantages. It has everything that Ethereum failed to achieve. With faster and better safety and processing. It has truly surpassed Ethereum in terms of performance. Below listed are a few of the advantages of EOS.


One of the biggest advantages of EOS is that it allows the user to create hardcore dApps. It runs as a decentralized platform which leads to a larger pool of people having access to build a dApp. This developed dApp is powered by EOS. This has many similar features to an app store even though it is completely decentralized. Usually, dApps require smart contracts to run. But this is not the case with EOS. Here, smart contracts are not required. Instead, it makes use of the dApps transactions which is sufficient.

Free Transactions

It is very typical for a transaction to charge the investor a fee with every transaction they make. But this is not how EOS works. While using EOS, all the activities, commands, and operations run out with no fee whatsoever. Hence, leading to free transactions.


To make sure that the EOS network is always flexible, they utilize a voting system on the governance infrastructure version. This means that the only method of altering the rules is through voting systems. This feature proves to be very beneficial for a blockchain of this scale. There are some times where change is mandatory, and a voting system is the best option to do so. Ethereum faced a couple of issues because of the absence of a voting system.

Easy Hard Forks with fewer risks

This is a comparatively simpler and less complex approach to make sure that the ETH-ETC fork incident does not happen to EOS. In the off chance of a conflict of interest, then block producers will immediately put a hold on the platform and freeze it. It will not be continued till the issue has been dealt with. This way the future hard forks will experience fewer risks, putting the entire community in a safer position.

How to find the best EOS exchange rate and convert BTC to EOS?

convert bitcoin to eos

Users only need to follow a few simple steps to exchange Bitcoin to EOS, that too, at the best possible exchange rate. These steps are mentioned below:

  1. Go to to get your work started.
  2. Select the Bitcoin that you would like to exchange.
  3. Specify the total amount you are going to convert.
  4. Select EOS in the Get Up To section.
  5. Review the offers on the screen. You will find multiple offers with the best rate listed at the top. You can also see how many minutes it would take for you to complete the exchange.
  6. Confirm the offer you wish to utilize and then enter the wallet to receive EOS coin.
  7. List the Bitcoin address that will take the currency you are exchanging.
  8. Wait for the deposit to be processed by the exchange service and the exchange to be done.
  9. Do not forget to rate the exchange partner, so we can gather more information on the exchanges for future users.