What does Swapzone require to make an exchange

What does Swapzone require to make an exchange?


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In order to start making an exchange, you only need the address of the wallet to which the money will be sent, as well as a code that is specially generated by the site. This code, which is known as an Order ID, has to be inserted into the wallet from which the money is debited.

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Does Swapzone require account registration?

You are not required in any way to create an account when it comes to using Swapzone specifically. This is due to the fact that Swapzone is non-custodial. Additionally, all of this is provided to you for free.

This means that anyone can access Swapzone without going through any tedious account registration processes other platforms require their users to go through.

Does Swapzone have any extra hidden fees?

If you are curious if Swapzone has any fees associated with its platform, the simple and correct answer to this question is that no, Swapzone has no hidden fees.

Swapzone does not charge any hidden fees from its users. Keep in mind that the exchanges that are used to swap charge their fees.

Does Swapzone conduct KYC and AML procedures?

Swapzone values privacy, therefore, it is KYC-free. However, Swapzone follows the Anti Money Laundering (AML) procedures. Moreover, it has Know Your Business (KYB) procedure in place for the partners. It’s worth biting as well that the KYC procedures might be a requirement from any partner services provided by Swapzone.

Suppose you are curious as to exactly what KYC procedures are. They are procedures where the users need to include their ID Card as a form of verification, face verification, document submission such as utility bills that prove their address, and potentially even biometric verifications.

Additionally, some of the listed services may also perform AML or KYC procedures on the platform as a whole to prevent any criminal activity. It is the user's responsibility to conduct their due diligence prior to proceeding with any exchange deal.


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