What Is Elrond And What's So Special About It?

Today cryptocurrency is flooding the market with various payment methods. It has revolutionized the global market by ensuring new and more effective ways of transactions and payments. Elrond is another cryptocurrency among the thousands available in the market. Although Elrond is still in its testing stages right now, there is a lot of potential for the risk-takers in it. Cryptocurrency is now used in many countries in the world. Many countries are now regulating the use of crypto to make it relevant to their economies, as it will help upscale their country’s trading and investing revenue. These days many famous companies such as Microsoft and Tesla are accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment which shows the growing significance of the modern concept.

As the crypto market is full of risks, there are various self-created stories about its usefulness as well as disadvantages but to know about the truth, it is advisable to have a go at crypto trading because of its immense trading potential. There is nothing such as a safe investment. So, even if it sounds fearful, crypto investments and trading can be a source of fast money in no time.

What is Elrond?

Elrond is a public blockchain technology that provides you a high level of scalability, interoperability, and high throughput as well. It aims to provide a decentralized network that provides you better performance if compared to other centralized networks. Elrond is way more efficient and beats almost every competitor and still, it manages to provide better privacy than the others. Its emergence has gradually redefined the crypto model according to modern concepts and strategies.

Features of the Nano coin

Elrond utilizes this unique technology called the Adaptive state sharding which uses the Secure Proof of stake consensus mechanism. The network that keeps the Elrond running has two main pieces that are Nodes and users. After that, the framework has Validators that provide block generation and consensus building to return the rewards. Some shards are smaller partitions of the Elrond network that is utilized for scaling, and each shard has its own specific function.

History of Elrond

This is a highly scalable type of cryptocurrency with the lowest latency rates. It has the lowest finality time that means that funds transfers will be instant. Elrond got a little attention in 2020 and when we say ‘little’ that means a 5000% jump in the value of its ERD currency. All that in the time frame of only 4 months. This happened in early 2020 between mid-March and July 2020.

This was the time when the launch of the Elrond mainnet happened. But later the crypto market saw a complete overhaul of the economic model, as the supply of cryptocurrency dropped from 20 billion for ERD to just 20 million for eGLD. It will take some time for Elrond to stabilize itself in the crypto market, and prove its worth and capability.

Key Features

The team of developers in Elrond is tirelessly working to provide its consumers with great crypto market accessibility. As they have done some very successful blockchain projects in the past. This time they have started from scratch to solve all the user problems effectively. One of them to solve is how to parallelize transactions that will make the blockchain infinitely scalable.

This makes Elrond way more secure than the other competitors. In no time you will appreciate it being just like Tesla that is leading the technological market and is ahead of every other company by at least two years. Elrond will be way ahead of the other cryptocurrencies with the same difference. Elrond is thinking out of the box which is making it distinctive from other cryptocurrencies.

There is no other project in the world that will provide anyone with such technology and safe transfers. Elrond features a technology in which the code can shuffle the nodes, cross-sharding, auto sharding, and much more automatically. If we look at other companies such as Ethereum that is working at 15 transactions per second. Elrond will work at 11,000 transactions per second and this is something that one will have never seen before. The ease of transactions and effectiveness provided by Elrond is a breakthrough in the crypto sphere, as it modifies traditional concepts and techniques.

Where to exchange to Elrond?

At this point, it is necessary to know where to get Elrond. One can get Elrond from Swapzone, which has established itself as a convenient crypto platform. Swapzone is a mediator platform that acts as a connector between the users and exchange programs. Swapzone comes with an interface that makes it a lot easier for everyone and anyone to get their hands on Elrond. Users only have to select their desired cryptocurrency, and it connects you with the most suitable exchange to proceed with it. Swapzone provides the best rates and has higher usability because of its simple yet effective interface.

The current market of Elrond is pretty low because there are so many ongoing projects. People just do not want to look around that much. But there is a lot of potential for such kinds of technologies in the future. Some competitors are priced almost 50 times higher than Elrond even with the inferior technology. But that is what makes today the right time to invest money in Elrond. Elrond has the potential to shine immensely in the crypto market in near future.


Elrond is a highly secured network and it is closer than ever to launch its mainnet. This company has challenged incentivize people to try and hack their network. If they succeed in the process, they will get a prize of 60,000 USD. Many more developments are coming in this network with this final battle. This shows the level of trust the developers have in themselves. It is about time that Elrond gets its due recognition, and this is a risk that one should take if interested in investing money in the crypto market. More than 1700 nodes subscribed with a massive 264,000 tps. Investors can get a 10x multiplier of their investment. But still, this technology has to mature and will take time to prove its worth in the highly competitive and fluctuating crypto market.