Referal Program

Earn By Bringing People
To Swapzone

Your platform and voice can help us shift the paradigm of cryptocurrency exchange & help you make profit by introducing Swapzone to the world. Monetize your efforts: refer customers, followers & friends and earn from each successful transaction they make through your referral link or widget. Once you have those – you’re all geared up to start.

Why Choose Swapzone

15+ exchange providers


exchange providers

400+ coins and tokens


coins and tokens

Dozens of real-time offers


of real-time offers

Best fixed & floating rates


fixed & floating rates

24/7 customer support


customer support

In-house crypto exchange


crypto exchange

How It Works

Step 1: Choose a referral tool & apply

We offer two basic tools: a referral link and a semi-customizable widget. Both require generating a personal referral link which helps us track your activity & share our profit with you.

Step 2: Use a tool to make people exchange

Choose one of the tools that suits your needs best and will boost your outreach since the more referrals you engage – the more earnings build up, with no limitations set.

Step 3: Request the stats & spend rewards

The only limitation we have is our minimum requirement for each withdrawal, which is 0,01 BTC. To check your balance & the stats on your activity, send us an email at [email protected] from the address you used to apply. We know the lack of a referral dashboard might make it less convenient but it shouldn’t stop you from earning now while we’re working on it.

Level Up Your Referral Game

For those who strive to drive up their profits, there are 5 levels of incentives designed, based on your monthly exchange volume. The more you swap within a month – the more you’ll be receiving during the next one.
LevelSwaps Volume per monthReward per transaction
10 – 0.5 BTC0.05%
20.5 – 1 BTC0.1%
31 – 5 BTC0.15%
45 - 10 BTC0.20%
510+ BTC0.25%
Fill out the form to receive your personal referral link. Share it with anyone anywhere – on social media or within your favorite online communities – and get people to exchange: educate them about Swapzone & tell them how they can benefit from it. Would work best for Twitter users, media platforms and listing services.
Before choosing a widget you’d like to place on your website, fill out the form to receive your personal referral link to insert into the widget code. Then, copy the embed code of a widget you like the most and past it into your website code. Would work best for businesses, crypto services, shops & blogs.
If you are looking for out-of-the-box opportunities or need help with onboarding, contact us at [email protected].