18 Best Crypto Tools Available Now To Make Your Crypto Journey Better

(Last Updated On: November 16, 2023)

Succeeding in the crypto industry takes commitment, focus, and lots of patience. Like every other industry, there are winners and losers. While some have mastered the art of trading the crypto markets, others are barely surviving. The crypto market is constantly changing so no matter who you are — expert or novice — using crypto tools is the best way to navigate the market.

Crypto tools are platforms and services that can help you monitor the crypto market, build your portfolio with valuable assets, manage your assets and so much more. The crypto tool you choose for your investment or trading journey could be what makes or breaks your entire portfolio.

At some point during every investor’s journey, they will probably use at least one crypto tool. As crypto adoption increases the need for crypto tools will also increase because new coins will be developed. Investors can use crypto tools to monitor new coins before investing in them. Crypto tools can also be used to track other more established coins.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best crypto tools in the industry. Each of these tools has unique functions that make them essential for success in the crypto space. So whether you want to monitor, manage, earn, build, or track the market, there is a tool for you.

Best Crypto Tools

Crypto APIs

It’s mostly impossible to time the crypto market but a crypto API increases your chance of succeeding. Crypto APIs help traders and investors by converting complex crypto data into information that is easy to read, understand, and act upon. With data from an API, you can create a trading strategy with a high success potential. The API tool interfaces with the crypto market to produce valuable information that you can use to understand the market. 

This tool gives traders a detailed report about the state of the market and the notable trends within it. The API tracks the price changes of specific coins and the crypto market in general. It also gives users detailed historical data that they can use to plan their next move.

Some crypto APIs work with a variety of cryptocurrencies while others only work with specific cryptos. The crypto API you choose should align with your goals because each API was built for a specific purpose. 

Here are some popular crypto APIs in the industry;

  • Swapzone Crypto Exchange API: an all-in-one solution for any crypto service, app, or website providing a sufficient crypto exchange service.
  • CoinAPI: CoinAPI provides quick, accessible, reliable data about the crypto market.
  • CoinGecko: This free platform displays live data that you can review before making any investment. From crypto charts to prices to market cap values and everything in between, CoinGecko is a great platform for researching crypto data.
  • Alpha Vantage: This API tool provides useful data from different financial sectors including stocks and crypto. 

A crypto API is a valuable tool that should be in every investor’s toolbox.

Crypto APIs

Crypto Referral Programs 

A crypto referral program is a tool that allows you to make money online in the industry. All you need to do is find a platform that has a referral program, sign up, and then refer people to the platform. You will be paid for every person who uses the platform via your link.

Examples of crypto referral programs:

  • Swapzone crypto affiliate program: Allows for monetization of crypto-centric traffic and gaining profit from every crypto exchange held through the referral link.
  • CEX.IO Bitcoin referral program: With this referral program you can earn money for every person who makes a trade on CEX.IO.
  • Coinbase affiliate program: This program pays a 50% commission on all trading fees paid by the new user in their first three months on Coinbase.com.
  • ChangeNOW referral program: Different affiliate tools to benefit from making quality crypto- and exchange-oriented content.
Crypto Referral Programs

Crypto Widgets

Similar to a crypto API, a crypto widget provides valuable information about the crypto market. Crypto widgets show you real-time crypto prices that you can view before making a purchase. Having real-time information about the crypto market makes it easier to implement your trading strategy.

You can seamlessly track your favorite cryptocurrencies with a crypto widget tool. Instead of researching every time you want to know the price of a coin you can simply look at the widget. 

Crypto widgets come in various forms. Some can be plugged in on a website while others come in the form of a mobile app. Plug-in widgets are great for website owners because it allows them to make money by placing the widget on their website. When people visit the website, they get real-time data about the crypto market.

Mobile app crypto widgets can be directly installed on your phone. You can use this app to view data from the crypto market at any time of the day. With a mobile app crypto widget, you can track a coin’s price without even opening your browser.

Example of crypto widgets:

  • CoinMarketCap Widgets: CoinMarketCap is one of the biggest crypto platforms in the industry. This platform has been providing reliable data about the crypto market since 2013. You can add the CoinMarketCap widget to your website or visit a website with this widget to view valuable crypto information free of charge.
  • Simple Bitcoin Widget: This free mobile app widget was created for Android devices. It allows you to track the prices of your favorite cryptocurrencies all day long. 
  • Swapzone Crypto Exchange Widget: A tool building an exchange service into the app or website, providing crypto businesses with additional income and service expansion.
Crypto Widgets

Crypto Exchange Aggregators

A crypto exchange aggregator is a platform that compares the rates on other exchanges and then presents a user with the best one. This tool solves many problems in the crypto industry. For example, most investors struggle to choose between centralized and decentralized exchanges. In addition, searching different exchanges to find the best rates is a tedious process. Crypto exchange aggregators solve all these problems on one platform.

By offering users rates from both centralized and decentralized exchanges, crypto exchange aggregators are able to drastically reduce the time traders spend looking for the best rates. 

Time is money in any industry but even more so in crypto. Every second wasted looking for good exchange rates is a second when the market is drastically changing. The crypto market, as you probably already know, is extremely volatile. This means that it is constantly changing and therefore traders need to monitor its changes. Traders who spend several minutes trying to find the best exchange rates are losing time and most likely losing money. This is where crypto exchange aggregators come in. With this tool, traders don’t need to spend time searching for the best rates because they know they’ll find them in the aggregator platform. This makes trading a lot easier.

Crypto exchange aggregators also eliminate the stress involved in creating new accounts across several platforms in a bid to find the best exchange rates. Traders can use this platform to seamlessly discover the best prices in the crypto space. Popular crypto exchange aggregators include:

  • Swapzone – the one requiring no KYC or registration for instant exchange of more than 1000 crypto assets.
  • Unizen
  • 1Inch Exchange
Crypto Exchange Aggregators

Portfolio Trackers

This crypto tool is great for investors who want to build and monitor their crypto portfolio. A portfolio tracker is a tool that helps investors monitor their assets and make wise decisions.

They are a common tool for most investors because they allow you to stay fully informed about the state of your portfolio. Several portfolio trackers are available today and they each have their own features that make them unique. However, they all serve one purpose; helping you track your portfolio.

Portfolio trackers allow you to view the total value of your crypto assets which you can then use to calculate your net worth precisely. Many investors who put money in crypto do not know the true value of their investments, but with a portfolio tracker, you can always check the value of your assets.

Another feature you can find in a portfolio tracker is a 24-hour portfolio evaluation which allows you to see how much the value of your portfolio has changed over the last 24 hours. Portfolio trackers also allow you to monitor the performance of each coin within your portfolio. This way if your portfolio is performing badly you pinpoint the coin that is affecting it.

Here are a few popular portfolio trackers you can try out:

  • Cointracking: This free web-based portfolio tracking platform is a common choice amongst investors due to its affordability and ease of use. Cointracking is compatible with many exchanges which means it can easily be integrated with the exchange of your choice.
  • Blockfolio: This is one of the most extensive portfolio trackers in the industry. The platform is only available on mobile phones and can be used to track your portfolio, read crypto news, and much more. Blockfolio is also a very secure and completely free portfolio tracker.
Portfolio Trackers


Your wallet is the most important crypto tool. It is the storehouse for your assets so you must ensure that it is safe and secure. Where you store your coins defines how smooth your crypto journey will be. A crypto wallet is a bank that stores your crypto. The effort you put into choosing a bank for your fiat currency should also be applied when choosing a wallet for your cryptocurrency. If you make the mistake of choosing an unsecured wallet, your crypto assets will suffer the consequences. Unsecure wallets are liable to attack from hackers. These hackers can steal all the funds in your wallet in one fell swoop so your wallet must be very secure. Every crypto tool becomes irrelevant if you fail to choose the right wallet. You can use all the aggregators, widgets, and APIs you want but if your wallet is not secure, you will probably end up wasting your time. 

Here are a few reliable crypto wallets:

  • Guarda Wallet: A secure crypto wallet with capabilities for all the necessary crypto operations: it is possible to stake, exchange, earn, and buy thousands of crypto assets. The wallet supports for over 40 major blockchains and tokens of all leading protocols.
  • NOWwallet: This mobile-based non-custodial crypto wallet is also a full-function solution, allowing you to store, buy, sell, and stake crypto. NOWwallet does not collect any personal data and guarantees privacy and security.
  • Metamask: This is a great wallet for storing your cryptocurrency. It is reliable, easy to use, and accessible. The downside of Metamask is its upside too. This platform allows you to store any ERC20 token you want but does not store cryptos that are built on other blockchains. This means that you cannot store coins like Bitcoin on Metamask.
  • Exodus: Exodus supports several crypto assets on its platform. It is reliable, efficient, and easy to use. 
  • Ledger Nano S: This free hardware wallet is just what you need to fully protect yourself from hackers. The wallet remains disconnected from the interest making it impossible for hackers to access it. 

After choosing a reliable crypto wallet the next thing is to do your part to secure it. You can do this by not disclosing confidential information, like your private key. You are the only one who should know your private keys.

The crypto tools listed above are perfect for anyone who wants to start or improve their crypto investment strategy and increase the overall win rates of their trades. 

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