Swapzone’s Big News: Navigate Instant Exchanges with More Information and Useful Data

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2024)

When it comes to instant exchanges, everyone cares about one thing – how much it costs to make the trade. If we know that, we can pick the best place to trade and save money. But what if we could know even more about these places? The Swapzone team thought about this, and decided that there’s more to consider than just the cost.

In 2024, Swapzone is making big improvements to understand what our users really want when dealing with crypto. We’re asking ourselves, what can one person get from using just one thing for their crypto needs? What if all the info you need is in one place, just like it should be nowadays? Sure, Swapzone is already a great place to find the best rates without any trouble. But we can do even better.

We gathered and assessed data, taking into account feedback from our users as well as information provided by our partners. We’re now prepared to present this information to the world in the best possible way. With this, we assert our expertise in instant exchanges, claiming to know them better than anyone else. In the new year, we’ve decided to share this information with you. Knowing what we offer, you can easily make more informed decisions. 

We already have cool features like Best Rates, and access to over 1600 cryptocurrencies among 15 instant exchanges. Now, we’re adding more details about instant exchanges. Soon, you won’t just choose based on the best rate, but you’ll know about other features too, making it easier to pick the perfect option. We think that now, knowing more than just the cost can make your crypto experience smoother. So, when you pick an instant exchange, you’ll see all the important details like:

  • The volume of instant exchanges, revealing the popularity of a specific one among our users last week;
  • Transaction speed rating;
  • Equal to the estimated rating indicating the satisfaction of both our team and users with the ability of the instant exchange to successfully complete transactions;
  • Refund policy rating;
  • Partner support rating;
  • And most importantly – user reviews with ratings. 

And all of these despite the important indicators, like: 

  • KYC frequency;
  • Tokens amount;
  • Establishment date;
  • Average ETA;
  • Instant Exchange’s Volume.

We’re growing and are committed to making it super easy for you to use instant exchanges. We know everyone has different expectations when it comes to instant exchanges. When it comes to ‘perfect’, everyone imagines it differently. That is why we want to meet your needs and make the crypto experience smoother, and we’ve gathered the best ones on our website. These exchanges have proven to be reliable, but they each have their own unique features. We’ve used data, feedback from users, and insights from our partners to become experts in instant exchanges.

Swapzone is your go-to for a complete and user-friendly crypto journey. Keep an eye out for updates to make sure we’ve got all your crypto needs covered! And don’t forget to share your thoughts with us on social media.

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