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Find the best price for Bitcoin to Monero from 14 exchanges at 21-02-2024

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Find the best price for Bitcoin to Monero from 14 exchanges at 21-02-2024

Real-time exchange rate: XMR vs LTC Chart

The Swapzone aggregator also offers you and other traders the following unique benefits:

  • Non-custodial exchange services
  • Complete anonymity
  • Lightning-fast transaction times with no extra service fees
  • Functional trading partnerships with more than a dozen instant exchange providers
  • Support for over a thousand active cryptocurrency trading pairs

Why exchange XMR to LTC?

Monero is the most secure cryptocurrency project to date because of its anonymity-optimized blockchain technology. Still, crypto enthusiasts like to carry out transactions on other blockchains like Litecoin, a blockchain technology based on the Bitcoin protocol. As a result, crypto enthusiasts that trade the XMR/LTC ticker may want to switch between these two distinct blockchain protocols or enjoy other advantages associated with using either of the two blockchains to carry out their DeFi transactions.

Monero to Litecoin Converter

Beginner and expert-level crypto traders are welcome to trade and swap on Swapzone. For this reason, we have made our exchange easily accessible for crypto enthusiasts willing to trade the XMR/LTC pair. With Swapzone, Monero to Litecoin exchange is really easy with our rich asset selection and offers from 15+ exchange providers. Buy $XMR with $LTC at the best rate on the market in just a few simple steps.

How to swap Monero to Litecoin?

  1. . Go to to get your work started.
  2. . Select the Monero (XMR) to Litecoin (LTC) exchange pair.
  3. . Specify the total amount of XMR you are going to exchange.
  4. . Compare the rates and choose the best XMR to LTC exchange deal.
  5. . Proceed with the offer by clicking on the Exchange button.
  6. . Enter your wallet address to receive LTC.
  7. . Copy the generated XMR address and send your XMR deposit.
  8. . Wait for the deposit to be processed and the XMR-LTC exchange to be done.
  9. . Don’t forget to rate and leave a review on your exchange provider.

How much is 1 Monero worth in Litecoin?

In real-time, the Swapzone XMR/LTC calculator lets you calculate and estimate the amount of Litecoin tokens you would receive for deposited Monero. The calculator works automatically. All you need to do is input the amount of Monero you want to swap and the equivalent Litecoin tokens value pops up.

crypto exchange aggregator

Please be aware that some of the listed services may perform AML/KYC procedures to prevent criminal activity. Remember that it is the user’s responsibility to conduct due diligence prior to proceeding with an exchange deal. Swapzone cannot be held liable for any crypto exchange losses, delays, computer malfunctions, or any other damages associated with any action taken, regardless of the user’s interpretation of the information provided on cryptocurrency exchange services or crypto exchange offers.


Monero Vs Litecoin Currency Compare

Monero is a cryptocurrency with a paramount focus on privacy and anonymity, while Litecoin is a cryptocurrency, based on the Bitcoin protocol, that provides relatively fast and secure transactions. In terms of tokenomics, Monero is inflationary with an unlimited future supply, while Litecoin is deflationary with a maximum supply of 84 Million tokens. In addition, Monero and Litecoin also differ in terms of market capitalization, hashing algorithm, block transactions, niche adoption, transaction fees, and more.

Monero and Litecoin have a promising future in the crypto market, with several speculators predicting a continuous increase in token price. However, we advise you to DYOR and don’t FOMO into any trading position concerning Monero and Litecoin.

XMR to LTC Price Details

The exchange price between Monero and Litecoin can be estimated using the on-site swap calculators. For example, when you want to exchange 1 XMR, our real-time calculators automatically show the equivalent LTC value. Other important price details relating to the asset exchange, such as transaction time, exchange rate and speed, available partner exchange, and more, are displayed on our swap pages.

How XMR to LTC Exchange Works

The Swapzone XMR to LTC swap feature can be used by any crypto trader, regardless of the level of expertise. Also, our transactions are shrouded in anonymity, making our services non-discriminatory, secure, and private. The step-by-step process of swapping XMR to LTC is outlined below:

  • Select the amount of XMR you wish to exchange
  • Choose LTC as your receive option
  • Set your trading preferences – ignore this step if you don’t have any
  • Select any of the available trading offers
  • Enter your unique LTC address and receive your tokens within minutes

Monero to Litecoin exchange video guide

New to our service or would like to get some tips on how to make your Monero to Litecoin swap? Take your time and watch our 1 minute step-by-step video-guide. The guide uses LTC/ETH exchange pair but the process is equal with any other.

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Frequently asked questions

What Is XMR and LTC Exchange Pair?


The XMR/BCH exchange pair is currently listed and supported by Swapzone. The XMR/BCH trade pair allows traders to easily convert their Monero into Bitcoin cash without having to first convert the coin into a stable or central currency, e.g. USDT or BUSD.

What Is the Fee for XMR to LTC Exchange?


Because Swapzone is a crypto aggregator, we present several deals from which you can choose freely. However, we ensure only exclusive swap deals with the lowest possible fees get to you always. From these cheap and abundant deals, you have the ultimate and final say on the transaction fee.

Why is the Best Place to Convert XMR to LTC?


At Swapzone, our XMR to LTC converter is optimized to give customers the highest value for their crypto assets. And we make sure you enjoy anonymity, affordable rates, low fees, safe and lightning-fast swaps, and secure transactions at all times.

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