How to Integrate Swapzone Crypto API: Coherent Guide

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Sometimes new business steps seem to be challenging and difficult to implement. The blockchain and crypto worlds are complex and technological, so no wonder many companies struggle to find an easy opportunity to earn extra money and expand functionality.

Answering to this request of the crypto-related companies Swapzone arranged an affiliate solution, compiling a technically well-developed service and ease of implementation – the REST API. Swazone API allows any crypto resource to integrate the crypto exchange service into its interface seamlessly and natively, also adjusting the API functionality to their needs.

We’ve already described what opportunities and profit possibilities Swapzone API provide to crypto exchangers and wallets, and in this article let’s analyze the integration process step-by-step. 

For a Start: What’s an API?

For a Start: What’s an API?

APIs (application programming interfaces) allow developers to create applications that interact with other websites or services. In other words, an API is a set of commands and functions that allow one piece of software to communicate with another. An API will typically include an endpoint (usually a URL), which is used to make requests, and return data in response. For some APIs, developers will receive an access token (which can also be called an app key or secret) as part of the request; this token allows them to authenticate against the third-party website or service and is destroyed after use.

Swapzone API in particular allows any desktop or application-based crypto-related service to expand its functionality with a crypto exchange service, connecting 15+ crypto exchangers with 1000+ assets at once with just one API key. 

Why Integrate:

  • Available for US residents – we do have exchange partners who serve US customers.
  • Customizable profit – personalized markups and progressive reward framework

Preparation: Partner Account

Even before the work starts there is a necessary step for everyone eager to become Swapzone partner – signing up for a personal partner account. The partner account is your personal dashboard, where you can, firstly, get the API key, and secondly – track all the information and data of the future integration, including:

  • partner reward
  • turnover
  • profit
  • exchange number

After creating the partner account you get access to all the Swapzone affiliate tools, including the crypto exchange API.

Preparation: Partner Account


Technical Adjustments: When Needed?

This stage depends on the project and functionality that has already been implemented within this project. 

Talking about the crypto exchange the Swapzone cryptocurrency API is usually integrated as a backup and expansion tool, so the exchange already has all the functionality and needs to implement the API along with the main flow.

We are always eager to improve or add new methods to deliver more ways of customizing the API functionality at the request of the partner: for example the ‘Get rate’ and ‘Create transaction’ methods. 

If a project is a cryptocurrency wallet, the technical preparation stage depends on the wallet’s technical capabilities, stage of development, and workload of the development department. When processed from stack the process begins with an interface preparation: it is always suggested to natively fit the exchange tab into the existing interface for the feature to not look foreign. We are always ready to assist you in that process and provide the layout and specify the necessary fields.

Technical Adjustments: When Needed?

Time Consumption: How Long Before the Profit?

In a similar way to technical adjustments, time consumption depends on the project and the project’s resources. The usual time to integrate the API key alongside all the other usual processes is one week, yet it could be reduced to 1-2 days if needed promptly or if all the functionality is already adapted for this specific technology.

On the other hand, the term can be further expanded if there are any adjustments or modifications needed both from the partner’s and Swapzone’s sides. 

Therefore, immediately after the launch, all the functionality becomes disposable for any user of your service and you begin to earn additional profit.

Time Consumption: How Long Before the Profit?

How Does it Work: Workflow

The API is a white-label solution – it is perfectly applicable to any interface and could be seamlessly integrated into any cryptocurrency-related service. The API key is embedded into your code, becoming a ‘bridge’ between your service and 15+ exchange providers partnering with Swapzone.
The workflow is simple and easy to understand: the API gets a list of supported currencies with the «Get supported currencies» method, providing the info to display to the user. After the user selects a certain exchange pair, deposit amount, and rate type (for example BTC to XMR, 0,25, fixed-rate), the API calls for the amount to receive after the exchange (in our example, XMR estimated amount) and rate identification id required to create a transaction with the «Get rate» method. The estimated rate is shown to the user, and then, after a user clicks on the Exchange button and specifies the receiving and refund address, the API returns an address for sending funds and transaction attributes to create a transaction with the «Create transaction» method. A user confirms the transfer of funds from their wallet to the address of the exchanger, and the partner performs an exchange and sends the funds to the user’s address. Getting transaction status and displaying it to the user is possible with the «Get transaction status». To learn more about the methods and the workflow see our API documentation.

XRP’s Price Action 

What’s Next: Partner Preferences

As the implementation process is over the real journey begins. Every transaction held through the API now makes a profit of the stated percentage: 0.05% – 0.25% starting commission for each transaction. The earnings are flexible and depend on your monthly exchange turnover. Also, this percentage could be further expanded with the extra fee (markups). 

Swapzone provides accurate customer support for both clients and partners – our team is in touch with you 24/7, helping to resolve any exchange of reward-related issues.

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