How And Where To Buy NFTb (NFTB)

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2022)

NFTb is an innovative NFT marketplace built on the Binance Smart Chain network. Like Opensea, NFTb allows users to access its platform from anywhere in the world. Similarly, artists can create, sell, buy, or trade digital art within seconds and at discounted rates on NFTb’s open-source platform. 

On the other hand, NFTB is the native cryptocurrency token of the NFTb platform. The NFTB token is used for settling transaction fees and governance staking. 

Are you interested in becoming a creator or a collector? Whatever your answer is, you can still invest in NFTB. Follow the guide below for a smooth NFTB trading experience using Swapzone’s fast trade aggregator. 

1. Visit Swapzone’s NFTB Swap Page 

Buying NFTB and adding it to your wallet is simple and cheap if you use the Swapzone aggregator service. First, head to the exchange page and select the token you want to swap for NFTB. You can trade NFTB for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), or any other coin of your choice – For example, we will use ETH in this guide. 

2. Decide How Much NFTB You Want 

You’ll see two boxes on the exchange page; in the send box, you need to enter the amount of ETH you’re willing to swap, and the estimated amount of NFTB you’ll receive will be displayed in the get-up-to box. 

Remember that the get up to box only displays an estimate of your returns, so expect this number to fluctuate slightly up or down once the transaction is complete. 

Decide How Much NFTB You Want

3. Select The Best Exchange 

Once you’ve selected the coin and amount to swap, Swapzone’s automatic system will scan the web for the best exchanges and present them to you in a neat list divided into fastest, best rating, and the best rate. Then you can choose the exchange that suits your needs and press the blue exchange button. 

Select The Best Exchange

4. Wallet Details 

After pressing the exchange button, you will be required to specify the wallet address page, here you can enter your NFTB wallet address, a refund address in case the ETH transaction fails, and optionally your e-mail. Then, once you’ve double-checked that the details are correct, tick the terms and conditions box and press the blue proceed to exchange button. 

Wallet Details

5. Deposit ETH

It’s time to pay for the swap, which means transferring the amount of ETH you agreed to in step 2 into the deposit address displayed on your screen. Head over to your wallet and send the ETH to the address and make sure you copy the address accurately! 

Entering the wrong crypto address when carrying out a transaction can result in the tokens being lost forever, so take your time to verify the transaction before proceeding. 

6. Swap Completed 

Once you’ve made the swap deposit, sit back and wait while the swap is completed; check your NFTB wallet address to ensure the tokens have arrived safely. Using the Swapzone aggregator, you’ve just bought NFTB at a competitive market rate, securely and without any know-your-customer (KYC) hassles.

ANA Price Prediction 2022

Is NFTB A Good Investment? 

(Disclaimer: None of the information in this article should be considered investment advice; always do your research before investing.)

The NFTb platform is designed with longevity and durability in mind. All the digital art on the platform is stored on the secure InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), an open-source distributed file storage system. 

Furthermore, NFTB is considered unique and investment-worthy because of its fast and high-performance features. Another feature that draws in investors is the in-built feature that allows creators to donate a fraction of their proceeds to charity after each sale.

In addition, the NFTb has a sustainable business model that allows investors to invest both in digital art creators and collectors, thereby fostering perpetual growth between the community of creators and creators.

In terms of price forecasts, speculators are positive about the future profitability of the NFTB coin. Currently trading at 19cents on the dollar, PricePrediction expects 1 NFTB token to cross the $1 milestone and trade for $1.1 by 2031. 

If the analysts are right, this could be a good opportunity to buy cheap NFTB coins. Get in on the action by heading over to the NFTB swap page to buy and swap the NFTB coin today

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