The Bigger Crypture: AMA with SparkPoint Team.

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2022)
On Sunday, December 12th, 1:00 pm UTC we had an awesome and very positive Bigger Crypture AMA session with Drei and Medard from SparkPoint.The Bigger Crypture: AMA with Pundi X' Community Wizards Jeremy and Marcus.The Bigger Crypture is a series where we dissect projects we support, worship and adore & get to know people behind them. In case you have no idea what Swapzone is, Swapzone is an instant crypto exchange aggregator. We empower projects built on blockchains especially when they have massive ecosystems and powerful communities.The Bigger Crypture: AMA with Pundi X' Community Wizards Jeremy and Marcus. We were very pleased to host a session for our close partners at SparkPoint. We have already done many engagements on social media keeping them up with SparkPoint wallet integration. AMA was totally a thing missing from our activities! To give you an idea of what we discussed:

  1. What is SparkPoint? Mission, vision, values, goals.
  2. The story and the team behind the project: how/when did it start?
  3. Describe SparkPoint in 3 words
  4. SparkPoint Ecosystem (SparkPoint Wallet and integrations, SparkLearn, SparkEarn, SparkPlay, SparkDeFi, SparkSwap)
  5. Partnerships and use cases (we couldn’t miss out on mentioning OWNLY)
  6. Roadmap: what are the plans? What can we look forward to in 2022 and further? (Stay tuned for the 2022-2023 roadmap released on 25 of December!)
  7. 2021 in a nutshell
Exchange Through Swapzone with SparkPoint Wallet
And of course, it wouldn’t have been half as engaging and exciting if there wasn’t such a community presence:) Thanks to each and every person asking questions! That was truly awesome and rewarding to see your interest! NFTs, plans, listings – thanks to the team for actively answering questions and explaining it all.
For those who missed the session, luckily we have a recording of our joyful convo.

Video recording

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