VORJ: The Gateway to the Web3 Revolution on VechainThor Blockchain

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2023)

Vechain, a blockchain platform for enterprises, has recently launched VORJ, a no-code Web3-as-a-Service platform that enables anyone to create, deploy, and interact with smart contracts on the VechainThor blockchain. This move has significant implications for the future of blockchain technology and its adoption.

User-Friendly Blockchain Technology: Combining Web2 Experience with Web3 Digital Assets

One of the key features of VORJ is its ability to combine the familiar Web2 user experience with the ability to create Web3 digital assets from just a few clicks. This eliminates a key barrier to entry, as many potential users are intimidated by the complexity of blockchain technology. By providing a user-friendly interface, VORJ opens up the possibility for more people to participate in the Web3 revolution.

The VORJ beta release currently offers the creation of fungible ERC-20 contracts or non-fungible tokens (NFT) ERC-721 contracts on the VORJ frontend. However, the VORJ Application Programmable Interface (API) offers users a wider selection of token standards. This flexibility allows users to choose the best contract for their particular needs.

Moreover, VORJ offers secure and battle-tested OpenZeppelin smart contracts, considered the industry standard, and can seamlessly integrate with existing projects or help users create entirely new ones from scratch. This feature provides a level of security and reliability that is crucial for enterprise-level applications.

Contracts deployed by VORJ can also interoperate across EVM blockchains, opening up a world of possibilities for DApp or DeFi builders looking to take advantage of VechainThor’s enterprise-grade technical features. This interoperability is essential for the success of blockchain technology, as it allows for the seamless integration of different applications and platforms.

VORJ’s Role in the Adoption of VechainThor Blockchain

You can even track how much C02 your smart contracts are emitting!

VORJ also offers other features such as Blockchain data APIs, NFT APIs, Carbon APIs, Contract Push Notifications, Transaction executor, and Contract deployer. These features provide a comprehensive suite of tools that users can use to create and deploy their smart contracts.

VORJ will come to play a key role in the adoption of the VechainThor blockchain, providing a gateway for users and businesses to easily embrace the Web3 revolution. Vechain plans to launch paid subscription tiers for business or users requiring greater scales of usage while always retaining a free tier of usage. This move shows that Vechain is committed to making its technology accessible to as many people as possible.

VORJ’s Contribution to the Industry

Through VORJ, Vechain is further cementing its place at the heart of the future multi-trillion dollar blockchain economy. This move highlights the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize industries and provide a secure and reliable platform for businesses to conduct transactions. The launch of VORJ is an exciting development for the blockchain community and is a sign of the continued growth and maturation of the industry.

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